Did you Hear The One About

So did you hear the one about a sales representative who hired an actor to pose as a senior executive from his firm?

A strange question I know yet in the buying and selling stakes such psychological tactics have been known to have been used and indeed worked well, many business’s made to feel that little bit extra special can often be softened up with these kinds of tactics into feeling more SPECIAL, if you are the one using such tactics you might see the cost of hiring an actor as minor to the gains that can be made in financial negotiations and so on.

Yes not every visit from every more senior personal has this affect but it does tie in nicely with a book I recently found myself whizzing through, entitled More What If it was an older title written by Historians asking the questions what if This event in history had been different, and then writing alternate outcomes to those that we actually know.

Anyone who has read Why The West Rules For Now will understand the basic premise as the author followed a similar strategy early on in writing an alternate Queen Victoria History.

If you were playing a game of cards such-as Poker then you might think that these sorts of activities are all part of the game of feign and bluff and so on when it comes to sorting wheat from chaff and putting the money down.

It has also been demonstrated for instance that many buyers feel more comfortable on there home turf and again, this has been demonstrated by the amount of unnecessary double-glazing type sales that are made once the sales person has made it to sitting you down on your own couch.

So the reason I present the “What If” strategy is that it can reduce your suggestibility or impulsive buying nature, IE. regardless of the seeming importance of any characters in your World presented to make you feel special you can reduce the effect by giving yourself a reframe, and the “What If” line of thinking can do this for you.  Like wise it has been shown you can reduce your own possible thoughts feelings or tensions or imaginings of lack of importance by imagining that all about you are naked, no not just the pretty boy or girl over there but everyone.  When you do such activities you can often release huge amounts of collected anxieties from your own personage, don’t believe me, try it for yourselves just before those anxiety inducing type scenario’s, meetings, interviews, presentations, it can work wonders in putting you in your own comfort zone where-ever you happen to find yourself.

Now in the Wider World we have a new WOMEN in charge of AMERICAN Purse strings and the vaults of FORT KNOX not to be confused with that murderer of the same name fighting extradition to Italy, and we have just seen the American budget stimulus also reduced by a whopping $10 Billion a month.  So if we are looking to reflect that in our own lives it might mean Austerity Accountancy, and again any buying and selling strategies could perhaps introduce DOUBT and keep on introducing DOUBT as to the value you are being offered by any sellers.

At the end of the day Motive and Intent are probably all that matter and identifying what you genuinely need and require versus or as opposed to what sellers want you to part with is all part of these sorts of processes. 

We are of course now headed to my third Friday with a 5 pm GMT start time and I have yet to decide if I have benefitted in any way from the change, I do perhaps have a longer weekend afforded me but as to writing I thought I would write a post this morning and then see what else is going on in the Wider World once again.

Jim Davidson won some TV show he was in and I am seeing the INITIALS DJ or JD a fair bit also, so whilst time maybe temporary you can with practice become attuned to the overall patterns that are happening around the World.  That is much of what many of these kinds of teachings are, release the old locked in patterns of thoughts feelings actions and become more fluid in your own ever present moment that is now.

When you know the map is not the territory and you have progressed you can perhaps assess, take stock and move towards ever greater alignment with strategies that work for yourself and those that you love.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


Not every post is published

Now sometimes I find myself writing and writing and suddenly going of on one and I do continue with those posts to see what comes up but I do not necessarily post them and that is why there is no post today, the post gets saved as a draft without being publically published, why well it allows me to witness and all the rest and so on.

Yesterday I mentioned that some groups use particular books and quotes to bash others over the head with, the interesting thing is of course that I did not name any groups or indeed books so just about anyone(lacking in awareness)  in reality could have been triggered, I am sure anyone who was triggered will likely of made it known to others that they were triggered in some fashion.

So todays larger post will never be published, but one does exist.

thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂

Is A Full Understanding Necessary

Again this is one of those questions upon which you can spent time dwelling and potentially or possibly worrying without getting yourself to any kind of a resolution.  For instance if there are areas in your life where for instance book quotes are used to bash you over the head with the easiest option can simply be to read the materials for yourself. You are then able to laugh at the delusional types that use these quote because it very often leads you to the realisation that they are simply quoting parrot fashion something that they heard somewhere and think is a real justification for the propaganda they are using. (And yes I include myself in that-so do not assume that I know any more than any one else, simply pause and notice when or if you are triggered and ask why?)

As anyone who studies broadly understands there are multiple angles and perspectives that anyone can use and still be right.  For instance how many sides has a cube?

person one: 6 sides, one on each surface

person two: 2 sides, inside and outside

person three: 4 sides, the other two are top and bottom

and so on.  your ability to understand that any answer to a question can often be right given appropriate foundation or basis for the answer is potentially more empowering than being locked into some one dimensional strategy that for many folks was often caused by dualistic perspectives that many folks want to move away from. 

