There Are Of Course So Many Interpretations

There are of course so many interpretations and options as to understand information that knowing where to begin can seem exceptionally daunting.  That is perhaps why I took up Holosync First, did the related courses and later moved to Learning Strategies courses.  The logic that I was following was rush through the early levels of Holosync and so on and then that moved to Learning Strategies courses will reinforce confirmation bias and pick up loose ends.

By pick up loose ends I mean that because I went through the early HS levels faster than was advised I gave myself a mental get out of jail free card in thinking that LS would pick up the  outliers and so on information and learning wise that I may have missed. 

I think it is interesting that many courses and further advancement along particular courses does suggest areas of knowledge that are worth looking at again or re-evaluating in light of further information.

If someone said now would I do the same again, I think I very likely would-however I would likely combine Holosync straight away with a guided meditation that opens your so-called Chakras, I have seemingly used multiple versions of courses that do this and I think it is an area that is worth reinforcing, for instance anyone who has had bodily type traumas the differing chakras closing down is potentially responsible for not get the Healing’s and so on going as fast as some of us would like.

Seeds of Enlightenment is a guided meditation course, and Paul Scheele also does his own variation in the Abundance for Life course so you can pick and choose and of course there are huge numbers of experts in the field of Meditation that can be found elsewhere whereas Mr Scheele is perhaps more of an all-rounder in his teachings and abilities.

According to the experts most of the lower 6 chakras are dualistic and it is only the Crown or 7th Chakra that holds that point of Unity so in the life through a lense term it does seem as though it is the higher Chakra that most of us want opened-however every chakra seemingly has its own required energies and focus and concentrations and learnings so even if you do feel that you have a great 7th Chakra energy it can be well worth paying some extra attention and energies to the lesser chakras for instance it is no good to me having 7th Chakra open and 4th Chakra (Heart) somewhat blocked up or dysfunctional in energies as that can mess up my overall Health and wellbeing.  The Qigong course is also about the flow of energies and whilst I have not mentioned them previously I can say that my studies and research of Kabbala also goes into a great deal of talk about the flow of bodily energies, so really we want to open and maintain and clear blockages from all our energy channels irrespective of the belief system that we are following in order to achieve that.  I like the guided meditations because they for myself at least fit well with my own metaphorical (story) based ideas around  systems and so on.

A new area I have found myself thinking about is or are the theories surrounding PAST LIVES and REINCARNATION-of course anyone who has followed myself for some time knows that I do tend to work from the IDEA that everyone is a Jesus or Mohammed or Budha and I can see that that might not fit well for some folks with the idea of reincarnation or past lives.

So if we take up the idea that all is energy and this energy might be described as the sea of consciousness (Jedah Mali) I think that you could in fact see that such ideas fit well with the Holographic Universe theory, no space or time just one indescribable consciousness that operates through metaphor like an OCEANIC CONSCIOUSNESS-how well can you follow waves or water droplets or surf when you visit the beach, usually the water is in continuous motion and many World Meditation philosophy are about getting your self attuned to the Oceanic consciousness. 

So everyone has this to a certain extent anyway, reincarnation or past life regression suggests that some people simply through being attuned to OCEANIC CONSCIOUSNESS maybe 7th Crown Chakra pick up the thoughts and energy patterns and so on of other conscious beings who have existed and once again (this is only an unprovable hypothesis) mistake the map for the territory.  I say this because it is exceptionally hard for any of us even with awareness to not consider ourselves as our bodies born in X calendar year married or dating  x person and so on.

You might say that the oceanic consciousness energy always exists and is all about us and that we are made of this energy and for myself it explains why some folks are so convinced of past lives and so on, not necessarily false repressed memory syndrome simply that we are all made of this oceanic consciousness and that sometimes our present day beliefs and behaviours and so on can be affected by what we think were past lives.  Paul Scheele talks on this very topic in Abundance for life, though he does not link it to the Holographic universe as I have done preferring instead to detail anecdotal evidence and research based on his life as a clinical hypnotist.

I thought it interesting because I do recall when I was younger having thoughts of having lived previously and so on but I never did the follow type study that might have given validation to such thoughts, the oceanic consciousness ideas work well for myself up to and including how I have progressed with meditation through Holosync and other related material type courses.

Another topic I have not covered is the fact that as some point in my junior life I must have decided that I was going to “Crack the Code” if such a code existed and I must have really believed in myself to do that considering how my life has gone.  Some of the readers among you might have been interested in what my cryptography research included-well I as I mentioned read quite largely on the topic and of course studied Computers AI at Uni, most programming languages are assorted types of codes.  There are masses of books on the Intelligence agencies and conspiracy theory after theory.  The book that was most stand out for myself History wise was called The Codebreakers by David Kahn, it is getting on in years but has plenty of real life history of so-called codes without gtting dragging into conspiracy theories of any kind, which unfortunately is where most modern literature concentrates peoples focus.

In truth none of us perhaps need any of this reading just meditate and meditate and keep on meditating.  I for instance am more than happy to blast through the complete Oz collection and Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter and so on even though they are aimed at a child or younger generation audience, they I believe can contribute for some anyway in getting some of that imaginative spirit back in your life, and of course for myself it is all about unravelling some of the failed adult absolutism and authoritarianism, going with more flexible mind body spirit doctrines is surely something that can benefit anyone.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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