A Lifeless Reign Bowie

The strange thing of course for anyone who knows anything about David Bowie is of course that he has two different coloured eyes-I have not looked that closely but it is one of those trivia details that are easy to latch onto-I spoke recently about how you can turn any kind of blemish or difference into a positive attribute when you look for and use the thinking strategies that enable you to do that.

Of course Mr Bowie was not the only creature I am aware of with different coloured eyes.  My parents when I was younger owned a beautiful female border collie (welsh sheep dog) named Tessa that had two different coloured eyes and she was a natural in her abilities to round us up whenever she was taken for a walk and she did live to a grand old age although still having died many years ago.  She was an extremely grumpy dog in the sense that she could snap out at you if you upset her and she was also highly intelligent when I compare her to other kinds of dogs that I have had in my life.

Tessa at one stage had a litter of puppies and early on in her pregnancy decided to make herself or find herself a nest or whatever dogs create for themselves when pregnant, she chose under my bed and I recall not being particularly happy about that-under the bed being a favoured place for throwing miscellaneous junk when tidying the room up.  Having a grizzly moody dog under the bed was not part of my consideration criteria.  Thankfully we had a shed area that we were able to move her too though not without some trouble-she was very much her own dog and whilst well trained and obedient always managed to let you know when what was being expected of her did not fit with her own plans.

So I do find that the more I write the greater my awareness increases and so on and so forth I think the hardest part being deciding what is worth pursuing and what is not.  For instance some of you might be interested in checking out a technology called ISOCHRONIC TONES that makes similar type claims to those made by Binaurial Beats retailers.  Most research does claim it to give faster results than using Binaurial Beats technology-however I have not yet seen a retailer that I would trust to purchase such a technology from-In TV channel terms you might liken it to being the old battle between the BBC and ITV and I am generally happy with the Technology I am already using-the Tones apparently can induce the same kinds of Alpha/Theta/Delta/Beta brainwave states-but as I have said I personally have not seen a retailer that I would buy a product from (although many offer free example inducements) and they do very much seem to be being targeted at the more La-Di-Da end of the marketplace Spiritualists and Lucid Dreamers and Crystal Healers and so on and so forth.

I return to work tomorrow-so have spent the day today catching up a little with my Meditation which I did put on the back-burner during my daughters visit.  Now I can give greater attention once again to getting the creative juices flowing as to how I can create wealth opportunities and so on and so forth.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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