Renoir, Tenby and Cribbage

So not wanting to leave anything left uncovered my mind went about its business until answers to recent questions on subject matters I had forgotten re-emerged into my conscious mind.

Renoir style paintings were perhaps where I had seen the hat that I recently mentioned.  Tenby being the jail break 2013 drop off point and Cribbage or Crib being the pub game where you peg for points.

Today of course Friday and another for myself of little sleep hopefully I will do the job this evening (doesn’t seem right calling onself an evening worker) and WHEN THE CLOCK STRIKES MIDNIGHT I’ll remind myself of another old song that popped into the mind, now who was that.hhmn

I think it was a Guns N Roses support group called Skid Row going back to a time when I could afford to attend live concerts and venues again from the early 90’s or late 80’s era.

Today it is rainy I see and had to go into town for some new passport photo’s for the not so little one, strange how these machines now give oral instruction for the photo’s DO NOT SMILE, DO NOT WEAR GLASSES, ADJUST YOUR HEAD UNTIL IT IS IN THE GUIDE OVAL and so on, my god no wonder everyone has a dodgy passport photo, where once it was a joke that everyone looks like a psycho emo type now they actually DEMAND IT OF YOU.

Yes Friday Friday go away, come back another day, will it be rainy will it be snow who so much cares when the reaper says no.

Short and sweet today methinks

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well ūüôā

Dear Dave

Dear Dave

My associates and I have recently been given the green light and a European Grant to create an all new Mongo’s House Of Horrors that I envision as being the best and scariest in the West. ¬†To that end I was wondering if you could give us any tips as to how we can improve our scaring tactics and really get folks to believe in the ghosts and haunted house theme that we are putting together.


Hi Mongo

Well I think we have all seen or encountered those Ghost Hunter type TV shows where they really get the participants involved yet very often you do find that the people applying for such shows already have a belief of some description in place anyway.

I think you simply have to go back to the basics of what it is you want to achieve for instance I as you know mediate regularly and I leave it up to peoples individual choice as to how they interpret things when they themselves have experienced such technologies.

However I think when you have knowledge of how the assisted meditation technologies work and so on it can give you better understanding of how our beliefs in haunted houses and ghosts and so on come about.

For instance although we consider ourselves to be solid we and absolutely everything in the Universe is made up of waves and particles.  That has been demonstrated by science many times over and we see molecular engineering and so on as an everyday taken for granted type activity.

However going back a step we say that we have Gamma, Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta Waves all operating at differing speeds and ranges, and within each of those wave types we have a set of Frequency ranges.

All that is and all that can be vibrates within the known parameters of that model.  So for instance you could take a molecule and test it to see where on the spectrum of waves and frequency and vibration it lies.

As we go about our day to day lives we are interchanging and going through all sorts of molecules that we gather as we go about our business, so you are getting all the usual oxygen and carbon dioxide atoms and perhaps some pollutants from cigarettes and car exhausts and all the rest of it.

So what if 

You take a set of manufactured or unusual molecules that you know the vibration model and frequencies wave range for and then infect your House of horror customers with these molecules.  So the queue or entrance for instance might be quite smoky and foggy creating the initial kind of atmosphere and this smoke is made up of heavy concentrations of your chosen molecules.  They get on peoples skin clothes and so on but really they are quite harmless and just wash away in the rain or in the shower or bath and washing machine.

Anyway once inside your House of horror you then have music or sound effects that are geared toward activating particular molecular frequencies, so you are effectively tuning the people into your environment and then choosing and controlling the environmental conditions to give a heightened experience of Mongo’s House of Horrors.

As an aside this type of technological capabilities has been suspected of being used by security services and espionage and so on.  So for instance some while back now we had the First Gulf War and Operation Desert Storm and much of the bombing for that campaign was based on the missiles and bombs being guided to there destination by the targetting systems that had been positioned by forces on the ground.

The suspicion or conjecture by espionage type thriller writers is that the same sort of targeting and tracking can be done with people. So for instance you could be going about your day and happen to walk past a spy using an aerosol  and the aerosol in fact contains a particular molecules that attach themselves to your person enabling you to be satellite tracked or even wi-fi tracked in this day and age, simply by other operatives with other mobile devices.

Likewise they could be harmless or you could later in the day walk into an area or zone where the molecules are activated by SYMPATHETIC RESONANCE frequencies taking you out as it were, if they were intended as harmful.  I think there was the case of that wealthy Russian in London who was alleged to have been poisoned with an unusual metal molecule a couple of years ago.  So these conjectures can in some ways easily happen.

