How Can I Work Out Thirty-Nine

So there I was having a pleasant morning, birdsong drifting through the World to who-ever was awake to hear it, I looked out the window for the source to see a clear blue sky and thought yep this is going to be a nice easy relaxing Sunday.

A couple hours go by and I take my habitual work to the local corner shop for a couple of the days papers, noticing the ringing of church bells in the background and thinking how pleasant it all seems on this Sunday Morning.

So not looking at the papers I decide to finish up some photoreading, which I did and happened to note the book had thirty nine stories.  I then went to amazon to see if any other freebies took my fancy and a couple stood out so I downloaded them.  The first had thirty-nine pages and was a single subject motivational piece as well as an advert for the authors other works and website.

So thirty-nine appeared a couple of times high enough in my observational awareness to notice it.  Of course 1939 was the start of the 1939 to 1945 conflict (according to Uncle Albert).  We also had the movie “The Thirty-Nine steps” named after the number of steps counted on a particular walkway or stairway, my memory is not that great apart from the fact that the whole story concept had the theme of thirty-nine steps running through it and it was actually written during World War I so not an advanced warning of Hitler then.

Anyway the human brain being a goal seeking mechanism and having latched onto that particular number for the day, I will have to command my non-conscious to process it quietly in the background whilst I proceed with other thinking and living things to do.

What else well I have been trying to get myself better usage out of the genius code program I bought from LS as although I have listened to it a few times some of the techniques only seem to work when I am actually doing the course and I would like to accelerate or activate a higher or better level of the techniques.

Yes I have awareness and yes anything I write here will be reflected in the wider world but I do like the metaphorical describing of image streaming and seemingly have not practiced it enough to really get the imagery working at times when I am not using or listening in on the course.

Most of these masters and teachers do of course say that we each of us contain our own version or blueprint of these abilities and the study is very much guidance in getting our own versions online or up and running in a fashion that serves us individually.

By serving us I mean that the metaphorical meanings can give you awareness of any possible bodily ailments/hungers/wants/needs as well as what is happening in the broader sense of the World, becoming greater aligned and tuned in does take time because we very often have years of built up conscious walls that act as blocks to what the non-conscious is trying to tell us or let us now.

The more we speak out or record our daydreams and what we seemingly find ourselves paying attention to can mean more than what we initially realise.  We do of course have to let the stream flow continuously for a little while and then perhaps allow conscious analysis later, we do tend to get in our own way, consciousness constantly trying to feedback or have confirmation bias before we have allowed enough time for the fdlow experience to have happened for an adequate length of time.  When we do the witnessing and confirm our witnessing on our image streaming and ask ourselves appropriate questions we can reinforce that we are gaining greater awareness and strengthening our self trust in out abilities, bypassing built in grooves of logic or historically inaccurate reconstructions is an ongoing process and the more you do it the better you are supposed to get.  As I say in some ways I excel but in others I do seemingly have more blocks in the flow and it might just be that I am not using enough descriptive mechanisms from my whole range of senses, it is easy to do visual and auditory but taste and kinesthetic and indeed smell can be harder to get going in a fashion that you want, rather than a fashion biased by experience.

I will leave you to get on with your own days.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 🙂

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