Breaking Trance

Of course it is only fair when people say why recommend this that or the other that you are able to give good concrete reasons.  Holosync breaks trance states.  Learning Strategies breaks trance states, Sedona breaks trance states.  So in essence no matter how old we are or how our life has been or turned out up until this point in time.  We can use technologies that change our own individual awareness and improve choices such as the health and prosperity and so on that we currently have.

One of the more interesting aspects is of course vibration and the fact that we receive or act upon non or other than conscious signals before they come into our conscious awareness.  I have found that even with the broadening of my conscious awareness and raising of threshold that this seemingly holds true.  So vibrations give rise to thoughts feelings actions and of course the dreaded label or is it?  Well anyone who has followed myself for some time knows that labels in and of themselves are meaningless though unfortunately we try to make decisions on whether something is positive or negative and then very often are led to some version of suffering in our automated responses.

As I have progressed I have found the suffering does grow less and less as I gradually peel back the layers and misrepresentations and so on.  The meditation and feeling vibrations around your body does give you the opportunity to embrace any of these signals without giving any kind of meaning to them.  You can of course simply let them go a-la Sedona and very often you can actually run through similar sequential letting go self-thought or self-talk to letting go of vibrations just as easily as you can words.

I from my observation of the World about us have concluded that the THEME during the PRESENT World cycle is STRESS, whether it happens every February I am unsure, I shall perhaps have to go and see what I was writing last February, but STRESS does appear to be the current crisis word and it does of course cue us into chaotic thoughts and messed up energies and so on and probably some physical maladies.

Of course there are multitudes of expert opinions on how to deal with stresses and strains and so on and whilst I am noticing stress I am quite sure that other people are noticing other key words that possibly or potentially appear in there own yearly calendar cycles.

What else-well I have returned to reading mythological type works-there is something in the human psyche that seemingly likes to imbue all creatures great and small with personalities and identities very often of a human nature-although of course in reality every creature has its own set of real life real World attributes that are likely differing in nature to that in fiction.  It can very much depend upon the age range the fiction is aimed at of course.  Though it is interesting to see that the appeal stays with most folks though out there lives.

So going back to trance-we grew up talking ourselves into assorted positive and negative trance states whereby we decided what was going to be our truth or untruth and then of course the manifestations happened for us all (whether we see it as internal or external).  The other great thing is the rapid speed at which you can raise your threshold.

We are of course continuing with this theme of going of the beaten path but these things are interesting and I know that I personally enjoy some of those kinds of explorations-perhaps people are beginning to think about Summer Holidays and Weddings and how they are going to get the money together and so on-this is another interesting subject area and interesting trap that many of us fall into.

When we operate from a thought process or place of lack or need we are actually manifesting barriers to our own success.  This is why the letting go or allowing what is techniques are so powerful as starting positions.  I have not read her work but Byron Katie does use and preach a popular psychological turnaround technique that I have heard of elsewhere.

Very much the questioning for any thought feeling and so on “Is this truth?”.  You might say it is a deconstruction routine on the limited self talk we give ourselves.  For instance if some one upsets you at work and then hours later you are still feeling upset -can you really attribute the thought feeling in this later moment to what went on in the past earlier moment-in truth the answer is no because anything outside of NOW whether the past or the future is a mental construct and this is something that does have to be reiterated time and again until you really get it-that everything is now and any suffering you hold in relation to the past in any form is you beating yourself up.

As a kid I had the odd clip round the ear and for myself to bring those thoughts feelings up now simply contracts your bodily energies when they can be put to far better use in being released.  The more releasing I have done the more I have seemingly come into feeling my own energetical power, very often these powers are locked up in contracted thoughts feelings old trance states etc and when you do the releasing you can with practice and dedicated meditation for a year or two grow stronger and stronger in your awareness of your own energy field and resonant energy, simply through letting go of all the old relational constructs and mental traps that we have given ourselves.

Many masters and teachers do seemingly lead us to this idea that everything is perfect and has always been perfect and as you progress you do seemingly come to see some of the ways in which that might very well be true-I am not totally convinced as I still get triggered myself but I can certainly see the huge progress made not just by myself but quite a few other people also so maybe when I actually find something to be passionate about and can go into a living a life of joy and abundance and so on I will potentially make that shift, no I am not hedging my bets just lacking in what direction I truly want to go in.  I cannot see myself doing what many other teachers, masters and so on do so have yet to find a direction that has me in the grip of H£ELLL YEAH that’s gonna be me that is, when I look at the opportunities available I perhaps want something more modest or discrete than out and out preaching and salesmanship.  Perhaps I just need to focus on finding activities that have my name written all over them.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and be well 🙂

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