Do You Lose Sharpness

An interesting strategy in doing most things in life from brushing your teeth to exercising is of course the regularity in which you do it and they do of course say that when you get to a certain level in say music or sport that you are able to notice your own sharpness or lack thereof.

So I thought that I would have a couple of days break from writing on this blog and see what other truths or untruths can be flipped or examined in greater depth.

In saying flipped i do of course mean ‘turned around’ or ‘tested’ to see if a theory or thought process holds true, whilst I can well believe that some professionals of some activities notice a dip in performance I in writing what I have written up to this point have not.

What else? Well I do think I need a greater focus on practice of awareness and witnessing despite having done that for several years.  I do find that I seemingly still lack accurate judgement, Or perhaps there are as yet unknown causes of blocks that have yet to come to surface, it is all well and good being able to say I am time and all that I write is reflected in the World about myself, yet even the lenses seemingly have levels of progressions.

Is there a one lense that fits all, well I do like to think that there must be but I am also sure that it takes time and awareness to achieve and that probably comes through sharing your own knowledge and expertise as your own sales promotion.

Speaking of promotion I of course can give a link to a re-run of the 2012 Ultimate You Fest from Learning Strategies, this is a differing set of Paraliminals to the 2013 that I promoted last year and of course it is free unless you yourself choose to upgrade, they do seemingly always have a new angle that things can be looked at from

I can of course say that again this is one of the Strategies promoted, what Strategy?

Well you might liken it to a sports team, your team wins, your team wins, your team wins, your team loses and you get into a particular mindset or groove whereby you cannot understand the loss because you team always won, so you look to analyse and hit snag after snag into the ever decreasing spiral patterns.

A better approach might have been to support team they win, change teams they win, change teams they win, change team they lose, this approach means you can retrace steps and potentially fall back to a prior win position, because you have not placed all eggs in one basket you have given yourself a broader or wider scope or pallette to work from, of course not having a “Favourite” can show a lack of passion but then I am speaking of STRATEGY NOT PASSION.

In trying to think of games where this strategy is demonstrated I thought of BATTLESHIPS, it is a strategy applied in many games from Chess upwards but battleships I think is more demonstrable of a team in that each kind of ship has its own crew with its own hierarchy and structure.

What else-well I have found myself looking at innovation and cryptology materials-again a wide selection is available though not absolutely necessary, innovation techniques is perhaps about how you can go about developing and creating environments that encourage innovation.  Crytology is codes, cyphers and so on, I erred on the history rather than implementation, most implementation these days is related to computers, the internet and espionage, of course it has always been that way (espionage especially) as my own study suggests, but my own interest comes from wanting to re-write a poem from the Lord Of The Rings Book.

Perhaps I could simply create Lord Of The Lenses, or, Of Lenses and Lances, yes many variations on a theme but you do have to put the personal work in to become good at whatever it is that you as an individual want to become good at.  I see Walter Mitty is in the movie charts, again a theme perhaps of  a LUCID DREAMER.  We in the UK might remember Reginald Perrin and his yawning Hippopotamus image, the Reginal Perrin series, though I was young did stay with myself in terms of memory anyway.  Perhaps these visuals are good ways to show that anyone can have active imagination, and or use it in any way they wish.

I am of to see what I can see as the wheels on the bus go bang bang chitty chitty bang bang

Thank you for reading, God Bless and How can I create a Kaleidoscopic Range That is empowering to all who are willing to become Lord Of The Kaleidoscopes  🙂

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