Seems To Be Experiencing Writers Block

They do say of course that the best remedy is to simply write or speak or think or visualize your way through these blocks and I know I have recommended a number of books that do give guidance on such things but it is always easier to say these things or advices to others than to have to address them in your own World or life.

The problem for myself is perhaps that I have done so much clearing that I literally do not necessarily have the awareness or intuitive abilities to truly understand or acknowledge some of the thoughts that pass through my consciousness, I can be perfectly happy making myself a cup of tea pouring the boiled water out of the kettle into a mug with the content of a teabag and I will suddenly feel anger or rage and wonder where did that come from, perhaps I was touched by hot water at some time or turned the shower or bathwater on too hot and all those little long lost experiences do work there way up though your mind and bodies central nervous system as you progress through the assorted teachers lessons perhaps like peeling the layers of an onion.

So the policy is usually to watch yourself and witness those things happening and have the capability to acknowledge it and let it go, thank you body for reminding me that hot boiling water burns and now if you do not mind I will return to a happier more calm mode of existence.

I have of course also continued with my usual kinds of research going on Amazon and generally book hopping making myself a list of books I’d like to read when I have the available funds to make such purchases, it can seem to be quite an eclectic thing to do but you do simply have to let go of trying to figure it all out, if something made my list in the book hopping then something of relevance perhaps needs bringing to my awareness from an author or particular area of study  or not I am not the best at setting goals and/or phrasing them necessarily in a manner or essence that the best of the masters recommend.

tomorrow is of course Friday unless of course you are in a World time zone that has already attained that splendid day of the week now in which case congratulations and even though I will be working a halve week it does seem like the weekend cannot come quickly enough for doing those things I want to do unimpeded so to speak by the need to earn a living and so on.

Not much else to report beyond it being all quiet on the Western Front for myself at least if not for others with bigger lives.

So til next time Have a nice day and ciao for now! 🙂

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