As most peoples triggers are also based in dualistic thinking whenever you find yourself being triggered (for example annoyed) you can go into letting go of the trigger within yourself.  So you do not necessarily have to have done the study simply be aware that there are more than one way to let go of the symptoms within yourself.

It might sound strange to some but when I was younger I was perhaps more attuned to my body than I am now-these days you might say years of smoking has knocked out some of the sensory functions of my nervous system.  Does it matter?  Well the issue is that my smoking makes it more difficult to know where the traumas and tensions are within my physical body and if I cannot know of a particular tension I cannot focus on it to release it.  Having said that I do know that if I stop smoking for a few days or any period of time that after the initial first two weeks or so of wild sensory type swings that the sensory feelings (for myself at least) do generally settle down and return to levels where I can notice more of what is actually happening within my body. 

I mention this as I am sure that I am not the only smoker reading this, smoking regularly tends to act as inhibitor to a number of sensory functions.  Having said that I have done huge amounts of releasing and meditation over recent years and am aware that doing that has worked to the degree that I have done those activities, so I am obviously not completely lacking in inner bodily communications.

Some are perhaps wondering if they should follow suit in doing the multitudes of courses that I have personally purchased-I would say that those types of things are your own choices.  for instance The abundance for life course uses strategies from a number of the recommended reading list-so for myself it is reinforcement of materials some of which  I have already been through via already having done previous courses and via having read a number of the books.  Probably an unnecessary and unjustifiable cost for most people but I like to think that I can review courses and give opinion on them.  You do not need to do every course and I would suggest that it is safe to be selective or discerning in your choices.  so many hours in the day. Again there are several courses I have not mentioned at all that I have done-so choice is choice and I only bring the name of particular course up if I am referencing it or quoting it in some way.

Now some folks wonder or seemingly obsess with the issue that I say Everyone is God, and then disagree with the terminology that they themselves use.  I can think in terms of everyone being the Whole going on of it all sea of consciousness and even the GENERIC word God as being non-dualistic/NEUTRAL, unfortunately many terms and references that some people attempt to use have other connotations that are Dualistic or even sexual (and therefore not helpul or even transcendent).  Whilst we all live and breath in a predominantly dualistic World simply through being men and women, it is not helpful for anyone to stay stuck in those what might be regarded as lower chakra debates.  Far better as I have said before regardless of personal history (In spiritual terms) to get your chakras open and personally transcend such nonsenses and debates, I think you have to look at these issues as what is empowering to people and what is disempowering. Far to often in some places of work we see the lowest common denominator dragging everyone down, when those environments should be dragging the lowest common denominators up or clearing them out. (In my opinion).

Yes eat sleep rave repeat does sound like a non-life but I am happy with much of the personal progress I have made in spite of some environments I find myself in. 

thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂

There Are Of Course So Many Interpretations

There are of course so many interpretations and options as to understand information that knowing where to begin can seem exceptionally daunting.  That is perhaps why I took up Holosync First, did the related courses and later moved to Learning Strategies courses.  The logic that I was following was rush through the early levels of Holosync and so on and then that moved to Learning Strategies courses will reinforce confirmation bias and pick up loose ends.

By pick up loose ends I mean that because I went through the early HS levels faster than was advised I gave myself a mental get out of jail free card in thinking that LS would pick up the  outliers and so on information and learning wise that I may have missed. 

I think it is interesting that many courses and further advancement along particular courses does suggest areas of knowledge that are worth looking at again or re-evaluating in light of further information.

If someone said now would I do the same again, I think I very likely would-however I would likely combine Holosync straight away with a guided meditation that opens your so-called Chakras, I have seemingly used multiple versions of courses that do this and I think it is an area that is worth reinforcing, for instance anyone who has had bodily type traumas the differing chakras closing down is potentially responsible for not get the Healing’s and so on going as fast as some of us would like.

Seeds of Enlightenment is a guided meditation course, and Paul Scheele also does his own variation in the Abundance for Life course so you can pick and choose and of course there are huge numbers of experts in the field of Meditation that can be found elsewhere whereas Mr Scheele is perhaps more of an all-rounder in his teachings and abilities.

