With A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That and…

So I scan through my email and get one for those regular updates from Amazon and what does it say-please buy this physical book that you might be interested in based on your buying History.  Well of course I am not going to buy that book because I already bought the digital version you automated twonk.

Another of these types of things is the telephone rings that you answer only to get some automated message thanking you for your interest in this product and we are connecting you to our call centre-I am not interested in the bloody product and most certainly do not want connecting to some poor bastard in a call centre who I can only have a go at for telephone harassment.

Yes telephone sales people used to be quite annoying when we used to get those cold calls from the occasional Double Glazing salesman but now the techniques used by some of these companies has gone into ridiculous levels of overdrive. (In my opinion).

So what else well I have one again found myself watching a relatively new version of Robin Hood that I think was on the BBC-not sure because I am not a TV watcher-however the daughter is and when I kindly suggested she might prefer one of the better older versions or shows or films of the story was told that none of them could possibly be as fanciable as this Robin Hood.

You watch a TV show just because an actor is fanciable? Well that is good enough reason alone for me to fill out the forms for her service at some convent-unfortunately I have one of those children that the kidnappers would rush back. 🙂

Having said that we did manage to sit down and watch Mary Poppins together-so I could no doubt be singing better remembered versions of the songs at a place near you-the daughter wanted to see where she knew Dick Van Dyke from and I tracked him down most recently to the quite fun Ben Stiller Movies-A Night At The Museum 1 and 2.

She did not believe myself at first so I had to show her his Wiki page.  That is of course one of the big major issues with films and television shows that we like and the actors in them.  Even a film or show that has been given a new lease of life is still a frozen point in time.

So the title above did not appear right at the beginning of today’s writing I wrote something and then a little bit more and a little bit more and as I worked my way down this blog text a title suddenly popped into mind-why do I mention this-well many tradition linear teachers say start with a title and then build on it-I have  tried both that method and others and there is no write answer to developing skills-I prefer to mix things up because having a title is like having a cake tin and I am sure we have all had that experience of baking a cake in the wrong size tin only to find that the final cake was not exactly as the recipe claimed it would be.

So the title I think probably came to me because of Dick van Dykes dodgy cockney-and thinking about cockney led myself to perhaps scrape the mental barrel in coming up with lyrics from a Chas and Dave song (I think), my favourite song of there’s was not them at all but by a different folk type group singing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Gyhz0h7-P0

Strange how we get confused by the identity of these folks when we are young, probably akin to confusing Oasis with Blur based on the great north south divide-unfortunately because of visiting relatives up North as a youngster I could not readily join in with such activities and simply had to go with songs and music on an individual song for song basis.

One big issue that I hear quite a bit these days is the complaint of having to buy individual pieces of music from online stores-I personally think it is no different to buying singles in the past-how many of us bought albums based on a song we liked in the charts only to find that the rest of the album was not up to the standard of the one good song that was in the charts.  These days the ability to hear multiple tracks by a performer prior to making any purchase is fantastic (In My Opinion)  Why it certainly prevents you from falling for this old chestnut http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbU3zdAgiX8

The word of the week is CELL not to be confused with SELL and not an abbreviated form of CELLO which as we all know is the Jolly Green Giants Violin-yes I wanted to play Violin as a youngster and the Teacher by the name of CROW claimed I did not have the required listening abilties-many friends had opted for the more popular Brass Instruments and in doing so got there wish whilst I ended up not getting to play anything.  I had a pretty damned cool Glockenspeil at one time but it was not a join the school band kind of an instrument-a bit like that guy we see at the proms every year playing with a triangle-what a genius-HEY YOU GUYS do you want to see me play with this [INSERT LABEL].

Yes new instruments are actually very easy to create and make and manufacture-the issue of course can be actually getting that final symphony going from a seemingly discordant group of sounds.

Well that is another Saturday morning picture show post and I am still waiting for my must have DVD and book and Nintendo game delivery due today.  Okay so they are not all for myself but then I will likely have to sit through and take part in activities related to the deliverance.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well

🙂 🙂 🙂

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