Is A Full Understanding Necessary

Again this is one of those questions upon which you can spent time dwelling and potentially or possibly worrying without getting yourself to any kind of a resolution.  For instance if there are areas in your life where for instance book quotes are used to bash you over the head with the easiest option can simply be to read the materials for yourself. You are then able to laugh at the delusional types that use these quote because it very often leads you to the realisation that they are simply quoting parrot fashion something that they heard somewhere and think is a real justification for the propaganda they are using. (And yes I include myself in that-so do not assume that I know any more than any one else, simply pause and notice when or if you are triggered and ask why?)

As anyone who studies broadly understands there are multiple angles and perspectives that anyone can use and still be right.  For instance how many sides has a cube?

person one: 6 sides, one on each surface

person two: 2 sides, inside and outside

person three: 4 sides, the other two are top and bottom

and so on.  your ability to understand that any answer to a question can often be right given appropriate foundation or basis for the answer is potentially more empowering than being locked into some one dimensional strategy that for many folks was often caused by dualistic perspectives that many folks want to move away from. 

As most peoples triggers are also based in dualistic thinking whenever you find yourself being triggered (for example annoyed) you can go into letting go of the trigger within yourself.  So you do not necessarily have to have done the study simply be aware that there are more than one way to let go of the symptoms within yourself.

It might sound strange to some but when I was younger I was perhaps more attuned to my body than I am now-these days you might say years of smoking has knocked out some of the sensory functions of my nervous system.  Does it matter?  Well the issue is that my smoking makes it more difficult to know where the traumas and tensions are within my physical body and if I cannot know of a particular tension I cannot focus on it to release it.  Having said that I do know that if I stop smoking for a few days or any period of time that after the initial first two weeks or so of wild sensory type swings that the sensory feelings (for myself at least) do generally settle down and return to levels where I can notice more of what is actually happening within my body. 

I mention this as I am sure that I am not the only smoker reading this, smoking regularly tends to act as inhibitor to a number of sensory functions.  Having said that I have done huge amounts of releasing and meditation over recent years and am aware that doing that has worked to the degree that I have done those activities, so I am obviously not completely lacking in inner bodily communications.

Some are perhaps wondering if they should follow suit in doing the multitudes of courses that I have personally purchased-I would say that those types of things are your own choices.  for instance The abundance for life course uses strategies from a number of the recommended reading list-so for myself it is reinforcement of materials some of which  I have already been through via already having done previous courses and via having read a number of the books.  Probably an unnecessary and unjustifiable cost for most people but I like to think that I can review courses and give opinion on them.  You do not need to do every course and I would suggest that it is safe to be selective or discerning in your choices.  so many hours in the day. Again there are several courses I have not mentioned at all that I have done-so choice is choice and I only bring the name of particular course up if I am referencing it or quoting it in some way.

Now some folks wonder or seemingly obsess with the issue that I say Everyone is God, and then disagree with the terminology that they themselves use.  I can think in terms of everyone being the Whole going on of it all sea of consciousness and even the GENERIC word God as being non-dualistic/NEUTRAL, unfortunately many terms and references that some people attempt to use have other connotations that are Dualistic or even sexual (and therefore not helpul or even transcendent).  Whilst we all live and breath in a predominantly dualistic World simply through being men and women, it is not helpful for anyone to stay stuck in those what might be regarded as lower chakra debates.  Far better as I have said before regardless of personal history (In spiritual terms) to get your chakras open and personally transcend such nonsenses and debates, I think you have to look at these issues as what is empowering to people and what is disempowering. Far to often in some places of work we see the lowest common denominator dragging everyone down, when those environments should be dragging the lowest common denominators up or clearing them out. (In my opinion).

Yes eat sleep rave repeat does sound like a non-life but I am happy with much of the personal progress I have made in spite of some environments I find myself in. 

thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂

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