Did you Hear The One About

So did you hear the one about a sales representative who hired an actor to pose as a senior executive from his firm?

A strange question I know yet in the buying and selling stakes such psychological tactics have been known to have been used and indeed worked well, many business’s made to feel that little bit extra special can often be softened up with these kinds of tactics into feeling more SPECIAL, if you are the one using such tactics you might see the cost of hiring an actor as minor to the gains that can be made in financial negotiations and so on.

Yes not every visit from every more senior personal has this affect but it does tie in nicely with a book I recently found myself whizzing through, entitled More What If it was an older title written by Historians asking the questions what if This event in history had been different, and then writing alternate outcomes to those that we actually know.

Anyone who has read Why The West Rules For Now will understand the basic premise as the author followed a similar strategy early on in writing an alternate Queen Victoria History.

If you were playing a game of cards such-as Poker then you might think that these sorts of activities are all part of the game of feign and bluff and so on when it comes to sorting wheat from chaff and putting the money down.

It has also been demonstrated for instance that many buyers feel more comfortable on there home turf and again, this has been demonstrated by the amount of unnecessary double-glazing type sales that are made once the sales person has made it to sitting you down on your own couch.

So the reason I present the “What If” strategy is that it can reduce your suggestibility or impulsive buying nature, IE. regardless of the seeming importance of any characters in your World presented to make you feel special you can reduce the effect by giving yourself a reframe, and the “What If” line of thinking can do this for you.  Like wise it has been shown you can reduce your own possible thoughts feelings or tensions or imaginings of lack of importance by imagining that all about you are naked, no not just the pretty boy or girl over there but everyone.  When you do such activities you can often release huge amounts of collected anxieties from your own personage, don’t believe me, try it for yourselves just before those anxiety inducing type scenario’s, meetings, interviews, presentations, it can work wonders in putting you in your own comfort zone where-ever you happen to find yourself.

Now in the Wider World we have a new WOMEN in charge of AMERICAN Purse strings and the vaults of FORT KNOX not to be confused with that murderer of the same name fighting extradition to Italy, and we have just seen the American budget stimulus also reduced by a whopping $10 Billion a month.  So if we are looking to reflect that in our own lives it might mean Austerity Accountancy, and again any buying and selling strategies could perhaps introduce DOUBT and keep on introducing DOUBT as to the value you are being offered by any sellers.

At the end of the day Motive and Intent are probably all that matter and identifying what you genuinely need and require versus or as opposed to what sellers want you to part with is all part of these sorts of processes. 

We are of course now headed to my third Friday with a 5 pm GMT start time and I have yet to decide if I have benefitted in any way from the change, I do perhaps have a longer weekend afforded me but as to writing I thought I would write a post this morning and then see what else is going on in the Wider World once again.

Jim Davidson won some TV show he was in and I am seeing the INITIALS DJ or JD a fair bit also, so whilst time maybe temporary you can with practice become attuned to the overall patterns that are happening around the World.  That is much of what many of these kinds of teachings are, release the old locked in patterns of thoughts feelings actions and become more fluid in your own ever present moment that is now.

When you know the map is not the territory and you have progressed you can perhaps assess, take stock and move towards ever greater alignment with strategies that work for yourself and those that you love.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


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