There are of course no prerequisites to meditation in the sense that you can go to a hundred meditators and be told a hundred differing styles some including seating position and chants and others not so these things are not anything to become overly concerned about.

You can of course note what the most successful do but again what is right and works for one individual is not necessarily appropriate for all individuals.  Like wise I have studied widely but also focussed on issues such as improved health, and that is because of where my own health was at when I began using these technologies.

How long any given individual takes to make progress is also an individual thing.  For instance whilst I have done Sedona I was still quite annoyed and triggered by Hale Dwoskin for the first couple of years of meditation, so whilst you can get some immediate benefits from Holosync it is unsafe to assume that those initial break through’s and benefits are all there are hence my own continuing study across multiple disciplines and further shifts and ah-ha moments as a result of that continued effort.

Again there is no need for anyone to read my writing or try to become centred or more congruent but those I think are things that can be achieved by anyone irrespective of personal history and life style choices.  You do not have to fit some straight jacket labels that very often are the source of incongruence merely bring the non-conscious on-line and release whatever materials come up for you on a personal or individual note.

The other aspect is of course partners spouses and so on and again whilst it might be good if partners and spouses are also meditating, the releasing and letting go and bringing non-conscious materials up is usually quite personal anyway.  So the best practice is probably to do your own releasing and then possibly discuss whatever occurs (if anything) with others later, it is probably beneficial to have others to do feedback discussion or dream interpretation with but I have not got that benefit so cannot speak on subject areas I know little or nothing of.

Another interesting aspect on the dream areas of study are that I did in fact seemingly bring into being what might be described as a spirit guide, yes very la-di-da but you have to take into consideration I have meditated regularly for several years and thrown myself wholeheartedly into a number of courses, so having particular kinds of overwhelm or mental re-organisation can perhaps bring these aspects of self into a more tangible coalescence of form.

By that I mean that the brain or mind gives shape and form to the materials that are brought up and I most definitely and surprisingly to myself have seemingly manifested a spirit guide type entity.  By that I mean that this character has become a quite regular fixture during my lucid dream realm explorations.  There is not any talking or direct communication or “I am the voice of” no simply the vision of a recurring character appearing in a variety of scenario’s whilst in those realms and she does seem quite action oriented also.

Anyone who has played video games might liken it to your central character or graphic role appearing in a variety of landscapes or battlefields or where-ever you character is placed.  The interesting thing for myself is that the character is not what I expected or indeed would think of as a shadow type character image.  When we think of shadows we know that in art and so on shadows are represented as darker versions of the colours that the shadow falls up on.

This entity is pure BLACKNESS and is separate from myself(rather than attached shadow), but has a definite outline that is female in nature, so if my dreams are colour when I look upon this imaged women she is defined by the colour around her or the absence of light, if you got the black paint out and painted something completely black and then placed it in a lit area and walked around it you would be getting the beginnings of what I try to describe.  You might liken it to perhaps a Black whole given form or how a baby in the womb might imagine its mother to be.

Now I can also say that none of these dream states are of a sexual nature, “what a waste” goes up the cry from perverts, but that is not the point I am making, merely that if you put the work in and practice you can achieve or ascertain some remarkable things.  Do I think yes I’ll start calling on a spirit guide-no, not at all but it is simply interesting that something I have always dismissed as nonsense when I hear from others I have to now acknowledge as a possible or potential truth.

Who do I mean?  Well we have always had psychics claiming to speak to spirits and so on, but there is one writer whose name has cropped up a number of times in the circles of the American audience (goes to look her up) Jerry and Esther Hicks and there guide Abraham.

So having said that I have not been guided to anything, just mentioning a recurring character that has seemingly becoming a regular fixture in some of my lucid explorations, maybe I played Lara Croft too much as a teenager (lol). 

Anything else-well it really is just a case of strengthening the bonds between brain hemispheres and letting go of things that do not serve you and all the same old routine that I have repeatedly spoken of.  I think one of the great things about Learning Strategies is that they have a wide selection of courses that cover so many different areas and topics that they could probably have Fests ad infinitum.

Yes I have done courses from other providers too as have most people in there own lives, but none seemingly give some of the break though’s I have experienced with meditation and letting go and witnessing etc,

Thank you for reading god Bless and Be Well 🙂 

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