According to the experts most of the lower 6 chakras are dualistic and it is only the Crown or 7th Chakra that holds that point of Unity so in the life through a lense term it does seem as though it is the higher Chakra that most of us want opened-however every chakra seemingly has its own required energies and focus and concentrations and learnings so even if you do feel that you have a great 7th Chakra energy it can be well worth paying some extra attention and energies to the lesser chakras for instance it is no good to me having 7th Chakra open and 4th Chakra (Heart) somewhat blocked up or dysfunctional in energies as that can mess up my overall Health and wellbeing.  The Qigong course is also about the flow of energies and whilst I have not mentioned them previously I can say that my studies and research of Kabbala also goes into a great deal of talk about the flow of bodily energies, so really we want to open and maintain and clear blockages from all our energy channels irrespective of the belief system that we are following in order to achieve that.  I like the guided meditations because they for myself at least fit well with my own metaphorical (story) based ideas around  systems and so on.

A new area I have found myself thinking about is or are the theories surrounding PAST LIVES and REINCARNATION-of course anyone who has followed myself for some time knows that I do tend to work from the IDEA that everyone is a Jesus or Mohammed or Budha and I can see that that might not fit well for some folks with the idea of reincarnation or past lives.

So if we take up the idea that all is energy and this energy might be described as the sea of consciousness (Jedah Mali) I think that you could in fact see that such ideas fit well with the Holographic Universe theory, no space or time just one indescribable consciousness that operates through metaphor like an OCEANIC CONSCIOUSNESS-how well can you follow waves or water droplets or surf when you visit the beach, usually the water is in continuous motion and many World Meditation philosophy are about getting your self attuned to the Oceanic consciousness. 

So everyone has this to a certain extent anyway, reincarnation or past life regression suggests that some people simply through being attuned to OCEANIC CONSCIOUSNESS maybe 7th Crown Chakra pick up the thoughts and energy patterns and so on of other conscious beings who have existed and once again (this is only an unprovable hypothesis) mistake the map for the territory.  I say this because it is exceptionally hard for any of us even with awareness to not consider ourselves as our bodies born in X calendar year married or dating  x person and so on.

You might say that the oceanic consciousness energy always exists and is all about us and that we are made of this energy and for myself it explains why some folks are so convinced of past lives and so on, not necessarily false repressed memory syndrome simply that we are all made of this oceanic consciousness and that sometimes our present day beliefs and behaviours and so on can be affected by what we think were past lives.  Paul Scheele talks on this very topic in Abundance for life, though he does not link it to the Holographic universe as I have done preferring instead to detail anecdotal evidence and research based on his life as a clinical hypnotist.

I thought it interesting because I do recall when I was younger having thoughts of having lived previously and so on but I never did the follow type study that might have given validation to such thoughts, the oceanic consciousness ideas work well for myself up to and including how I have progressed with meditation through Holosync and other related material type courses.

Another topic I have not covered is the fact that as some point in my junior life I must have decided that I was going to “Crack the Code” if such a code existed and I must have really believed in myself to do that considering how my life has gone.  Some of the readers among you might have been interested in what my cryptography research included-well I as I mentioned read quite largely on the topic and of course studied Computers AI at Uni, most programming languages are assorted types of codes.  There are masses of books on the Intelligence agencies and conspiracy theory after theory.  The book that was most stand out for myself History wise was called The Codebreakers by David Kahn, it is getting on in years but has plenty of real life history of so-called codes without gtting dragging into conspiracy theories of any kind, which unfortunately is where most modern literature concentrates peoples focus.

In truth none of us perhaps need any of this reading just meditate and meditate and keep on meditating.  I for instance am more than happy to blast through the complete Oz collection and Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter and so on even though they are aimed at a child or younger generation audience, they I believe can contribute for some anyway in getting some of that imaginative spirit back in your life, and of course for myself it is all about unravelling some of the failed adult absolutism and authoritarianism, going with more flexible mind body spirit doctrines is surely something that can benefit anyone.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Breaking Trance

Of course it is only fair when people say why recommend this that or the other that you are able to give good concrete reasons.  Holosync breaks trance states.  Learning Strategies breaks trance states, Sedona breaks trance states.  So in essence no matter how old we are or how our life has been or turned out up until this point in time.  We can use technologies that change our own individual awareness and improve choices such as the health and prosperity and so on that we currently have.

One of the more interesting aspects is of course vibration and the fact that we receive or act upon non or other than conscious signals before they come into our conscious awareness.  I have found that even with the broadening of my conscious awareness and raising of threshold that this seemingly holds true.  So vibrations give rise to thoughts feelings actions and of course the dreaded label or is it?  Well anyone who has followed myself for some time knows that labels in and of themselves are meaningless though unfortunately we try to make decisions on whether something is positive or negative and then very often are led to some version of suffering in our automated responses.

As I have progressed I have found the suffering does grow less and less as I gradually peel back the layers and misrepresentations and so on.  The meditation and feeling vibrations around your body does give you the opportunity to embrace any of these signals without giving any kind of meaning to them.  You can of course simply let them go a-la Sedona and very often you can actually run through similar sequential letting go self-thought or self-talk to letting go of vibrations just as easily as you can words.