Having said that many planned ideas for gases and chemical warfare and so on have failed over the years as in Military warfare terms they are regarded as poor performers for getting results, they rely more on the fear factor than on results.  In the first World War for instance when they tested gas shells and so on the gases would dissipate to quickly and be blown away in the wind or simply diluted by the atmospherics and so on.  That is probably why all the speculation these days is on designer molecules that glue themselves to you as it were or are inert and harmless until combined with other materials causing explosive (for instance) reaction.  Where I work we have to ensure that the Acid Chemicals do not come into contact with the other chemicals we use for instance as a somewhat toxic/noxious gas can be created 

Another issue is of course that we all of us are teeming with bacteria and bugs and infectious things and some folks can be life long carriers of some particularly nasty bugs that they themselves are seemingly immune to whilst others they have relations with come down with ill health.  So everyone is unique as much as we all like to think we are not.

Having said that much of the best advice has been to look for the positives in all that you do and think so if beliefs in ghosts helps you then it can do know harm likewise understanding that environmental effects can be created or are naturally at play in some places can help you achieve a broader perspective.

So I wrote recently that I felt like I had an electric charge run up my leg and quite simply it could have been one of these types of reactions where I happened to have picked up some molecules during my walk that happened to resonate with the later environment I was in during my journey home.  Nothing for anyone to be worried or concerned about.

I see the Ukraine situation does not seem to be improving and many a news source is reporting it as being in the Crimea. So I thought I would leave a link to that older war in that region for the Historically interested

Of course in those days the Ottoman (Turkish Empire) still existed so it is interesting that all the same players from that period in History are coming once again to the fore.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well ūüôā

Dun Dun Dun Dun-Arggh

So you think your going to have a good sleep and it all goes Magnum.¬† In this case the Magnum P.I. theme tune that I found myself awakening too running in repetition through my head.¬† You can probably look it up, an early 80’s generic Private Eye detective type show.

So having shifted the Magnum theme tune not to be confused with an Ice Cream my thoughts wondered to the Film TWINS starring Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger the concept put forward being that some boffins in a lab created a genetically superior human and that in doing so they also created a twin of the genetic waste materials.¬† In coin terms you might say that Arnie was the heads to Danny DeVito’s tails. (Though I am sure that in many quarters folks think it the other way around).

I of course said earlier that I would perhaps go into town today and indeed I did and the twins theme on my mind I found myself wondering where would Hereford be twinned with? that is of course going beyond the jokes of Polska (Poland) the homeland of a large sector of the Hereford population or so I am told. I think those things are exaggerated and perhaps more noticeable among the local populations that work with Foreign Internationals than other sectors where they have made little economic progress.

So Hereford Market day and it was relatively busy I thought perhaps less than after last weeks local half-term yet non the less a good atmosphere and so on.  I noticed some additional cooking stalls that had appeared since my last visit and the smell of fresh cooked food does tend to have an appeal all of its own, I recall a bread shop that seemingly pumped out the smell of fresh bread from its doors such was the pull to enter whenever you walk past such shops.

Yes lacking in sleep having had a quite early start I now have the opportunity to get an afternoons rest before work this evening.  My not so little one having seemingly managed to spend birthday present monies that she arrived with. I saw a weather report that said it would be clear today and I think that is what is has been though I believe we are expecting more rain over night going into the morning.

These things are meaningless to many folks yet as a night worker it is always handy to know what the morning weather is going to be like, there is often a chill in the early morning air anyway yet all to often as we enter the more Summery months it is easy to turn up in shorts T-shirt and trainers and find yourself getting slaughtered by a change in the prospective weather conditions.

I recall where I used to live very close to the Welsh Coast and could set out from home with a clear sky and a mile up the road be surrounded by fog then a mile further back to sunshine and so on such are localised weather patterns that often go unnoticed or unreported when you are used to them.

I grew up thinking Herefordshire quite hilly yet after returning after a few years I found Hereford to be quite flat in comparison and likewise when I have visited places to the East have found them to be flatter still so many things go unnoticed when you live anywhere for any period of time, you would likely be amazed at how many Londoners have never been to many so-called Tourist attractions and likewise the same is true in most local Tourist industries.  things can seemingly lack appeal when you are acclimatised to them even though you may well have never been. I know many a person who never goes to the Hereford Cinema for instance preferring drives to Multiplexes in Worcester and Gloucester and so on.

