Why Do We Call Japanese Money Yen?

Why do I have a locker number 201? Why do I have another locker number 38? Why do I have a clothing peg number 52?

Of course asking why is all well and good if the meanings I give to these small details serves myself in a fashion becoming of the positive meanings I declare for them but one cannot help think that a more appropriate questioning methodology is to ask how can I creatively use the small details within the bigger picture to demonstrate the Universal neuroplasticity created within predestined intention of a Holographic World built upon the usage of a QWERTY keyboard.

As a former administrator and lifelong user of computers one of the earliest activity’s that I performed was learning how to touch type I spent many hours practicing and even took exams on such things just to get something out of an activity I was doing anyway.  I have long suspected that the QWERTY design was optimised for Europhiles hence your ability to type Europe on the top line.  A sign of the Noose perhaps for those unfamiliar with thinking about design layouts.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

A favourite for those wanting to use all the letters of the alphabet but the knowledge base expanded with ever increasing speed and computations actually led to better keyboard layouts being developed than QWERTY yet just as in so many other areas of life people remain steadfastly dedicated to it like an old friend that can be relied upon and so on.

What am I wittering on about-well over the years we have seen time after time better technologies appear that have failed to shift folks into improved paradigm’s from the paradigm’s that they already know and very often this is because of TERRITORIAL PISSING.

TERRITORIAL PISSING is a common affliction in society in general and usually involves someone having invested time and money into something to such a degree that being told the World is not flat upsets them.  The more you have sold your soul to a particular ideology the more resistance you will experience when confronted with evidence that blows your capacities of comprehension and seemingly being made the fall guy.

Speaking of “The Fall Guy”  of course was in fact played by non other the “The Six Million Dollar Man” actor Lee Majors being the actor I believe.  Yes my brother got the Steve Austin Action Doll as a youngster and I had the bad guy villain of course we could not both be the Hero, I think in retrospect this kind of thinking is played out up and down the land where a team is nominated as the good guys and the opposition the bad guys, the problem comes of course when you are too young to realize that you are supposed to be the bad guy and go on to win as has been done by myself on a number of occasions though admittedly not recently, somewhat distracted as I have been.

Why do we call anything by the name or label identifier that we do? How can I reinterpret long held thought processes into techniques and technologies that actually work to my own advantage and benefit as well as being of benefit to others and society?

Will weapons of mass destruction be used like that seemingly Alien Spacecraft I saw last night in Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull that whipped up and mixed up the landscape to such a degree before vanishing into other dimensions according to the dialogue that is.  How can I become a crystal skull? how can I cross that Crystal skull with crystal bones? I’m a physician Jim not an pointy eared logic machine. Oops up side to side say oops up side to side, say oops up side to side say oops up side to side.

Madness is only called madness among those who do not have Eccentric in ones vocabulary.  It is actually quite fun writing madness down as it appears, why only yesterday I saw a Eddie Murphy character speaking and talking to animals, a newer version of Dr Doolittle that whilst good in its own right does not compare to the classic original or does it matter.  I see uncle Phil died too and wonder whether giving the daughter the complete Fresh Prince DVD collection not so long back was such a good idea.

Of course speaking of animals reminds myself of the pet spider i used to have, OH YES I DID I loved that Spider Plant, the number of times it overcame death with its quarterly watering was amazing and an excellent purchase for the non-green fingered folks as are most cacti hence the desert dwellings in which one generally finds such biologically classified things.

What if what if a dream just spoke to a Tiger one and all the Philadelphia Maul that makes nonsense of all you know as the water levels rise and down comes the snow dance then whoever you may be I am the one who is speaking to thee upon this map upon the hour does your bread come made with flour do ring donuts taste better with Jam or could one not see the cows eyes in spam

So yes it can be good to question and it can be good to explore the wierdness in the creative mind that brings the Lords to law, babble bubble blah blah blah my other self can see so far into the oneness that unravels time and space who will find its level in amazing grace not a Jaguar.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be SANE 🙂

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