I from my observation of the World about us have concluded that the THEME during the PRESENT World cycle is STRESS, whether it happens every February I am unsure, I shall perhaps have to go and see what I was writing last February, but STRESS does appear to be the current crisis word and it does of course cue us into chaotic thoughts and messed up energies and so on and probably some physical maladies.

Of course there are multitudes of expert opinions on how to deal with stresses and strains and so on and whilst I am noticing stress I am quite sure that other people are noticing other key words that possibly or potentially appear in there own yearly calendar cycles.

What else-well I have returned to reading mythological type works-there is something in the human psyche that seemingly likes to imbue all creatures great and small with personalities and identities very often of a human nature-although of course in reality every creature has its own set of real life real World attributes that are likely differing in nature to that in fiction.  It can very much depend upon the age range the fiction is aimed at of course.  Though it is interesting to see that the appeal stays with most folks though out there lives.

So going back to trance-we grew up talking ourselves into assorted positive and negative trance states whereby we decided what was going to be our truth or untruth and then of course the manifestations happened for us all (whether we see it as internal or external).  The other great thing is the rapid speed at which you can raise your threshold.

We are of course continuing with this theme of going of the beaten path but these things are interesting and I know that I personally enjoy some of those kinds of explorations-perhaps people are beginning to think about Summer Holidays and Weddings and how they are going to get the money together and so on-this is another interesting subject area and interesting trap that many of us fall into.

When we operate from a thought process or place of lack or need we are actually manifesting barriers to our own success.  This is why the letting go or allowing what is techniques are so powerful as starting positions.  I have not read her work but Byron Katie does use and preach a popular psychological turnaround technique that I have heard of elsewhere.

Very much the questioning for any thought feeling and so on “Is this truth?”.  You might say it is a deconstruction routine on the limited self talk we give ourselves.  For instance if some one upsets you at work and then hours later you are still feeling upset -can you really attribute the thought feeling in this later moment to what went on in the past earlier moment-in truth the answer is no because anything outside of NOW whether the past or the future is a mental construct and this is something that does have to be reiterated time and again until you really get it-that everything is now and any suffering you hold in relation to the past in any form is you beating yourself up.

As a kid I had the odd clip round the ear and for myself to bring those thoughts feelings up now simply contracts your bodily energies when they can be put to far better use in being released.  The more releasing I have done the more I have seemingly come into feeling my own energetical power, very often these powers are locked up in contracted thoughts feelings old trance states etc and when you do the releasing you can with practice and dedicated meditation for a year or two grow stronger and stronger in your awareness of your own energy field and resonant energy, simply through letting go of all the old relational constructs and mental traps that we have given ourselves.

Many masters and teachers do seemingly lead us to this idea that everything is perfect and has always been perfect and as you progress you do seemingly come to see some of the ways in which that might very well be true-I am not totally convinced as I still get triggered myself but I can certainly see the huge progress made not just by myself but quite a few other people also so maybe when I actually find something to be passionate about and can go into a living a life of joy and abundance and so on I will potentially make that shift, no I am not hedging my bets just lacking in what direction I truly want to go in.  I cannot see myself doing what many other teachers, masters and so on do so have yet to find a direction that has me in the grip of H£ELLL YEAH that’s gonna be me that is, when I look at the opportunities available I perhaps want something more modest or discrete than out and out preaching and salesmanship.  Perhaps I just need to focus on finding activities that have my name written all over them.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and be well 🙂

Off The Beaten Track

So we all of us get into grooves or mental patterns some that serve us well and others that do not and of course what we pay attention to and what we do not pay attention to can have a major effect on how we as individuals or as various enmeshed collectives go about our day to day lives.

So what is off the beaten track for you?

For myself for instance I can observe that this weekend is a CUP weekend football wise and many small clubs get that rare opportunity of playing against the so called best that our leagues have to offer, so for those clubs players and supporters they are going off the beaten track.

What else well some of you may have noticed I have not necessarily written any article over the last couple of Friday’s-this has come about through a change in my working hours on Fridays-so where once I had a routine of 10-6 through the night come each Friday I now start at 5 pm GMT each week and this again I for myself going off a well worn routine or off the beaten track-I have not yet adjusted to the change my old routine having been in place for some 10 years.

Another event for myself this week was that I got a cold-not unusual at this time of year-a number of colleagues attended work on Monday sniffing sneezing coughing and come Thursday/Friday I myself have succumbed to this bug that I am reliably informed by a number of folks has swept through the City.  I only mention this because surprisingly enough COLDS and INFLUENZA and so on can actually potentially give some people breakthroughs-yes sounds weird but let me continue.

