So Having Mentioned…

So having mentioned Isochronic tones in a recent post I decided I may as well go in for a penny in for a pound and have a listen to one or two of these other meditation modality’s but rather than go to a particular sales and revenue generating business I went to youtube where a number of differing product examples can be found.

Several had warnings regarding the power of the binaurial beats and isochronic tones and so on but for myself at least I did not find any of them to be as strong as the ones I already use-having said that I could well imagine anyone who has not worked there way up from a low level having there head blown of by one or two of the examples on offer.

Various claims were made as to what the meditations can do-I can say that I did like some of the music being used with some of the tracks as they are not all rainfall and bowls.  I also noted that several were vary much about tuning the body to solfeggio  I also noted that various claims were made to the ability to recode your DNA and Healing Frequencies.

As I have said I like some of the music on offer but as to all the other types of claims I think you have to go with your own level of experience and judgment and choice; I can of course now claim to know what I am talking about if when or how I critique the technologies.

Now going back to my recent dream experience and looking around the wider world:-

We had a Orangy platinum coloured sofa-so the colour might be representative of a setting or rising sun and or fire or heaters and so on.  We also had animals that I could not really get meaning for-the Deer did trigger for myself that the traditional SHERLOCK HOLMES wears deer stalker hats? I believe-so running commentary wise…

In the wider world I noticed that they had fire in Tibet at one of the old and ancient Shangri-La  villages (I also mentioned Delai Lama whose monks wear orange), Locally Hereford fire service was discussed at council (according to Hereford Times), and Heather Watson got through to the Australian tennis open Watson of course being the name of Sherlock’s biographer and companion Dr Watson, and ms Watson’s first name when broken down being heat her, so really the lucid dreaming stuff is perhaps for myself at least starting to come on-line in a more concise and symbolic or representative manner and of course if I can make the associations from the earliest of notable triggers they may well provide clues as to where to look next.

It is easy to unfortunately get side tracked by money issues especially for those of us who have had life long issues surrounding money-I recently had some letter box and envelope mail relating to Abundance for life from Learning Strategies and so I decided I should perhaps go back and have another listen to Joe Vitale and his awakening courses that were related to money issues.


Well the sport gambling focus can be a very narrow one and can cause all eggs in one basket ideology that runs against the releasing paradigm-so with that in mind I am Witnessing the Wider World first and then making possible sports related judgment later.  I have issues of trust and confidence and belief regarding THE WORLD AS A LUCID DREAM so do try to keep a wider or broader life focus than just sport gambling.

Joe Vitale is also a great motivator and actually managed to give me some enthusiasm, that I have perhaps lacked in recent years-I may well look at the nightingale conant website to see who else they do products from and what freebies are available.  My next research I think is going to be looking for more high octane motivational speakers and communicators, I am able to write such materials but do not necessarily feel it on the deeper inner levels so need some bombardment of passionate enthusiastic speakers who can trigger those non-conscious negativities (Once the negativity is high-lighted or brought into my wider awareness I can then let it go).

The biggies so to speak from the awakening materials are taking RESPONSIBILITY for all who are brought into your World and letting it go-so for instance whether you like it or not some part of you on a non-conscious level brought so-and-so an individual into your life and you have to let go of any triggers that they may bring.  Some things are easier to let go than others and repetition helps a huge deal.  Also FORGIVENESS is highly UNDER RATED by most people including those in the so-called Healing Business’s so GRATITUDE AND FORGIVENESS of others and ones self.  

Now I also wondered about how my life got turned so upside down and how I came to end up having a daughter with my ex-wife and so on.  I was led to an old children’s tale “The Secret Garden” FRANCES HODGSON BURNETT, (It can be found free on Amazon), So the LUCID links are that I died saving a women by the name of FRANCES and married a women whose family name was BURNETT.  I have not yet made or found a link to HODGSON though of course the ENGLAND SOCCER COACH goes by that name and he will be taking the team to play in the AMAZON RAINFOREST, My daughter being of mixed heritage might well be regarded as Amazon in complexion, so the LUCIDITY does become easier and easier as you practice and release and repeat and so on.

Speaking of the FRENCH and FRANCE of course I very much wanted to be a Musketeer when I was younger “all for now and now for all” something like that, the Musketeer films I enjoyed were those starring “Logan’s Run” actor Michael York and “Gladiator” actor and Hell raiser Oliver Reed well known as a drinking buddy of Legend Richard Burton and that group of drunks.

What else well Porridge the prison drama had a character Lennie Godber (Richard Beckinsale), so that brings us back to the Lenses theory of everything.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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