So Where Is The Relevance In That

One of the major issues of course when doing some studies or any studies for that matter is getting those cognitive recognitions working for yourself in a manner that is useful or of benefit.  I through my pad tend to have a look at daily news reports from the UK and elsewhere from a multitude of collated sources.

The most significant for myself in conscious awareness terms are all the shoreline pictures we are being shown-I notice for instance that heavy weight and significance is being given to Aberystyth and that is where I spent several years at the University studying AI computers robotics and so on.  The University actually owns swathes of properties along the sea front and is also the place where Prince Charles Studied in his younger days.

Beyond that of course the information is meaningless though I could stretch the imagination by mentioning a link to The American National Security Agency known as the NSA and its research into Encryption Algorythms-they are reputed to be working heavily on Quantum Computing Technologies that will enable them to decipher even the very best of the current protection cyphers known strangely enough as RSA Encryption.  Where’s the link you wonder?

The link is in some of the mathematics that is being used so I will give a wiki link for those interested in the details’s_algorithm

I am sure most of you will turn your nose at this kind of information-none of it is exactly easy to comprehend even for folks who have done higher levels of education.

What else-well I did see a Guardian Article How Can I Increase My Brain Power

Of course many of these activities it seems to myself at least are not very helpful.  They say read a lot or do an activity until you are good at it yet have we not heard these recommendations before and tried them all-I use to read masses as a junior and I fly through books now without paying to much attention to content yet these activities have not really served myself in proving anything beyond the fact that they can serve as confidence boosters and so on and so forth.

I mentioned watching that Walt Disney Movie Mary Poppins that of course reminds me that I wanted to see the new Tom Hanks Emma Thompson film about that,  I bring up the name THOMAS because it is a name that has been swirling in and out of consciousness quite regular over the last month or two and is perhaps time to make an appearance in my writings.

We all of course know of doubting Thomas type stories but some of you might like to research around that name-that is of course if you have been getting the same kind of vibe for it.  Another name related to all these tidbits is of course ALBERT.

The film mentioned above had multiple Bert names in it as does Aberwystwyth and whilst I have not mentioned Queen Victoria directly was she not married to an Albert who was her own cousin and known as her consort?

The other Albert is of course Mr Einstein and not to be confused with everyone’s favourite tuned and stringed instrument a Steinway Piano-interesting things are pianos in a sense because were you to turn a grand piano up on its side with lid open you could very well think you were looking at a disguised Harp in a box.  Of course as children we do not very often realise that some of these things are not as they outwardly appear and seek to explore them.  I remember looking at various relatives Piano’s as a child, the upright ones were quite popular at one stage I am unsure because I have not done the research but it was a conclusion my young mind probably latched onto that everyone must have had a Piano in the house.

These days of course everything is synthesized in this fashion or that fashion and there are very few instruments that cannot be replicated and having a father with a recording studio I have seen all those kinds of advances quite close up-having said that if I were given a choice between real life quality instruments and musicians and computer generated versions I far prefer the real instruments as do most folks I think-the best synth groups have always been the ones that did not seek to copy traditional stuff and went of on one-people like Marc Almond and The Pet Shop Boys and that gradually led to the DJ as a musician, once upon a time a DJ played records and smiled a lot, then we went into the Fat Boy Slim era where DJ type peoples were creating there own popular remixes and so on.

Hip Hop is also popular among some folks I personally like some Eminem and Jay-Z and Beyonce and Rhianna type stuff but finding the best and agreeing on the best is hard work. 

Another CREATURE that has been brought to my attention as being of relevance is the CYCLOPS-I have seen multiple films such as Monster University, Percy Jackson, Despicable Me all of which have contained CYCLOPS characters.

The closest we generally get to Cyclopshood is looking into lenses-lenses of course in telescopes and those things we look at petri dishes with OMG what are they called.  Yes LENSES also of course mentioned in an older album LIFE THRU A LENSE Robbie Williams If memory serves myself correctly.

If I could just be the whole Scooby-doo mystery inc gang I might just solve it, however for the time being who has lenses Velma or Daphne one always gets those confused?

So prescriptions are not encryptions of a life less ordinary so much as lenses on the World and the meaning you give to see or not to see, we tap and chant and repeat the words living through self-Holocaust and all that Is and all that will be is somewhere about the missing island of Atlantis.  I once owned and probably still have in a box in an attic somewhere a comic book series called Indiana Jones and the Fate Of Atlantis that was very different from the computer game of the same name (that I also have in a box somewhere)and was actually disappointed that a film was never made of that particular story as it was in many ways superior to the last couple of films they did make in that franchise, (THIS POST WAS LOST DURING EDITING AND THIS IS A RECOVERED VERSION SO I WILL LEAVE YOU WITH THAT FOR TODAY, Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well

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