My daughter and indeed her elder sister are both epileptic and when they were younger we generally had to monitor them a little more closely when ever the sniffles started.  Quite simply colds and influenza can change your body electrics and chemistry and therefore the mental patterns that you usually have can be knocked out of the usual routines or flow-for the girls it made them more susceptible to having fits-I myself a few years ago had a minor condition of bells palsy.  I went to bed having caught the most dreadful of cold or viral bugs and was in a somewhat bad way-bunged up and really feeling the cold and all the usual allegedly hallucinatory man-flu type symptoms and when I awoke the next day halve of my face had stopped working.

I was not even initially consciously aware that it was not working until I find myself with slurred speech and dribbling because my face muscles or nervous system had simply stopped responding or communicating with the mental patterns that they were run by.  Thankfully I recovered after a week or so of antibiotics and so on-but many people are not so lucky and continue for years or even the rest of there lives with there face locked up.  It is a condition that is in some quarters classified as a type of stroke.

So whist bad physical ailments can be induced for some of us by colds and influenza it is worth also considering that such symptoms may also bring about lucid type states of consciousness for some-so if you ever get the sniffles even though you might not feel good about having the sniffles-most of us go into moaning or poor me modes-it can be worthwhile to observe and witness and see if you get any other kinds of awareness shifts also.

What else have I not spoken of-well it really is personal choice as to what people choose to pay attention to but one recurring theme from my writing studies an actually something that I have not practiced is this idea of becoming a ruthless editor-you write a piece and then you edit it-and edit it some more and so on.

I have no idea how this idea came about as useful-it might well be reverse psychology for instance I think I have seen a 71 page book by a guy called ~~Strunk being referred to as a classic and must read for people interested in journalism or writing-one of the annoying things is that yes I have read it, but that many of the authors and lecturer type peoples who recommend this particular book are people who write mammoth tombs-guys like Stephen King for instance, one of the few books he recommends (In his own autobiography) generally stating that he does not rate most other authoritative “how to” books, he himself started as a journalist before moving into the realm of novels and horror fiction.

There are of course many ways to edit any given piece and it can of course help in getting rid of ambiguity in what you are saying and the telling of any message you are seeking to convey.  I think the practice of editing Is worthwhile for folks who wish to improve understanding of grammar and the difference between verbs, adverbs nouns and so on.  I must admit that much of my own attempts at improving my own grammar have fallen short of standards given by the experts, I seemingly do not have the pause and select thesaurus attitude built in.

going back to my days studying Hypnosis and so on-you might call these types of text on page ramblings as being akin to Eriksonian hypnosis (He was a legendary Hypnotist that many modern practioners work is based on-both stage and medical and so on.)

He would basically talk and talk and talk to people with stories and so on until trance like states were induced-at which point he would do his thing whether healing or whatever).  you might liken it to parents telling children the bed-time story where young eyes get tired and sleepy and so on until the kids drift of to sleep.

Of course my own interest in writing these pieces is witnessing and improving my understanding of metaphorical meanings and seeing where I can improve my own awareness in areas where I perhaps have not advance as much as I would personally like.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


There are of course no prerequisites to meditation in the sense that you can go to a hundred meditators and be told a hundred differing styles some including seating position and chants and others not so these things are not anything to become overly concerned about.

You can of course note what the most successful do but again what is right and works for one individual is not necessarily appropriate for all individuals.  Like wise I have studied widely but also focussed on issues such as improved health, and that is because of where my own health was at when I began using these technologies.

How long any given individual takes to make progress is also an individual thing.  For instance whilst I have done Sedona I was still quite annoyed and triggered by Hale Dwoskin for the first couple of years of meditation, so whilst you can get some immediate benefits from Holosync it is unsafe to assume that those initial break through’s and benefits are all there are hence my own continuing study across multiple disciplines and further shifts and ah-ha moments as a result of that continued effort.

Again there is no need for anyone to read my writing or try to become centred or more congruent but those I think are things that can be achieved by anyone irrespective of personal history and life style choices.  You do not have to fit some straight jacket labels that very often are the source of incongruence merely bring the non-conscious on-line and release whatever materials come up for you on a personal or individual note.

The other aspect is of course partners spouses and so on and again whilst it might be good if partners and spouses are also meditating, the releasing and letting go and bringing non-conscious materials up is usually quite personal anyway.  So the best practice is probably to do your own releasing and then possibly discuss whatever occurs (if anything) with others later, it is probably beneficial to have others to do feedback discussion or dream interpretation with but I have not got that benefit so cannot speak on subject areas I know little or nothing of.

