The Simplest Proofs Of Hypothesis

Now many people learn techniques such-as reframing as part of management courses and so on yet struggle with them because of all the other flotsam and jetsam in the noggin, very often the material is about belief in such techniques and whether PROOF can be demonstrated.

So a simple way that anyone can use to demonstrate to themselves that all in the noggin is a construction or reconstruction.  Take a long look about yourself, the room you are in, some of where the objects are about you, then close your eyes and picture yourself in that scene.  You are sat there eyelids closed and the reality of your physical eyes is the back of your eyelids, anything you see picture wise is a CONSTRUCTION, and if you are looking at yourself from some external point in the room again you are creating a construction along the lines of what do I look like from over there looking back at myself over here.

Now one of the hardest things for many of us is how much we are invested in our bodily identities, nationalities and so on.  This can be demonstrated for instance in how easily I would have lost money had I bet on England to win the Rugby despite all the evidence that loss was going to happen, (yesterday I myself wrote Transcendence multiple times and the root of the word obviously rhymes with France, although I was not considering the game prior to writing, hence no direct investiture), I will of course be interested in the outcome of the six nations, but my reference to meta-block book title in previous days “Why The West Rules For Now” could well mean that the trophy is already headed to Wales or that reference was a temporary time fix and simply applied to the present weekend.

Because I have lived in both nations and have relatives and all the rest of it-I am too close to many of these things to be able see clearly until very often after the event.  That is why I recommended to folks previously that for betting-you can often be more successful in choosing events that you have little interest or investiture, your lack of investment or general neutrality can serve you better in the early days of learning strategies and so on. 

I think I said previously that life long investiture does tend to continuously blindside most of us, even after going to more advanced levels.  A game I have little or no interest in coming as I do from the UK is tonight’s SUPERBOWL in the USA (American Football) featuring Seattle Seahawks versus Denver Broncos, most of my intuitive leaning is not going to be revealed because it is not for myself to say to others hey this one is a dead cert, the reason for that is that as soon as I take an interest I very often go awry, so that is seemingly my personal trap until I can develop belief in my own winning ways. Of course some of you might think “Hey Dave, tell us who you are backing so we can support the opposition” and I am sure that might indeed have been a winning strategy a few years ago, however part of my own strategy is to seek to gradually get myself into greater flow and such absolutes of going against myself are unlikely to now work, by that I mean that I am no longer choosing all the losers, but at the same time I have not been gambling with real money, merely picking a list of games or sports being played and then choosing what I think to be the result (in advance) forgetting about it and then a day or two later going and checking results to see how finely tuned my intuition is becoming.

Of course the only references I have to those teams perhaps come in the form of films and movies and song, Sleepless in Seattle starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan being a sentimental favourite of mine and of course I think Microsoft originated from Seattle or at least I recall that the co-founder Paul Allen did.  Denver I cannot think I know anything about apart from there being a singer by the name of John Denver, so it pretty much sends me mental trying to think intelligently about these thing rather than simply going with intuition that I can gain from observance of the Wider World.   I think all these folks who created companies, products and services and wrote books and courses teaching techniques have the best approach to gearing oneself towards financial independence and so on, make your income independent of reliance on any single strategy.

What else well you can of course stay at any level you choose and be quite comfortable in that level, for instance I studied the PUA community a few years ago and indeed still have some members on my Facebook list, I bring this up because at that particular level a lot of investiture is made into this idea of the Channelling of Sexual Energy, so you might say that that level of awareness is pretty much at the physical body thinkers level.  All I would say to anyone who has not advanced beyond those sorts of levels of existence, is that since taking up meditation and going through multiple modalities, that there are far greater power and energies that can be unleashed within yourself than you can possibly imagine, working from that level of existence.  I think the old chestnut that a problem cannot be solved at the level that it was created is very much true, and I really mean that the real power and energy of the Universe can be experienced beyond anything imaginable, when you continue along some enlightenment paths, we really do look for powers outside of ourselves that actually can be harnessed from within ourselves with the best guidance.

I say the above because I recently had an incredible experience of being put in so-called touch with the power of the Universe within myself, I can only look forward to more of the same, so some will of course always mock and laugh and point fingers and call names-yet I am quite sure that meditators over the longer term will be grinning from cheek to cheek as they continue in that direction of personal development.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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