Well That Was Weird

So yesterday was Friday here in Hereford, England and having returned to work on Wednesday night and then the following night Thursday I as usual went to bed after returning home at the end of my shift.  Why tell you that? Well I awoke after a couple of hours sleep and was not best pleased-assuming that some external events had disturbed my short lived slumber.

However once awake I was unable to return to sleep immediately so stayed up and did STUFF and then come evening time returned to bed figuring I could grab a couple of hours prior to going to work.

So pretty damned tired I went to sleep quite rapidly-I think I have mentioned before that I am not someone who remembers or recalls his dreams-you can according to Paul Scheele train yourself through repetitive self questioning methods into remembering your dreams-some folks do anyway but others like myself as I said previously – decided to give up dreaming during my teen years because I only seemed to have nightmares-probably not helped by the fact that the kinds of media I was mostly drawn to be it movies, music, TV, video games did tend towards Horror and the darker side of what was on offer.

So I grab a couple of hours and awaken somewhat startled and have to rush to work because I have overslept somewhat and haven’t set any kind of Delai Lama.  Anyway I was in a rush but I did note that I could actually remember what I was dreaming at that moment that I woke up.

I have know idea what any of the visual imagery of what I can recall means so will be watching the wider world with a metaphorical interest to see what links and associations my mind makes whether that is conscious or non-conscious.

The basic image was that my father had brought a differing injured animal home two days in a row and both animals were cloven hoofed creatures the first appeared to be a goat who had one horn on the left side facing myself, and this goat was sat in the central position on an orangy platinum coloured three seater sofa,  and the second creature was a deer that was placed to the right of my visual field on the floor facing left, myself seeing it in profile, though unfortunately that seemed to be the point at which I awoke so I have a kind of paused image that does not really make any kind of sense at the present time.

But as I said even though I have done courses that include dream recollection and lucid dreaming techniques I have not really given great attention to those modalities, so although it might seem strange to a reader I was left feeling quite excited simply by the fact that I actually remembered an actual dream.

I say an actual dream to differentiate from the writing tutorial that I recommend “LAST NIGHT I DREAMT…” the writing tutorial does tend to work through the narrow conscious mind unfortunately unless you have a wide open conscious mind-though if you write fast and quickly enough and just roll with it you can bypass your own conscious filters-whereas regular dreaming and lucid dream states are generally regarded as tapping into the broader and limitless non-consciousness that we all enter whether we are aware of it or not.

So I thought I would share that strange image here and as I say see what happens in the wider World-breaking the conscious filters is not the plan so much as accessing the far greater breadth and depth of the non-conscious or perhaps more art-orientated visual realms.

This does of course mean that I set myself up for a fail if I am unable to give relevance or meaning linking the imagery to the World but then as Thomas Edison said there is no such thing as failure only feedback and he did demonstrate that philosophy in being able to say he found 999 ways in which the lightbulb would not work before settling on his thousandth variation of the science.

I will now go off and have a listen perhaps to those modalities I have given least regards to and see if the possibilities are finally surfacing after 3 years of slogging Holosync and tapping and reading and what have you.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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