Do You Renege As A Renegade On Your Own Renaissance

The problem once again for many of us is that we do not necessarily know where we have reneged on commitments that we may have made.   I am sure by now you can see that I have perhaps reneged on commitments that I made at one or other time in my own life.


A SOLUTION FOCUS does of course mean questioning when and where and why and how some commitments came into being in the first place.  Can I having been an innocent child at one time in my life be held to commitments and dreams and so on that were made as childlike wishes and dreams and so on?  I wish I was… [INSERT LABEL] is a common childhood theme for most people who can recall there childhood-of course it would be pretty hard for myself to be a space fighter pilot-though having said that such dreams and wishing’s can be fulfilled through ROLE-PLAYING games technology.  

I said before that I used to love playing flight simulator games as a teen as well as many other types of games and whilst I moved on out of the computer/console reality as I grew older I can give many examples of adults who have moved the other way-by that I mean that they in their own youth had little to zero interest in game and role-play escapism but are now part of collective on-line empires of company’s such-as Sony and Microsoft and so on.

If you want to take things to the extreme then you might consider that life itself is a role-playing game and it can be highly therapeutic to have a GAP between yourself and the life role you play whether that is being a job role or family role or whatever the role you personally identify with.

Returning to this idea that you have all the capabilities and flow of the Universe running through you-you can see that it has never been beneficial for example for myself to think of myself as  an embodiment of any kind of “Jesus to a child” figure yet if I step back from embodiment Jesus and view the IDEA as a CONCEPT then you can see that all life roles are simply concepts and we can move from the “identifying with concept” or “being concept” to “preferential concept” and hopefully we can all see that preferential concepts are perhaps better at allowing us to dynamically work and navigate our collective way through life.

It perhaps comes down to how much any given individual can let go of old long lost lo9cked in concepts and move into ever-changing theories of the World about us.

Now many wonder at the barrage of Email they get from some of the Companies I promote and quite simply the best Solution even if you do not want the product on offer is to ask what learning’s and/or seeds of ideas can I take from receiving this sales material.

Most seemingly work on the we are giving you this benefit for this information, and we will give you this further benefit for this further information and so on, so know one is giving up anything they do not have a choice in.  These techniques are called sales funnel’s if you like and if the Company is offering something you want then they are providing a successful service that you might use again or recommend to friend.  Problems come of course with the belief that competition is bad for business.  Many small business’ went out of business through the provide everything techniques of Supermarkets (for example) but we cannot complain when friends, family and all that we know are buying from such providers.

So the best philosophy can be to focus on providing Solutions to an identified need.  An identified need can be found in most areas.  For example the Company I work for provides Fowl Products to Supermarkets, Fowl being birds in this instance (no not angry ones) and they ask staff for ideas for products and so on.  Of course I mentioned “Bingo Wings” recently and many thought “he has gotta be kidding” but I guarantee you that if you dip the wings in some batter or sweet n sour or other recipe and package and sell them as “Bingo wings ” you will have a ready made sales group of people who will see the humour and buy into it.

The problem of course for any service or provider of any product is finding customers, retaining customers and actually having a “Financially Viable” model to work from.  Yes bread and milk are what supermarkets call loss leaders, they make a loss on those products in the knowledge that customers who come in for them will buy other goods.  You might if in my industry say or ask what are the parts of the fowl that I can use as loss leaders for more premium products in my product line.  You have to remember that the fowl can be looked at from the Whole, as well as individual anatomical parts.

Enough for today I wonder where else in the wider world I can see comparisons, my own awareness is World War I, having heard reference to being in the trenches and so on and so fortth, so front line politics perhaps and again how many patterns you see and how far you take them into the flexible dynamic Lucid realms of reality.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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