Another interesting aspect on the dream areas of study are that I did in fact seemingly bring into being what might be described as a spirit guide, yes very la-di-da but you have to take into consideration I have meditated regularly for several years and thrown myself wholeheartedly into a number of courses, so having particular kinds of overwhelm or mental re-organisation can perhaps bring these aspects of self into a more tangible coalescence of form.

By that I mean that the brain or mind gives shape and form to the materials that are brought up and I most definitely and surprisingly to myself have seemingly manifested a spirit guide type entity.  By that I mean that this character has become a quite regular fixture during my lucid dream realm explorations.  There is not any talking or direct communication or “I am the voice of” no simply the vision of a recurring character appearing in a variety of scenario’s whilst in those realms and she does seem quite action oriented also.

Anyone who has played video games might liken it to your central character or graphic role appearing in a variety of landscapes or battlefields or where-ever you character is placed.  The interesting thing for myself is that the character is not what I expected or indeed would think of as a shadow type character image.  When we think of shadows we know that in art and so on shadows are represented as darker versions of the colours that the shadow falls up on.

This entity is pure BLACKNESS and is separate from myself(rather than attached shadow), but has a definite outline that is female in nature, so if my dreams are colour when I look upon this imaged women she is defined by the colour around her or the absence of light, if you got the black paint out and painted something completely black and then placed it in a lit area and walked around it you would be getting the beginnings of what I try to describe.  You might liken it to perhaps a Black whole given form or how a baby in the womb might imagine its mother to be.

Now I can also say that none of these dream states are of a sexual nature, “what a waste” goes up the cry from perverts, but that is not the point I am making, merely that if you put the work in and practice you can achieve or ascertain some remarkable things.  Do I think yes I’ll start calling on a spirit guide-no, not at all but it is simply interesting that something I have always dismissed as nonsense when I hear from others I have to now acknowledge as a possible or potential truth.

Who do I mean?  Well we have always had psychics claiming to speak to spirits and so on, but there is one writer whose name has cropped up a number of times in the circles of the American audience (goes to look her up) Jerry and Esther Hicks and there guide Abraham.

So having said that I have not been guided to anything, just mentioning a recurring character that has seemingly becoming a regular fixture in some of my lucid explorations, maybe I played Lara Croft too much as a teenager (lol). 

Anything else-well it really is just a case of strengthening the bonds between brain hemispheres and letting go of things that do not serve you and all the same old routine that I have repeatedly spoken of.  I think one of the great things about Learning Strategies is that they have a wide selection of courses that cover so many different areas and topics that they could probably have Fests ad infinitum.

Yes I have done courses from other providers too as have most people in there own lives, but none seemingly give some of the break though’s I have experienced with meditation and letting go and witnessing etc,

Thank you for reading god Bless and Be Well 🙂 

Now Some People Wonder

Now some folks wonder why I continuously espouse that you are not your dreams, you are not your body and so on, and it is really something that cannot be explained only experienced in some fashion.  We can point to real reality directly or indirectly but no labels of any sort or any description or any lobbying group can claim that they have the true answer (In my opinion).

I have found that the more I have moved up the meditation tree and put the work in the more I have moved away from so-called bodily issues and my health has returned as a result of that.  Unfortunately many folks follow particular belief paths and because they have set out on a path then seek to make that path the new real reality for everyone-this very often occurs through unravellings.

For instance in the 1980’s there was a quite significant amount of these types of events.  Middle-aged men trading the wife for younger models, women ditching husbands for lovers and very much all the sorts of activities that can be associated with years of built up frustrations being unleashed upon the World and the belief in the physical body.  However what was also noticeable was that you could meet a number of these individuals a few years later and they would very often be as unhappy with the new path as they were with the old path (this is a generalisation and should be read as such, I am sure some peoples lives were far happier).

So what was never really dealt with were CORE ISSUES of identity for many people-hopefully anyone of any group or faction, nationality etc. who has taken up meditation has been led towards the CORE issues and can live life from a more centred viewpoint of the World rather than one that switched from one polarity to another without ever getting a grasp of truth.  Many of these letting of steam, getting rid of baggage behaviours often do relieve PRESSURE for most people, but that pressure very often starts building up all over again.

So there are multitudes of activities that can lead people to greater awareness but seemingly few that give the right kind of stimulus necessary for mental re-organisation and a higher place on the Mountain, and if you want the results in relation to Health then you have to work through your own issues not try to make them other peoples, unfortunately a common practice and theme in society.

How do I know if I am getting in my own way?  Well when I first arrived back in Hereford, and got a job and started dating again, I went through a number of girlfriends who were generally fine, yet as soon as the daughter was introduced into the paradigm the scenario’s would change.  for instance Rose when she was younger was quite obsessed with trying to marry me of just so she could have a step-mum, likewise girlfriends were not particularly keen on the idea of being step-mum (Often portrayed as evil beings in children’s literature).

