So What Silliness Can I Conjure Up Today

So just as Scooby-doo calls Elephants Rellephants? relevance? It can in always be a useful strategy to go back to ones own childhood and explore what influences you paid most attention too. This can of course apply to how old you are and how far back you go-older folks my perhaps remember to singing along “We Love Muffin, Muffin The Mule” whilst if I were wanting to create a new story based on characters from my own childhood I might look to “The Wombles of Wimbledon” and again those a few years younger might recall Mogwai getting wet and filling the unlucky habitants of a particular town with GREMLINS.

So I might think yeh gremlin’s cool I’ll write “Gremlin Entanglement” featuring Mogwaistein versus Womblestein exploring the story arc possibilities and so on.

Of course what I like about the technologies that I have used and recommended is that they do get you into the questioning zone and the-how can I improve on my current level of health or lifestyle or awareness and so on and so forth.  I like Holosync simple because it pretty much kicks you into non deniable states of overwhelm and mental re-organisation and I like paraliminals because they help you mentally re-organise yourself.  One is perhaps a top down approach whilst the other maybe a bottom up approach but I have in Principle at least found those products I have used to be therapeutically complementary.

Of course choice is choice and many will perhaps get to a stage where to borrow a phrase from The Manic Street Preachers-“A Design For Life” is required.  In thinking about this aspect I have read a great deal of material in relation to writing and story telling and you might say that none of the out and out “How to write..” type books really inspired and I can imagine the younger generation might find themselves unhappy that a clearer idea or structure is provided.

To that end I know many of you are obsessive video games fans and having studied at University I can tell you that video game design and software design in general is quite well structured-so some of you might be interested in books such-as Fundamentals Of Game Design (Ernest Adam) and other books of that type.

It might seem silly but he does get you asking questions and lays out all the ideas that go into video game creation and so on.  Those University Level type study book’s are not cheap but they can perhaps give you greater ideas of STRUCTURE that I personally felt is somewhat lacking in the how to Author books and he does write in a fashion accessible to all comers interested in design so it is not all computer code that Mr Joe Public might run from.  I think you can likely preview such books without necessarily buying anyway.

Another area I keep returning to are Music oriented materials and again some are seemingly better than other and it really is individual choice.  Another thing I did was think I wonder what the all time literary book list is? and to that end did a search that located a number of lists, and from that sort of search you can narrow down who literary authors are that whose work might be worth checking out.  I noted several Brits, several Russians, Several Yanks and several Frogs so pretty much the usual suspects with intermittent contributions from the odd Spanish or Italian and so on.

I now need to get myself some tea prior to returning to the nightshift this evening so with that I will leave you with a

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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