Is A Birthmark A Sign Of Birthright

I have no idea where this little gem popped up from but it does have a certain level of appeal for those of us blessed with designer looking birthmarks.

I will not be stating the location or describing my Birthmark as these things are some of those grey areas studied by the likes of medical examiners and so on.  If I were molested for instance and could describe locations of visual identifying features of an attacker then those things can demonstrate that you might be familiar with knowledge of another persons body and what have you.

There is I am sure more to it than simply that but anyway you get the picture.  We do of course know one of two famous persons who have outwardly visual identifying markers.  Mikhail Gorbachev was an obvious example having that birthmark below his receding hairline and I think it was the puppet show Spittting Image that turned it into some kind of monster issue.

Another that springs to mind was I think AUSTIN POWERS having a MOLE moment, a person he encountered had some facial mole that stood out for the character and he really milked and juiced the scene, I know folks in the UK do have things like facial moles removed though I think for blokes especially they can cause problems shaving and so on.

So rewind what was I talking about ah that’s right Queenie hand over the Crown to the rightful Heir to the throne of these Islands.

Yes older comedies also played on these kinds of things, I think there was one known as The Black Fingernail, although I am sure anyone who has mishit a hammer at some stage in there life can perhaps identify with having had a black fingernail.

Yes so society in general has an obsession with removing blemishes and so on of any kind whilst many stand out folks rather than hide from such things simply turn these things into part of who they are in a positive fashion.  Having said that I do still have the teeth that I had removed by a dentist as a youngster in a box somewhere, I had a condition called buck teeth whereby my mouth was too small for all the teeth that were supposed to fit into it and the decided upon solution was to simply have some teeth removed. 

That is of course different to all the designer teeth dentistry that many folks have these days, my daughter recently asked myself to pay for her to have her teeth done, as far as I was aware it is still free to children on the NHS, however many dental clinics are semi-private and demand fees off unsuspecting people where it is claimed that the surgery is more cosmetic than necessary.

I have also mentioned Botox previously a snake venom injected into TV and Movie Star faces, but originally and still used for sufferers of other conditions such-as Cerebral Palsy.

If you imagine that moment of ELECTRIC shock where the muscles are all triggered into tightness then the botox type injections kill the communications that cause that to happen, and areas of these miscommunicated signals can be opened or loosened and exercised once again and the exercise can hopefully cause new improved signalling between brain and body and so on to be created and grow, IE the nervous system is strengthened in the way you do want to use it rather than weakened through some brain damage flaw.

Another of course was the James Bond Villian the man with a Golden Gun and his Three Nipplies portrayed by everyones favourite Dracula and more recently Star Wars Sithe Lord and even more recently Bad Wizard in Lord of the Rings CHRISTOPHER LEE, yes I know the actor name and not his characters names strange but true.

Yes of course news wise letting the Romanians and Bulgarians come to Britain is all the rage, and they do of course have the famous Transylvanian bloodline and vampires will shortly be walking the streets of Britain all claiming to be builders and claiming benefits.


OKAY so there are 52 CARDS in a standard playing deck of cards if you had to identify with anyone given suite or line of numbers which card and why is you?

Of course as someone who also studied TAROT decks and has a rather splendid collection of those decks I often wonder if it would be more fun to actually play cards with some of those decks imagine playing card games with a set of cards that has five suites for instance (I have one) and much improved visuals over the rather lame diamonds hearts spades clubs found in your regular decks, so actually these kinds of decks can potentially stimulate improved thinking and recognitions of patterns and so on presuming that you (as I have) are careful in the selection of decks you get, many multitudes of these card decks and Angel Card decks also are absolutely crap garbage but if you study those who commissioned them or created them you can often make better decisions as to the quality you may get.

Enough from Mr ever so special birthmark

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well

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