Does Hereford need/want an Ice Rink?¬† Of course the Winnter Olympics having just finished it is the sort of question that folks might have running through there heads.¬† I am quite fortunate in a sense that I did get to go to several ice skating rinks when I was younger in places such-as Cardiff and Birmingham and elsewhere, they are one of those things that larger cities take for granted and I can envision a day when a smaller county such-as Hereford has similar facilities.¬† The truth about many things that the folks of Hereford want is of course polarised by nimbyism in many ways-we do not want facilities because it might attract the wrong¬†type of populace.¬† Many people perhaps choosing to leave rather than watch the same old debates year after year without any progress ever being achieved.¬† I cited the famous Bypass as a previous example where nothing has changed since I myself was an infant and I am quite sure that the same Politics prevails now as then an uneven equilibrium of local politicians all talking a great deal of talk and nothing happening to destabilise the¬† in-crowd’s Powerbase.

Hmmn that was interesting, I wonder where else in the World such words and whinings will relate to next…

thank you for reading and until next time God Bless ūüôā

Oh What A Beautiful Crescent Moon And Star

One of the very first things I noticed as I made my journey home this morning was as the title suggests a very bright crescent moon and star lighting up the night sky.¬† So I thought oh that’s interesting I wish I had¬† a camera to take a photo so I could show folks on my blog.

Deciding that I might be able to find a ready made photo I have of course done a search and what did my search reveal?

Well those very two symbols are used to represent Islam and can be found on multiple national flags-Turkey, Pakistan and several other nations all opting for the crescent moon and star symbol.  Turkey of cause currently experiencing some revolutionary activity on the streets one cannot help but wonder if they are suffering from Lunacy brought about by our current night sky.  Of course I have not checked so do not know what the night skyline presently looks like from Turkey or Pakistan or the other Islamic Countries yet I do find my thoughts leaning in that general direction.

Of course Turkey has an exceptionally interesting history in the sense that it is or has been throughout antiquity been regarded as one of those major gateways into other Worlds-traders from near and far travelled via Turkey to the so-called Holy Lands and so on.

What else well not wanting to totally mislead folks I had another look for yesterday’s hat just to see how accurate my reconstruction had been, I will admit now that it was somewhat wrong to the hat that I saw today-I will of course say in my defence that it was dark and had been raining and I was going quite quickly; obviously had I stopped and looked properly I would no doubt have been more accurate-for myself at least it demonstrates just how easily witness accounts of any kind can be deceptive and-or totally misleading-had it been important I would likely beat myself up yet I am sure that as I have said previously all is relevant so perhaps someone somewhere wanted a hat recommendation and I am sure that in that respect the Panama style’s have that classical never go out of fashion thing about them.¬† I have an Italian shirt somewhere that whilst probably to small now I knew I could wear for many years without anyone realising just how old it was.¬† Whilst many folks think of things such-as suites as big purchases you can actually find never go out of fashion style clothes and cuts for trousers, shirts and just about any type of clothing¬†really.¬†

This morning I did actually go all James Bond at one point thinking I had stepped into some energy field or triggered a laser eye.  Much like that draft of wind that makes you feel as though you stepped though a ghost I was walking along and felt like an energy charge or vibration ran up my leg.  Such things of course are not that improbable as many folks think when you know all is energy and the transformations of energy.

Of course not being James Bond I was satisfied that I was now dead having tripped a trip wire or booby trap of some description.¬† I continued on my way and little else caught my eye apart from the subject in the title that I seemingly found myself almost hypnotised by such was the moon and star’s presence in the morning sky, I’d look to see where I was in relation to it and did find it was directly ahead of myself for much of my route home.

So we are now at Wednesday which is of course a High-town Market day and I have a feeling I might just be going into town at some stage to see what delights are on offer at this ever so non-Turkish market.

Yes just how delusional will Dave become, I will have to keep watching this space and see what I can see.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well ūüôā

So Who would Discard/Wear A Hat Like That

You are of course now wondering what I am talking about so I will fill in the details much as I have done in the past.

I have fairly regular routes to and from work that being the best routes I take on a daily basis and when you take any route quite regularly you can become quite blind to all of what is about yourself.  Therefore something has to be quite interesting or really stand out as an oddity for Dave to notice it. 

