Horace Goes Skiing

So German Race Ace Michael Schumacher is in hospital following a skiing accident and unlike most folks I tend to not only wish him a speedy recovery but look to see where else memories are triggered in my own knowledge base.

I know many folks are not keen on this idea that the World is like a giant computer system but as someone who has been into computers since his teens and in later life studied related materials at University, it is easy for myself at least to see those sorts of comparisons and so on and so forth, Horace Goes Skiing was an early home computing game and one where the WIki page is I think WRONG the game displayed is not Horace goes Skiing, Skiing game that I recall playing, you had to basically guide the character down a ski slope.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horace_Goes_Skiing#Horace_Goes_Skiing, another way for myself to make links is of course to mention the Grimms Fairy tale The Elves and The Shoemaker that strangely enough is similar but not the same as Rumpelstiltskin that I mentioned earlier. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Elves_and_the_Shoemaker

What else well Michael Schumacher was known to be at least one of the drivers if not the driver known as The Stig on TV show Top Gear.  Very strange yes but it again reminds myself of a children’s TV show called Jackanory http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackanory , this particular show had multiple children’s tales one of which I think was called Stig Of The Dump and That I believe was read by Bernard Cribbins better known more recently as Donna Nobles father in Dr Who. It is not listed but I know that the BBC did do a TV show of the book also. Another similar tale were the Little Nose stories about a Neanderthal type character with a little nose who did not fit in with his tribe.  The Hobbit is on at the Cinema and I believe the idea of a Hobbit was based on an ungangly 2 or 3 year old first learning to walk a heavy larger head on a small body (many youngsters seemingly have an out of proportion head to body ratio earlier in life)

What else, well I see much talk and news has been linked to the Winter Olympics in Russia, the Nazis of course were not the first to have difficulties on the Russian front I believe Napoleon also had some difficulties during his conquesting, the Soviet Winters do tend to take there toll on folks and peoples not acclimatised to the local weather conditions.

I see we have also had a Volcano going of elsewhere in the world not just bombs in Volgograd. Yes I think the main thing that the meditation techs can do are to get all those long held neuron connections working for yourself again where for many of us they tend to get compartmentalised and lost in time and so on so the stimulation perhaps kicks starts improved mental capacities.

Going back to the computer theme most of the last century and even know have been dominated by UNIX operating systems and if you had to choose an Operating System for your brain you would likely want one that operates on a UNIX type basis, most home users have likely never heard of it nor do you necessarily need to but what I can say is that the file system and so on is far superior to anything that a home user can get from the likes of Microsoft or indeed Apple.  You might in fact say that the backbone of the World’s telecommunications and computer systems in general are still built on UNIX type technologies.

So that’s myself going of on all sorts of tangents and weirdness but for myself at least it demonstrates that I am gradually working towards a Unified Theory Of Everything. 

thank you for reading god bless and as the new year approaches may all your resolutions be for everyday not just the day that you make them he says to himself and no one else in particular  🙂

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