My solution to Rose, was simply to stop introducing her to anyone I was dating so that pressure would no longer exist, likewise girlfriends perhaps became suspicious as to why I spoke of daughter but they were never meeting and so it quite simply got to a stage where I decided simply to stop dating all together.  Trying to keep competing factions with differing wants needs desires happy was squeezing the happiness out of myself.

I also let myself go to a certain extent becoming scruffy and unappealing so my being single requires no explanation.  Now if I met the girl of my dreams tomorrow would I date and get married and so on, yes I would, (once I start cleaning myself up and becoming a little more appealing) because I am operating from a higher level of awareness and place on the mountain I can see where my own behaviour has not served myself, and likewise where other peoples behaviour has not served myself.  The best option when in doubt is to doubt some more and keep on doubting until you get the shift in awareness you want.

Most folks have internal battles with themselves that they project as coming from outside of them, clear out all the flotsam and jetsam that you have picked up from the World about you, do the Budhist style internal inquiry, do the dream writing and become more centered and congruent, above all stop getting in your own way when it comes to you have a life that can be lived.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Oh that Is Interesting

So after having done some of this dream & image streaming I found myself going into reflection of the differing techniques that we are given from different cultures and looking for the commonalities and so on and so forth.

What do I mean-well anyone who has followed myself for some time will likely recall that I did speak previously on the Budhist meditations and self inquiry.  Self inquiry being where you have an inner questioning session with a  non-conscious trait or personality.

Very often it would start with “I wish to speak to the inner voice or part of myself known as Mr Grumpy (I suggested using ready made lists of traits from characters such-as Smurfs & Mr Men and so on).

That technique does of course assume a level of control and that you are going to get the response from the part of you-you are enquiring of.

The dream consciousness is very much more like the kinds of techniques used by indigenous tribes peoples around the globe.  In the dream space you might say well how can I enquire of anyone.

The big issue for many folks is that in dream states ANYTHING CAN AND DOES HAPPEN, those who tried my Last Night I dreamt technique and then wrote and wrote whatever came up into the imagination allowing anything to happen will understand this.  The genius code type courses go a step further suggesting active vocalization of what you are seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and feeling.  You might well think that that is for nutters and Freudian Psycho-analysis, but then that thought is likely coming from ego-defense type mechanisms.

The interesting thing is that you can take two characters.  Character A says that they act with integrity throughout there life and live and act in the same fashion throughout whether at work or at home-what you see is what you get-very commendable.

Character B says that they recognise they are not there job and perform the job as a compartmentalised function of who they are and you may find them to be very different outside of a work environment.  Again perhaps more scope for Criticism but an attitude and approach accepted as a societal norm as was character A.

These two models are both considered quite normal but unfortunately both can lead to Reginald Perrin type unravelling’s and mental health breakdowns, the reason is quite obvious to anyone who has adopted the technologies I recommend 

However and who-ever we have tried to be there are non-conscious parts of ourselves that have been suppressed in this way or that way and with out putting the work in to bring that material to surface it will likely force its way through and again lead to dysfunctional behaviours and beliefs and so on-how often do we hear of this character or that character having mid-life crisis (for instance).

You might say that using the technologies and then doing self inquiry or dream running can unravel all these suppressed materials.  By that I mean that if you think about it-dream states are very often highly chaotic and we often think or it has been shown that people in confused states of awareness very often think if my dreams are chaotic then I must be chaotic but again you are not your dreams just as you are not your body.

You might say that in verbalising and transcribing your dreams as they appear you are developing a rapport with yourself (instead of the prior suppression) and when you develop rapport with your own inner self you can (in theory at least) actually work towards the INTEGRITY that you always thought you had but this time in greater alignment with yourself.  So practice might seem ridiculous to some folks but I honestly believe that if you speak your inner dream truths as they come to you and verbalise them or transcribe them in some fashion, you are becoming honest with yourself and in greater CONGRUENCE,

CONGRUENCE is the word that I have left out of the discussion up to this point and the reason is that we all have what might be described as higher or lower levels of CONGRUENCE.  We all of us can sense (to varying degree’s) when others are being honest or dishonest with us-yet we do not need to concern ourselves with the congruence of others merely raise our own personal or individual levels.  CONGRUENCE itself does appear to have multiple levels in the sense that when you begin meditating to how you will be a couple of years down the line are likely wide apart.

That does of course take us into the realms of polarities-I can only given guidance to the best experience and technologies I have tried.  For instance I like Holosync and LS because they have a certain level of structure in the progress that is made, even though I have tried the freebie type stuff on YOUTUBE for instance I personally still prefer to follow some of the guidance from the more experienced practitioners.  You might say that we all have differing COMPETENCIES depending on where we have placed our focus and energy.  I have tried to have a balance among all competencies raising them across the board-hence my reading across a multitude of categories and subject matters.

