So There You Have It New Year

Yes as the rain keeps falling one does wonder if one is allowed to wonder whether someone somewhere is singing and dancing in the rain and what resolutions were made that causes such tear to be shed.

So 2014 and what have you got planned? 

Of course as always for those of us who are that one day older and still have not found what we are looking for life goes on as it did before, of course the Christmas and New year period has seen many guts and bellies and bodies in general expand so I would like to share this video on the dangers of surgical intervention and if an old reinterpreted Madonna song is too old for you-you might prefer this more recent effort though of course an ability to read subtitles is required  for Lady Gaga’s Plastic Face?

So I would once again like to reiterate HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE and be sure to give yourselves some impossible unattainable goals that you can work towards.

How about a World filled with love and peace and the rise of non-anarchists and non-imperialists looking up to the sky in wonder at what the Heavens might behold when you put your mind to it.

Yes in many ways I could not have realised the capacity and longing contained in the dreams of so many that were unleashed the day I created and of course in some ways it makes me feel responsible like it is my baby and that I have to do something worthwhile with it and then those doubting voices rush up to condemn and cry out “Behold the liar” as so many have done before though of course when you take up the technologies you do tend to find that you wind up eating your own words and reality as you know it crumbles.  Speaking of crumbles of course I can most definitely say that as I youngster with grandparents of a certain era that rhubarb patches were once a common site in gardens up and down the land and that rhubarb stands out as a great addition to those cupboards full of tinned custards that you have yet found a use for.

This of course takes myself sideways into the territory of General Custard and his famous last stand where he and his men were defeated at the hands of mere Indians using long held tribal warrior techniques against the might of the US Army, the original Vietnam if you like.

Also triggered were memories of Barbara no not Hanna Barbera he of classic cartoon fame nor Barbie the complete collection I seemingly bought and paid for during the daughters younger days and must admit to a strange liking for Barbie of Swanlake (The music and play is one that I recall from my own childhood at Junior School level) however digressing to far I return to the Barbera that I actually mean.

Barbara was the spitting image of a Barbie doll, tall, blonde, flashy car and so on.  She was in fact a medical secretary that I worked alongside for a number of years and she did tell myself that in her own younger days she had actually worked in LAS VEGAS as a CASINO CROUPIER and given the amount of time she put into her image and so on I could well imagine that to be true, she loved the glamourous lights and attention did Barbara and of course the Consultants I worked with probably chose Barbara for her overall complete image package rather than just her secretarial skills.  She was perhaps the ultimate mash-up in a sense because you literally could see her operating in a very different mode according to the Company we were in dependent on whether it was consultants, or nurses, or other secretarial or patients and so on, she was exceptionally good at IMAGE presentation and working a room to her own benefit, but her fatal flaw at least it seemed for myself was that it was an exceptionally high maintenance existence, keeping up with all her own wheeler dealing and plot and storylines and so on.  I did actually like Barbara but she was probably one of the most shallow people I have ever met in many ways although I did through working alongside her for several years see her struggle with her vulnerabilities also, she actually had some medical treatment go wrong that lead to a period of exceptionally long sick leave and myself having to carry two jobs instead of the one that I was paid for.  Had I been a few years older and wiser it would probably have been to my benefit to demand extra but I was in a somewhat dire straight prior to having that particular job and was in know hurry to return to the dole cue, my own history had been ink blotted and I was determined to start accumulating an improved CV and so on.  The tradegy of that however is that in CV terms everything is here and now and in objection terms and interviews time seemingly becomes irrelevant, a blot is for life not just for the dates written in the list.  At least that is how it seems to myself, know matter how much I behaved and do all the right things and not broken any laws for many years, in job advancement terms you are blotted for life and the strange thing is you see many folks you know to be or have been just as bad still operating at higher levels of companies and business and so on.  So the truth in real life terms as opposed to law terms for any wrongdoing is DO NOT GET CAUGHT, I often wonder why some companies do not introduce drink and drugs tests for instance for senior management on a weekly basis and the truth is you would like have to find replacements for many of these folks if long told stories and rumours and so on and so forth are true.  Some are honest drinkers and there is nothing wrong with that but drinking impairs capacities in many more ways than many illegal substances.

So choice is choice and the plan is to be wiser and more uplifting and FUN

Did I not mention barbed wire, of course barbed wire was a common site for myself as a youngster who walked and played farmers fields,we use to push one wire up and the other wire down to slip through to the next field and often got snagged clothing as a result, as did the many sheep judging by the amount of little balls of wool we found on the barbed wires, yes if a hazard could be found as a youngster I managed to find it.

What is he going on about?

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well?

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