This morning I happened upon a discarded Hat upon my route and my mind when into immediate “Oh That’s Interesting” mode making all kinds of quick linkages and speculations as to who would discard or wear a hat like that. The hat had obviously spent some time in the rain suggesting it had been there for sometime though it managed to escape my attention if it had been on my route in the other direction the preceding night.

The hat itself was standout SIMPLY for its colour the morning not that light yet it managed to make a great contrast with the dark grass and path upon which it was resting all wet and besodden.

So what story have you got to tell says the bored mind of Dave as he carried on his journey well the hat was wide brimmed and of a white sandy colour and had one of those thin dark leather type straps around its middle.¬† I had initially thought it to be some kind of Safari/jungle/savannah type hat but it did not in my mind meet requirements. Then I thought perhaps military yet¬† It did not look like it would stand much rain for instance, so was perhaps a dry climate decorative hat.¬† Then of course I was trying to figure out if it was a male or female hat so lots and lots of whirring’s going on.¬† It was not for instance an American style (In my mind) looking more European .

Anyways I ruled out Australian bush type hats no corks, it did not appear to have air holes that many a style has for hotter climates either, so on and on went the brain trying to figure out the life and times of a discarded hat that had found its way into my path.

So both the colour and somewhat wider brim suggested that it was intended as a Sun shade yet is was or looked to be a soft hat rather than the more firmer Stetson cowboy hat and none of its sides were turned up (many a hat has up curves or turned up brims on one side and this had none).

Yes how sad is it that a strange out of place hat can take up so much of my thinking time.  Anyway with the mental cogs in full flight I started trying to picture the sort of person that might wear it and I went through military and administrative and all sorts of wild speculations, the best that I could come up with on my journey home was that it might perhaps be worn by an archaeological type person, wanting to keep in with that sort of image.  that of course was if it was a male hat, if it was female I decided it was more straight forward decorative type ladies day at the races or simply for weddings and so on.

So getting home and unable to sleep without doing some further checks I decided to have a quick look online to see if I could find a match of any description-OMG yes the hat industry is huge for those that pay attention to it, myself not being a fashion aficionado could not find¬† match in any written lists of hat descriptions so had to look¬†through a¬†visual catalogue of hats and after a¬†scroll through of the types of hats available¬†decided that its closest resemblance was that of a Lady’s Panama Hat.¬† Probably completely wrong but that was the nearest match that I could find for colour and style based on my brief encounter with aforementioned hat on my route home.

Satisfied that I need not concern myself with any more thought on the hat, I shall sleep soundly.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well ūüôā

Am I Sure That Was The Best Meaning Possible To Ascribe

So yesterday I had a travelling day and instead of taking my Pad I decided to just take my Arnold Patent books and look into his teachings further-some will of course say why bother when you have already done all these other awareness courses and indeed regularly used some of the very best available enlightenment technologies.

Well quite simply finding or singling out any one course that explains everything in the very best fashion or way does seem to be a mission impossible-however we do of course have a wide variety of people who have made progress albeit in there own particular niche’s.

One of the fundamental teachings that I personally felt was of huge relevance or importance was this idea of moving from COMPETITIVE-ADVERSARIAL thinking and strategies to MUTUALLY SUPPORTIVE strategies.

The proposition given was that most of us grow up and are basically taught and live with inner Worlds that might be described as COMPETITIVE-ADVERSARIAL and when we work in the realms of AWAKENING and AWARENESS and so on we are in fact moving into the more perhaps strange realms of MUTUAL SUPPORT and so on.

Many people will likely look at what I wrote above and think what is he talking about-however an example of this is found in many of the Enlightenment coaching groups theory.  For instance with Holosync everyone is given the opportunity to go to higher levels and/or indeed eventually join the INNER CIRCLE and that of course might be considered as an ULTIMATE MUTUAL SUPPORT GROUP.

So COMPETITIVE-ADVERSARIAL is predominantly the “SOCIETAL NORM” and in and of itself is not necessarily good or bad just what is. ¬†However many successful people even at the COMPETITIVE-ADVERSARIAL eventually get to a stage in life where they become disillusioned or disappointed with the model that they and everyone else lives by.

The only thing I can recommend to folks at this juncture is to explore whether you are operating from COMPETITIVE-ADVERSARIAL or MUTUALLY SUPPORTIVE.  Most folks will often ascribe themselves as working from one when it is clear to all around that they are operating from the other.  Many examples can be found and very often the patterns are so ingrained that they can take some time to shift.

