The 13th Calendar

You’ve never heard the tale of THE THIRTEENTH CALENDAR have you?

Now many legends as you are all well aware by now revolve around the number thirteen-we have all those Friday the thirteenth horror stories for instance-we also hear legend of the missing thirteenth tribe unspoken of even by the most prominent of Philosophers and Theologians-we also have 7 white keys on a standard Piano and 5 black keys on a standard piano representing an Octave and the thirteen key being the beginning of the next Octave (for those interested in piano sound dynamics and mathematics)-you can look into music and sound mathematics of all sorts of instruments but I think the Piano is a good starting point.

We also have that gives plenty of information on thirteen and how it has captured popular imagination throughout all of known history around the World or Planet, one often Wonders if there is a genuine direct correlation to this and the practice of reverse Psychology that is taught in many Educational Disciplines-many folks think that because reverse psychology works or has worked on themselves it must also work on others-yet as we all know this is a BIG PHALLACY that probably most in society have fallen for at one or other time in there life-unfortunately it can in my opinion be harmful because it relies on the recipient acting in the way or manner that is demanded of them by the originator or user of this strategy-you end up with Cry Wolf type scenarios and very little personal growth for either of the individuals in the interaction-it is fatally flawed because it is one person of a dishonest nature presuming all others also have a dishonest nature.

You might say that if I were a director telling two actors there values I might tell one person that they are a manager who has sacked an employee and on no account is the employee to be re-instated or they themselves will be sacked, whilst I might tell another actor that they absolutely must be reinstated in the job or they will lose there ability to pay for the death defying cancer treatment they are receiving along with partner house car family friends etc etc.

This is effectively giving a conflict dynamic to the scene based on EMOTION.  I spoke of emotion previously when I mentioned The Emotion Thesaurus, you might say that both ACTORS or in artificial intelligence terms both AGENTS are being asked to operate on a WIN/LOSE basis and I have been continuously drumming into folks to move to a WIN/WIN basis and I have promoted tools for everyone to be able to make that a reality to the degree that any given ACTOR or AGENT OR INDIVIDUAL is willing to move on though the selfish self interest BABY EGO levels to a more matured ADULT EGO level, from my own observations on this most folks (not all) as has been suggested to myself by folks such-as Bill Harris do tend to stay at the selfish self interest levels until further change or shift is brought about usually again through some EMOTION poking of some description.

So yes I am thinking on questions related to this number (13) thirteen and how can I systematically move the Whole of my being and awareness into improved thoughts feelings and emotions and deciphering’s and so on and so forth of thirteen (13).

Now I spent the day travelling and can vouch for it being wet beyond the City of Hereford’s limits, so I am of to meditate on what new meanings and philosophical understandings and undertakings I can achieve with a life enhancing musically tuned thirteen.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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