Red Hot Signal Or Red Hot Noise

So as I write this in the early hours of Monday 03/02/2014 in the UK, I thought I could mention a number of synchronicities that have hit myself today.

Now some of you have been left wondering why I have perhaps gone back to basics despite being far more advanced, and quite simply when I find myself getting new readers everyone often goes through the same sequence of thoughts feelings actions-first they ignore you… etc,

The problem perhaps for myself is that  getting attacked by people who have not advanced is extremely tiresome-yes I am sure that some think these things fun and they can be between couples yet for an independent such-as myself it is the equivalent of noise and more noise and more noise, at some stage you do potentially have to draw or agree boundaries or move on get over it and so on.

This is why letting go and is this truth self-inquiry can be so useful, I would hope that if I say for instance a generalization “Everyone can be transcendent” that people go into the diagnosis modes of self inquiry and see what is unearthed for themselves.  I as most people do hear some generalizations that when self-inquired are patently wrong or misleading and I seek to reduce the noise not increase it, I like the word transcendent because it is a word I find to be personally quite neutral, there are for myself at least little in the way of triggers, and as I have said before many people rushing to trigger words are often working from points of trying to influence or bully or force others out of congruence with the World or mental map that they possess, so you can ask what is it that these people are seeking to bring about? How do there actions affect myself? and so on.

The title above is there because I recommended a book by a chap called Nate Silver a year or two ago called “The Signal and The Noise” Nate is well known in America as a statistician and newspaper correspondent/columnist-he has his own website that people use statistics from to predict outcomes be they sports results, election results and you can see that in predicting these things his statistical methodology is very much Solution Focussed.

However I bring this up now because of patterns that I happened to have come into my own awareness, first of all I noticed an article on Nate in the Sunday Times as I quickly scanned through it early on Sunday.  Later I heard that actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman had died and a tribute was given by recent Dr Who actor John Hurt that gave specific mention of mental NOISE and again later I overheard some TV program about 70’s/80’s punk and pop band Blondie (Debbie Harry) in which reference was made to her hearing and suffering from ringing in the ears (Tinnitus) caused by Noise.

So for myself at least all these references suggest that much NOISE issues and little signal is going to be on the increase-thank fully those of us who are advanced generally know where much garbage and noise comes from in the environments that we find ourselves, you cannot progress with awareness and not give up the noise in many respects.

When you raise your own personal Threshold and are not reactive to many triggers trouble-makers very often seek to up the ante in the causing trouble or trying to influence stakes-if you are meditating and experience these kinds of actions from others in your World-do not despair just keep on meditating and being non-reactive (or list the names in draft form on blog posts, or give them to the Police), or report to more Senior influencers and you will find that eventually noise makers are forced to PUT UP or SHUT THE FUCK UP so to speak, you might like to even call people out on such activities, very often folks have to be reminded that you work for a company, many think and are told that they a representative of Company but if representative is wrong in interpretation (as we all can be at times) they are wrong irrespective of level of Seniority-likewise holding a job for more years than others is often held as something to be considered yet far to often the OLD WAYS are the ways that cause many problems for Company’s and staff wishing to move on or progress. so all processes have to be questioned not just those that fit in alignment with any given individuals own personal map.

So I will probably find myself considering and thinking about noise this week and the less I experience obviously the better the living or existing experience will be.

Possibly more later yet was drawn to write on the issue of signal and noise at this present time. CIAO FOR NOW 🙂


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