I will leave it at that for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well ūüôā

As Mr Diamonds & Pearls Tours The UK We Ask

Was it really necessary to decide that the colour of rain is purple.  How did you come to that conclusion? Having had many an opportunity to study the colour of rain these past few years I cannot for the life of myself decide how you came up with that.  Of course some say that Prince is so whacked changing his name to a symbol at one stage and known as the artist formally known as Prince that getting any kind of an answer is unlikely to happen.  Having said that I did actually like a fair bit of his music and influences and so on always stretching and pushing at the boundaries of music culture and so on.

Yes purple rain does purple mean blood rain or Royal Purple Rain or hmmn.  Of course when I died and the blood was pouring out of my body I could see that a cut or severed artery might shower someone in a blaze of purple rain yet when the damage is more severe it does tend to be quite thick congealed stuff and not the watery stuff that Ant or Dec or whoever got from his leaking sliced and ever so painful thumb.  All relative to what you yourself have experienced I guess.

Well here we all are Wales won at Rugby, Scotland Won at Rugby, England won at Rugby so the weekend was won by the Isle of Angels or however it used to be referred to by dodgy continental types.

What other sports can I be turning my attention too is formula one starting up by any chance? hmmn, yes I am having one of my travelling days today and am damned sure that there will be changes to my journey although British Rail have maintained an absolute silence on any changes, they do report them on some websites and my route is supposedly unaffected.  That is not of course a sport yet the law of synchronicity has little in the World that can overcome it.

Now some say Dave why do I want to get more advanced with these technologies and so on and quite simply you might not want to-however if like myself you do want to improve life then you surely should want to progress. 

The problem of course is that anything that I write will likely happen in some fashion-so where once I might have written all sorts of labels and names calling references to “bad people” when I did that they were pretty much guaranteed to turn up in my life during some kind of time period be it a day or week or however.¬† Some say well why is the factory you work in so horrendous (or has been in the past) and I can only speculate that similar things occur though many of the people involved are unconsciously doing that MANIFESTING.¬†

This could well happen in many a busy among unconscious folks and is only speculation and not attacks on anyone.

So Manager says I want new staff for these vacancies.¬† That request goes to HR and they advertise and applicants appear. What’s the problem?

Well the manager for all anyone knows might be some deviant who has obsessive dreams of an unpleasant nature, likewise the HR staff might very well be the same, IE thinking about some things or romanticising some activities can BACKFIRE on you.  For instance how much womens literature encourages women to consider themselves as being romantically raped and ravished by dashing Hero. 

So people with those things (INFLUENCES OF A LOWER VIBRATORY NATURE) on there mind advertise the jobs and in doing so they then MANIFEST the types of characters they have on there minds.  All right for themselves as they do not have to work with all the bloody rapists and axe murderers and so on.  Then of course once these lower vibratory characters are in place they set about influencing all around them until all out war breaks out among those that want a level of decency maintained and those that want all to bow before them. 

So yes that is why raising your vibration from a COMPANY point of view is probably in many ways more important than raising your THRESHOLD, the down side to any of these speculations is of course PEOPLE LIKE ME SYNDROME.  I have spoke many times about that and people from all quarters took what I said on board yet the truth is there is only so much one individual or any group of individuals can do whether it is for others or indeed themselves.

So that is a SPECULATION on why some companies have more problems than others.  Some companies do not care at all of course, staff turnover is easy in factories and fields and so on because they generally pay poverty wages anyway.

Another related issue is FORGIVENESS, many a person has taken up the technologies and very often it can be easy to rush to REVENGE type thinking, unfortunately that is completely unwise from a Heath perspective and of course a living in a community perspective.  Grudges and so on can fester and the only person you make ill by what comes out of your mind and mouth is yourself.

So it can be easy to think that you are going to do this or that and yet honestly the best course I have found is to go with raising Threshold, raising Vibration and seeking to build yourself a CIRCLE of people who are operating from the same or a similar perspective, IE the more the merrier I have zero interest in bullying or whatever people from differing perspectives yet unfortunately all groups seemingly have extremists and the extremists are the ones who need some downtime to perhaps seek more moderate areas that we can all find common ground that can be abided by.

