A Word to The Wise

Now in saying that I went to Youtube and plugged myself into a variety of Binaurial Beats and Isochronic tones and Solfeggio tuning applications I could well imagine that others may well choose to follow suite-however there are some warnings that should perhaps be given from myself were anyone who reads this blog to choose to follow suite.

So number one is that I was born into a music orientated family and grew up from before I can remember being attuned to Solfeggio. Number two is that my family went through multiple religions and so on and I myself spent several years singing in the odd choir and praising Jesus and singing various versions of Hallelujah to I do not know who.

As soon as I was old enough to work I got a job whilst continuing in Education and promptly DIED.  So work is not the be all and end all of everything and education is not the be all and end all of everything.

I say this because I recently spoke on STRUCTURE and it later occurred to myself-well actually Dave I said to myself if you knew with a one hundred percent guarantee that you were going to die tomorrow would you really want structure and discipline and so on in your life or would you write out yourself a bucket (Not bouquet for Hyacinth fans) list of all the things you want to do before tomorrow and then live your list to the fullest possibility and potential that you can?

So there is the matter of weighing up the pro’s and con’s of following suite.  I have not just dived right in-I have spent years Meditating and putting myself through multiple courses from Masters specifically designed to bring me to the point in my life that I now feel I am at-where I can dive right in.

To dive right in and then experience MEGA LEVELS of RESISTANCE and OVERWHELM could do more harm than good.  I really do concur with the baby steps up methodology.  Having said that if like myself life has been an on-mass never ending form of suffering you may well have nothing to lose in throwing yourself in at the deep end and imagining that the powerful and free binaurial beats and isochronic tones meditations found on YOUTUBE will kick start a process of renewal and a whole new life experience.

A P.S. to the above-Holosync is based on a technology called Hemisync and there is an excellent 10 minute  Hemisync video that explains the brain development process-so even if you are not interested in doing the tones from other providers you may well learn something new from that short.

So going back once again to my own childhood there are a number of triggers that I experienced during the new meditations that I tried out.  I was a big fan of Battlestar Galactica as a child and watched relentlessly-again the story was one based around the 12 tribes concept and the search for the missing 13th tribe, it was set in a parallel space time if you like but a far superior technological race and there was also much ancient Greek influence.  The main Hero’s were Space fighter pilots Starbuck and Apollo.  Starbuck some will also know as the actor who went on to play Face from The original A-team serial.

Another reference that I had brought up was SPACE 1999, a moonbase Alpha plot where the moon exploded and was sent into distant galaxies (A non-puppet Gerry Anderson production), I loved Space 1999 when I was not watching the Muppets. So I actually recall having one of there space ships from that show as a youngster and it was called an EAGLE all though if you look the show up they look nothing like an EAGLE.  The other reference that was brought up were the Planet of the Apes movies, again I enjoyed those films as a youngster and later went on to read the original French written (I think) book.  The films were very loose interpretations of the story as are many films as many of the readers among you will realise from your own observation of the differences and similarities between book and film.  I did for instance read the Ann Rice Vampire series of books “Interview with a Vampire” and so on and whilst that particular movie was enjoyable, the books were an excellent and far superior read.

If someone wanted to right about myself they might entitle the bibliography “The Man With The Eagle Tattoo” as I do actually have a tattoo of an eagle about my personage along with scorpion and dove and illuminati eye and a bloody dagger and I will stop there I think, the tattooing was just a phase I went through and any future tats would have a great deal of thinking and choice put into them, the first ones were somewhat stupid and the later ones better informed and thought through choices.

What else-well even if someone were to decide to through themselves into the deep end you do have to understand the game of black and white and that even if you do throw yourself into the deep end you still have to go through all the trauma and types of courses and learnings that the rest of us have put ourselves through.  Life has seemingly no short-cuts though you can of course be clever in decision and choices and language you use.

I am of to study some more.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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