Truth and Phallacy

So of course in practicing techniques that move myself into the realms of oceanic consciousness or streams of consciousness we do of course also have to consider the title of this piece “truth and phallacy” for instance with out writing out the entire sequence of lucid dreaming a particular segment that I will write here is that Einstein was painting me.  Now even that statement is misleading, you might think ah you were modelling for Einstein and he was painting or drawing you onto a canvas.  Yet the truth from the perspective that I was in the scene was that Einstein was literally drawing or painting myself onto a canvas from a first person perspective where I was in the canvas.

You might liken it to a through the looking glass type of experience whereby I was looking out at Einstein paintbrush in hand drawing strokes and so on at my portrait.  This is of course not REAL REALITY in the sense that he has been dead for many years and I am not a cartoon figure or portrait painting.  However I was simply practicing being in the Ocean of lucidity.

You might say that everyone can access these states, babies are known to start out as part of oceanic consciousness-however they have know AWARENESS, so the difference for us adults is that we are becoming more and more consciously aware of the oceanic nature of all things.

This might be regarded as where science sprang up from, people have a Hypothesis and then develop and test the Hypothesis to see if true or not-hence SCIENTIFIC PROGRESS.  You might liken it to myself saying hey you guys try Holosync or Paraliminals and so on. 

The problem for many of us is that we have events in our lives that cause us to block or reduce our trust in this oceanic oneness.  Especially as so few in society readily admit to dream states that they may possess.  I have personally found that the more of these technologies I have used the more I can see commonalities and differences and yes I can say my own personal Health has improved, if not my bank balance.

One of the MAJOR themes is BREATHING-most masters and teachers encouraging good clear breathing combined with positive health imagery-such-as imagine you are breathing in pure health and energy from the Universe and as you exhale imagine that you are releasing all the negative, bad energy and so on from your being.  Very simple and indeed with repeated practice highly beneficial.  Many of us go through younger years using these techniques but a few bad experiences can lead to downward spirals.

Of course the more attuned you become very often the more you want to control and that is of course another kind of trap, being around empire building control freaks is one of the issues many people need to move through to get to the other side so to speak.  The trust and surrender can work wonders when you let go of the conscious designs of empire.  Yes nothing wrong with building empire as such but very often many folks rush to worst case judgment and condemnation of perceived enemies that when later consciously reflected upon is not necessarily beneficial.

I do think that repetition of goal mechanisms and heading is beneficial when you understand that many paths twist and turn when going cross Country from A to B, likewise ships in the Ocean have to navigate around coastlines and weather patterns as do aircraft in the sky so as much as we like to draw direct routes on goals and courses reality is not so linear.  In fact you might say that it once again comes back to The Map Is Not The Territory.

The Romans of course were quite famous for creating straight line road systems and generally apart from steering around some mountain ranges were successful at it, though you can of course also say that the success they had with these infrastructures they put in place was also part of there own downfall.  The various opposition groups used there own infrastructure against them.  you might say that many insects and animals can have this  tested upon them.  Many animals in the Wild and some insects follow there own trails and when these trails are disrupted or blocked can cause the animals and insects confusion and new patterns though they very quickly often seek to return to the original bearing.

Of course in Britain the refusal to tear down old buildings and so on has caused all kinds of strange patterns of roadways that we can see on maps and so on.  Newer nations such-as the United States and Australia have had it far easier in the sense of being able to set up cities as grid blocks and so on more-so perhaps the yanks than elsewhere in the World-though China has had massive building programs in recent years that demonstrates that with the will and ignorance of the external politics you can set out your own course and navigate through the World much better than you may have up to this point in time.

Well they do say monitor and witness and develop your own set of understandings of your own codes and so on-so remember metaphor and that all time is NOW and if all time is NOW then all information can be applied elsewhere in the World-not just to the thoughts feelings provoked here in this bog.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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