Anyway I need a Sunday Morning lazing in bed and here I am refreshed and writing my blog so with that

thank you for reading, god bless and be well ūüôā

You’ve Never Heard Of Don Mclean

Actually I am quite sure that few of us have he being another of those singers from a prior generation-however growing up as I did around more musical type folks I have a quite large database knowledge of old songs that many a pub singer likes to call upon when putting together a set. For some reason Don Mclean’s VINCENT is a song that worked itself into my consciousness this morning.

I think the song Vincent was a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh though I have seen the name Vincent being brought to the fore as the head of the UK Roman Catholics is being made a CARDINAL.¬† Do I know of any other Vinnie’s well I did spend some time with a drinking/social buddy local called Vinnie a few years back-though he did seemingly have as many enemies as friends such was his wide boy moving on disappearing act,that said we could probably tell a story or two from that mid nineties (90’s) era.

So talking of that era I did play cards in a pub team at one point in a local league only I cannot think of the name of the game.  It was not bridge and yet was played in similar fashion ummn what is that game called, you peg using matches to mark the score.  Well anyway I quite enjoyed that sort of a game though it was different in a sense that just as bridge is a team game so was this.  Most folks are only used to playing single player card games and when you introduce team-play it often can introduce a new perspective (for some at least) I do recall playing with many a person who seemingly forgot that they were supposed to be in a team.

My mother’s maiden name was also a Mc or Mac dependent upon which side of her ancestral tree you go with, the difference was often attributed to one side being Irish and the other Scottish yet when you study History and so on you begin to realise that it was often simply people attempting to put that sound on paper.¬† Would we all boycott Mcdonalds Golden Arches if the company admitted they lied over the spelling of Macdonalds.

These differences are of course where many a legal battle has strangely been fought over the years-anyone wanting to catch the overspill from one company or hang on there coat tails can come up with a name just similar enough or different enough to “get away with it”.

Internationally we were taken back to 70’s Punk Rock Band “THE SEX PISTOLS” would Anarchy In The Ukraine have sold as many an album as Anarchy in The UK-we will perhaps never know though I do not think that the Ukraine has a Queen as such though saying that I did work with a beautiful Ukrainian girl a few years back when doing overtime at Yazor Road-she was in fact one of the very earliest arrivals following the opening of borders and so on-these days everyone takes the Polish for granted yet the truth is they were not the first wave to arrive-I guess some folks decided to go straight to the long haul destination whilst others worked there way across Europe like a plague of Locusts.

Please do not take my Locust reference as literal it is simply a writing MECHANISM to describe how IMMIGRATION and so on works.  All Armies for instance march on there stomachs and not there feet as was widely thought by most of us.  All Armies have followers and hangers on and so on-all these types of details have to be taken into consideration when looking up the make-up of differing groups of peoples.  What are Hangers-on? well of course that depends on you yourself as you might be a hanger on who does not consider themselves to be, quite simply for ever decent Hanger on you are going to get multiple not so decent hangers on so Soldier/Worker may have a wife and daughter who might come into that prior category and then you might get the suspicious folks-people providing goods and services from the Homeland that might by illegal in the new Country-the black market bootleggers and prostitutes and so on.

So it is easy of course to paint a picture of folks wanting a happy new life in a new land and many are simply following that plan unfortunately however you can always guarantee that a couple of knockbacks/setbacks here and there and so on and people find themselves mixing with folks peoples and resources that they may well of not normally considered as folks they would willingly mix with.

How many of us could choose our classmates in school?¬† No choice of classes or peers was given was it?¬† were the Jews in Auschwitsch or however it is spelt given a choice of Jew that they could be in prison with?¬† The same of course is true of most Colleges, Universities, and indeed the same for Military sign-ups among the forces.¬† Of course they do have that old model of break them down to build them up yet even that institution has had to go through a certain amount od change as the more recent generations are RIGHTS CONSCIOUS OBSESSIVES who do not appreciate the rights of others and often scream RIGHTS only when it suites they’re own MOTIVE.


Dear Dave

from now on please can you call me Pretty Mona so that I can distinguish myself from the other Mona’s and Boner Bongo says he would like the same, thanking you in advance Pretty Mona

Hi Mona

as much as I would like to call you Pretty I am sure you are if you say you are pretty something at stuff, that is not the purpose of my using generic names.  Someone said I should not use Bongo because it is used in a Racist way towards colored folks-however that meaning is of an older generation and is not my meaning, I use the names in generic fashion meaning that EVERYONE has a little bit of BONGO or MONA about themselves.

