Now Some People Wonder

Now some folks wonder why I continuously espouse that you are not your dreams, you are not your body and so on, and it is really something that cannot be explained only experienced in some fashion.  We can point to real reality directly or indirectly but no labels of any sort or any description or any lobbying group can claim that they have the true answer (In my opinion).

I have found that the more I have moved up the meditation tree and put the work in the more I have moved away from so-called bodily issues and my health has returned as a result of that.  Unfortunately many folks follow particular belief paths and because they have set out on a path then seek to make that path the new real reality for everyone-this very often occurs through unravellings.

For instance in the 1980’s there was a quite significant amount of these types of events.  Middle-aged men trading the wife for younger models, women ditching husbands for lovers and very much all the sorts of activities that can be associated with years of built up frustrations being unleashed upon the World and the belief in the physical body.  However what was also noticeable was that you could meet a number of these individuals a few years later and they would very often be as unhappy with the new path as they were with the old path (this is a generalisation and should be read as such, I am sure some peoples lives were far happier).

So what was never really dealt with were CORE ISSUES of identity for many people-hopefully anyone of any group or faction, nationality etc. who has taken up meditation has been led towards the CORE issues and can live life from a more centred viewpoint of the World rather than one that switched from one polarity to another without ever getting a grasp of truth.  Many of these letting of steam, getting rid of baggage behaviours often do relieve PRESSURE for most people, but that pressure very often starts building up all over again.

So there are multitudes of activities that can lead people to greater awareness but seemingly few that give the right kind of stimulus necessary for mental re-organisation and a higher place on the Mountain, and if you want the results in relation to Health then you have to work through your own issues not try to make them other peoples, unfortunately a common practice and theme in society.

How do I know if I am getting in my own way?  Well when I first arrived back in Hereford, and got a job and started dating again, I went through a number of girlfriends who were generally fine, yet as soon as the daughter was introduced into the paradigm the scenario’s would change.  for instance Rose when she was younger was quite obsessed with trying to marry me of just so she could have a step-mum, likewise girlfriends were not particularly keen on the idea of being step-mum (Often portrayed as evil beings in children’s literature).

My solution to Rose, was simply to stop introducing her to anyone I was dating so that pressure would no longer exist, likewise girlfriends perhaps became suspicious as to why I spoke of daughter but they were never meeting and so it quite simply got to a stage where I decided simply to stop dating all together.  Trying to keep competing factions with differing wants needs desires happy was squeezing the happiness out of myself.

I also let myself go to a certain extent becoming scruffy and unappealing so my being single requires no explanation.  Now if I met the girl of my dreams tomorrow would I date and get married and so on, yes I would, (once I start cleaning myself up and becoming a little more appealing) because I am operating from a higher level of awareness and place on the mountain I can see where my own behaviour has not served myself, and likewise where other peoples behaviour has not served myself.  The best option when in doubt is to doubt some more and keep on doubting until you get the shift in awareness you want.

Most folks have internal battles with themselves that they project as coming from outside of them, clear out all the flotsam and jetsam that you have picked up from the World about you, do the Budhist style internal inquiry, do the dream writing and become more centered and congruent, above all stop getting in your own way when it comes to you have a life that can be lived.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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