Likewise others have focussed purely on financial gain or health and so on-I do not believe it possible to focus on any aspect without affecting some other trait or aspect in some fashion so you do have to be aware of polarities and Yin and Yang aspects of nature.

traditional teaching debates have of course nearly always focussed on Nature versus Nurture-I am of the belief that debate is worthless given the technologies that I recommend-anyone can become more personally empowered regardless of societal pigeon holes and so on based on prior lack of awareness.

So go into those fearful dream states and unravel the chaos and nonsense and look to the wider world for feedback and metaphorical interpretation and you may become not only into a position of long sought integrity but a greater depth of congruence with the nature of who you really are.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Truth and Phallacy

So of course in practicing techniques that move myself into the realms of oceanic consciousness or streams of consciousness we do of course also have to consider the title of this piece “truth and phallacy” for instance with out writing out the entire sequence of lucid dreaming a particular segment that I will write here is that Einstein was painting me.  Now even that statement is misleading, you might think ah you were modelling for Einstein and he was painting or drawing you onto a canvas.  Yet the truth from the perspective that I was in the scene was that Einstein was literally drawing or painting myself onto a canvas from a first person perspective where I was in the canvas.

You might liken it to a through the looking glass type of experience whereby I was looking out at Einstein paintbrush in hand drawing strokes and so on at my portrait.  This is of course not REAL REALITY in the sense that he has been dead for many years and I am not a cartoon figure or portrait painting.  However I was simply practicing being in the Ocean of lucidity.

You might say that everyone can access these states, babies are known to start out as part of oceanic consciousness-however they have know AWARENESS, so the difference for us adults is that we are becoming more and more consciously aware of the oceanic nature of all things.

This might be regarded as where science sprang up from, people have a Hypothesis and then develop and test the Hypothesis to see if true or not-hence SCIENTIFIC PROGRESS.  You might liken it to myself saying hey you guys try Holosync or Paraliminals and so on. 

The problem for many of us is that we have events in our lives that cause us to block or reduce our trust in this oceanic oneness.  Especially as so few in society readily admit to dream states that they may possess.  I have personally found that the more of these technologies I have used the more I can see commonalities and differences and yes I can say my own personal Health has improved, if not my bank balance.

One of the MAJOR themes is BREATHING-most masters and teachers encouraging good clear breathing combined with positive health imagery-such-as imagine you are breathing in pure health and energy from the Universe and as you exhale imagine that you are releasing all the negative, bad energy and so on from your being.  Very simple and indeed with repeated practice highly beneficial.  Many of us go through younger years using these techniques but a few bad experiences can lead to downward spirals.

Of course the more attuned you become very often the more you want to control and that is of course another kind of trap, being around empire building control freaks is one of the issues many people need to move through to get to the other side so to speak.  The trust and surrender can work wonders when you let go of the conscious designs of empire.  Yes nothing wrong with building empire as such but very often many folks rush to worst case judgment and condemnation of perceived enemies that when later consciously reflected upon is not necessarily beneficial.

I do think that repetition of goal mechanisms and heading is beneficial when you understand that many paths twist and turn when going cross Country from A to B, likewise ships in the Ocean have to navigate around coastlines and weather patterns as do aircraft in the sky so as much as we like to draw direct routes on goals and courses reality is not so linear.  In fact you might say that it once again comes back to The Map Is Not The Territory.

The Romans of course were quite famous for creating straight line road systems and generally apart from steering around some mountain ranges were successful at it, though you can of course also say that the success they had with these infrastructures they put in place was also part of there own downfall.  The various opposition groups used there own infrastructure against them.  you might say that many insects and animals can have this  tested upon them.  Many animals in the Wild and some insects follow there own trails and when these trails are disrupted or blocked can cause the animals and insects confusion and new patterns though they very quickly often seek to return to the original bearing.

Of course in Britain the refusal to tear down old buildings and so on has caused all kinds of strange patterns of roadways that we can see on maps and so on.  Newer nations such-as the United States and Australia have had it far easier in the sense of being able to set up cities as grid blocks and so on more-so perhaps the yanks than elsewhere in the World-though China has had massive building programs in recent years that demonstrates that with the will and ignorance of the external politics you can set out your own course and navigate through the World much better than you may have up to this point in time.

Well they do say monitor and witness and develop your own set of understandings of your own codes and so on-so remember metaphor and that all time is NOW and if all time is NOW then all information can be applied elsewhere in the World-not just to the thoughts feelings provoked here in this bog.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