If I add extra tags to that it will not work your fighting for identity when really you could simply take the meanings for your present map.¬† If I call you Pretty Mona, then pretty soon it will all go haywire.¬† Here I am being polite and giving everyone there dignity and what’ll happen if I start handing out extra’s-everyone will claim I am attacking them or deliberately find what I say offensive-

So my rule is deliberately KEEP IT SIMPLE SWEETHEART, KEEP IT SIMPLY STUPID type rules of KISS.  SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL AND SPEAK NO EVIL are boring for most folks yes-unfortunately I do find myself being painted in lights that I do not recognise as do others and it can be better to move on from areas that are not worth debating.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well ūüôā

Well Aint That Interesting

So big trending news is apparently some Bristol channel earthquake that was felt here in the UK across several Counties. These earthquakes do of course have an appeal in the sense that whilst we have lots of small tremors from time to time every year most of them go unnoticed and this one was noticed notching up an impressive 4 point something on the Richter Scale.

I say 4 point something because I saw differing figures given from differing news sources such was my excitement at an earthquake in the UK.  Of course when I were lad I was told that Hereford was part of a UK earthquake zone, I think I am right in saying that there are tectonic plates that rub together from time to time not all that distant from know-where-ville central.  In fact I do recall that I have experienced tremors more than once in my life but cannot for the life of me pin down any specific memory.

So what else has boring Dave been up to-well today being Friday of course and not sleeping well I am going to be in a good Fowl mood by the time I go to start work at teatime.  Whoever thought or comes up with these clever timetables can safely assume I am in the other than fanbase on this particular occasion.

Today I thought I would have a look at some of the exciting different kinds of new and information I get on my pad to that which I get from other sources.  The big standout piece that attracted my attention was an article on wait for it wait for it EARTHSKRAPERS.

Yes yes I know WTF is an EARTHSKRAPER well on this occasion it is exactly safe to go with what one can assume based on its similarity in name to SKYSCRAPER.  Yes some big name architectural firms are all planning huge underground metropolis type cities such is the price premium on space above ground.

The strange thing for myself is of course that we do see these types of creations all the time in SCIENCE FICTION in both book and TV/FILM media.¬† The difference I guess that “proper architects” have to do it properly apparently.¬† I am unsure on that if I am honest because from my own study of such phenomena-you often get some ETON OXBRIDGE type YAHOO sketch some drawing and then all the flunkies make it all nice and proper looking and then the YAHOO gets the plaudits for other peoples work.¬† You might say that it is the engineers and so on that actually have to figure out how to bring most of these weird and wonderful cocaine fuelled sketches to life.

So yes Earthskrapers WOW how F****** R******* is that.¬† You see most of these bods all want to build Earthskrapers under pre-existing mega-cities¬†places like New York London Amsterdam and so on.¬† Of course years ago places (new cities and towns)¬†simply got a pre-fix put in front of a name in a new location.¬† Oh there is already a York, we’ll call it New York.

This again has been seen in Sci-Fi where places such-as New New New York have been quite popular futuristic designations.  So that is of course partially tongue in cheek yet I think that the better option given the desperation of people to rush to Bright Lights Big City Names is to build them elsewhere with some slightly altered pre-fix.  Does a new London have to be in the same place as current London-of course not-the people simply lack any vision.

You could build New London beneath some landfill site or waste disposal plant and it would have all the same characteristics and features of the old London.  you can probably guess Dave despite not liking smallville dislikes bigville even more.

I think I said previously I have lived on the outskirts of a City and in the City Centre and in the Countryside and given a choice among the three given the money and appropriate infrastructure (decent roads, car) to visit larger places, I would prefer firmly to live in the Countryside.  I never thought I would think like that as a youngster yet having experienced all three I can say and know which for myself was the best experience.  They all have pluses and minuses in a sense-when I was in the City centre you might say I had all the facilities (Cinema, Gym type stuff) and pubs and fast food places all a couple of minutes walk.  the downside was that I have never been someone known for being particularly sociable, and cities are full of bullshit merchants in the same fashionable scale that you find in factories. 

The problem I fear of course is that I’ll roll my¬†eyes one day at someone else’s¬†retardedness (has to be someone else’s never ones own)¬†and they the eyes go of down the hill and I’ll not be able to locate them and plug them back in again.

