So What First Attracted You To Working With Knives

Of course the problem that we all have with unravelling’s and indeed reframing are highly multifarious in the sense of knowing where to begin talking about differing issues that effect differing peoples at differing stages of these kinds of processes.

For instance the reason for this title is that I do happen to work in an environment with knives and blades.  Can we say step into a Freudian analysis and say well when you were a baby kid learning to feed yourself all your parents let you eat with were spoons and then you perhaps graduated to forks and then maybe later you were trusted with KNIVES, this is of course partially tongue in cheek and partially possibly genuine for some people in the sense that what you resist persists and of course that often unresolved inner conflict of I want a knife works its way into your life in some strange abstract manner that you have never previously considered.

Like wise reframing is easier when you have progressed as many of us have yet can still cause issues for folks still overly obsessed with themselves being a body rather than a universal intelligence or being or consciousness, I know that during my studies of Hypnosis and NLP and modelling that a great deal of work was placed into the idea of reframing.  However whilst I did practice it at that time with some modicum of success, it was know-where near as effective as I can perhaps manage now having meditated and done some brain entrainment work for a few years.

When we know that everything is in the so-called now moment and all past and future are constructions or reconstructions-the premise given is that with enough advancement you can construct reframes that are actually beneficial to yourself-taking the so called seed or benefit out of them that you may have previously been unaware of, I know I was operating from a generally unaware place when I first learned those types of practices-and that having done several years of tapping and meditation et al-it seems like only now do I have enough awareness to be able to go about such processes in an effective manner.  Likewise the idea of metaphor and applying what you notice in one part of the World and applying it elsewhere comes with regular practice and again is far easier having done meditation.

Some say are all these courses necessary and of course they are not-they are perhaps better described as stepping stones or covering much the same kinds of material from alternative angles.  Having said that because I know Holosync alone is highly effective in cutting through much mental garbage it can be easy to dismiss other modalities-so I really would like to assure anyone who has gone with guided meditation or Qigong or any other courses I have quoted that they did give myself further shifts on top of the shifts that Holosync alone gave (hope that makes sense) so it is not necessarily about proving one modality as being better than other so much as getting the maximum benefits through the combinatorial approach.

I mentioned Abundance for Life and again it had some great interviews in the edition I purchased from people whose work Paul Scheele had used in putting that particular course together.  I was really impressed with a chap called Mark Orth and another guy called Arnold Patent, both of whose work I am likely to seek to further investigate, there were other contributors also but for myself those two guys were really standout, I was disappointed to find I could not buy Arnold Patent books via kindle he was that impressive, but from the interview it was clear that Paul Scheele had implemented his teachings in the course, so I have not really missed out.

So really in Psychological terms all these types of courses might be regarded as leading people towards greater levels of self-actualization or self-direction perhaps more than the average person manages during there life.  Some might say well I have zero interest in those attributes and that is fair enough (why are you reading this?) but for those that are interested you might say that it is that stepping out beyond the painting with numbers, so we learn much of the basic ideas as we do for any kind of skill and then we go out and implement our own particular variety of that skill in our own unique way.

Now some want more explanation on this issue of Transcendence-well quite simply anyone of any stripe group nationality or any other kind of label you can think of can be or achieve greater transcendence, however the map is not the territory, so I cannot run around saying I am white and that is what  transcendent is, because that is my map and my VERSION of the territory, like landing on the moon and planting a flag saying I claim Transcendence in the name of white people, I can say I am white and I can say I am Transcendent (at my current level of awareness)but there is a clear separation in DEFINITION, that is where I think most folks fall over, get confused or bamboozled by people with ulterior motives or quite simply mischief makers.

So anyone can say they are Transcendent regardless of age, race, colour, creed, sexuality, plastic surgery or whatever and will get zero objection from myself, just do not do the flag planting part of mistaking your personal map as everyone else’s territory.  I am sure most folks who started around the same time from most groups have realised by now that the chaos and reorganisation just keeps on happening irrespective of our own desires for power or control, the best option really does seem to let go of the nonsenses and flow and grow and go WOW when you keep on getting those new realizations, some creep up on you others amaze, there is I am sure a place of grace for all.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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