Now that is not to say I cannot be polite and courteous to people as that is what I generally seek to be-unfortunately it can be like flogging a dead horse with some folks in some environments¬†and given the choice I would rather keep to myself than be forced into one of my take a weapon to work scenario’s.

So yes EARTHQUAKES AND EARTHSKRAPERS whatever will they think of next? Hmmn, Earth, Earth, Earth, ummmn, Earthair, nah Earthrail, nah, Earth yes will have to redefine the Earth part is just is not working at the moment.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well ūüôā

So Just How Big Are Windows Of Synchronicites

This probably seems like a silly question to those that are more advanced yet early on in my studies of all these things it was very easy to keep seemingly hitting dead-ends or brick-walls.  Quite simply the more you advance and clear your own inner mental blocks the more you begin to see that they are seemingly never-ending-it goes back to the issue of focus that I mentioned the other day-where everyone only has part or partial information that relates to there own map whilst others might be complete oblivious to the same synchronicity.

So some of you probably remember mid-summer July/August where I wrote a piece “Lets play a game without cheating” and the piece was very much about my games of cards with my daughter and how I dealt the cards and without cheating she wiped the smile of my face and I said lets try this again and she repeated the same fast finish of taking myself to the cleaners-I can only thank God no monies were involved in those particular games of cards.

Meanwhile some of you were aware whilst others were not that on that very same day an Event called a GAOLBREAK WAS TAKING PLACE.

The gaol break event is a charity fundraiser in Hereford whereby local teams of three/four people are transported to some unbeknown destination and then released to race back to the starting point-in this case-Hereford.

So you might say that I knew or was aware of multiple characters/teams in the event-some of whom were aware of synchronicities themselves and I decided to try and be fair by leaving the proceeding day blank blog-wise, reducing the charges that could or might of been made that they had unfair advantage-surely everyone enters into the spirit of most competitions for fun and not to simply dominate an event or outright cheat.  As it turned out they were dropped of in some place in West Wales Penbrokeshire-trying to think ummn nope I am sure it can be looked up.

A couple of days later my daughter joined up with her two sisters on a trip to Luton-so for her it might have been like a jailbreak from staying with myself and them a jailbreak from the parents. So really synchronicites are very much about how OPEN YOUR OWN INNER OR INTERNAL MAP IS TO SEENG THESE THINGS.

Likewise at the same time as those completely differing things my cards/jailbreak/daughter Luton another synchronicity was happening in the World Golf Tour.

So really as I have said previously we start off somewhat shut down then as we progress the Windows or framings of how we see and view the World and our internal maps grow or develop overtime until they seemingly encompass all that can be encompassed.

So you might say that you become your own fixed place in time and space and all the very differing patterns and goings-on about you pass through where you personally have your own focus or awareness.¬† You might say that we start of as being “TOO MUCH IN OR CONNECTED TO OUR STORIES” and progress is made through seeing that that is all they are STORIES and you can pick and choose the stories that you want in your life-to the degree that you have put the work in to progress yourself in the direction you personally want for your life.

Some think well then I do not need any Threshold Technology or Vibrational technology I can just go the Gym and do this that and the other-and yes you can but I if I am honest have met know one who has not benefitted from these kinds of technologies.

For instance I spoke about some of the mental weirdness I experienced in my younger years-I actually was a regular Gym freak and swimmer during some of that time period-so whilst a good fit healthy lifestyle helps-it is zero guarantee that you will not experience things that you do not wish to experience or have in your internal compass or dialogue (some folks think of many of these things as simply how one communicates with oneself).  I think a change in that helps yet again it can only take you so far before you find that you can grow beyond even that.

So Hereford is seemingly having major Police operations at the present time-drugs factory found-dead body at the Duck Pond-yet even these things one has to wonder at whether what information is being released is true.

For instance without a drugs trade there would be know anti-drugs Police-so to a certain extent you cannot necessarily believe all that is promoted.  In the game of black and white stakes each side has a vested interest in the other sides existence-of course we see the fight against crime as something that is necessary but sometimes bringing in outside agencies or rotating the forces might be a better option-so they simply do not get drawn into crossing the boundaries.

We have all seen (Movies/TV) and in real life how undercover operatives find themselves committing the very crimes they are supposed to be working against.  Some agencies have greater leeway than others perhaps but when you realise how much of these mutually assured destruction type scenarios exist you can be better off doing your own thing and not get dragged into the marshy minefields.

Well that’s enough ranting for one day.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well ūüôā