Now I Put A great Deal Of Emphasis In Witnessing The World At Large

Now as many of you know I put a great deal of emphasis on witnessing the World at large and that was in many ways going against some of the best advise, this idea of find your passion and throw all your weight behind it and into it and develop yourself in that direction.

Was this good? bad? unimportant?

Well the best I can say is that if we take the book reading for instance, I can say I have read across a broad selection of subjects, I have read materials for business leaders, for coaches, for leisure, for children, in fact you might say that there is little that cannot be benefitted from when you seek an appropriate attitude towards the material you are reading or investing your time in.

I like to think that perhaps many collected fears have been released through reading the selections of books, the more I have done the reading, the more I can see how names are often different and scenes yet the underlying patterns in many stories are very much the same.  When I say fears well when we are younger we very often buy into the scary baddies and things that go bump in the night and ghost stories with creaking staircases and so on. 

So as I say, having read a veritable library worth of material in light of my meditation and learning strategies courses places many ideas, thoughts, feelings into new light or perspective.

The “All Is Love” that I mentioned the other day that I heard from Arnold Patent-I can well imagine that most of us can think of issues and situations and life stories that make such ideas as that particular one exceptionally hard to accept,swallow or believe -for myself at least you might say the door is ajar on the debate where perhaps it was once tightly shut, nailed and bricked over for good measure.

The reason I say that is that I have to consider that many of these Teachers are at higher levels and when you have been at any level for any given length of time you perhaps become accustomed to it and the map you have at that level.  Similar in the way our bills and spending always manages to take up all of our wages, or our expenditure, we grow according to what we allow ourselves.

The other issue related to this is also this one of vibration, if all is vibration made up of waves and particles is raising my vibration going to alleviate some of the sufferings that I have experienced at vibrations I currently have.  I think that using brain entrainment type technology to clear the mental clutter can certainly improve anyone’s given vibration but it does not mean bad things will not happen, just perhaps in your own awareness you can be more self assured.  Bad things when we consider them (illness, murder, robbery) etc. happen to all peoples at all levels of Society, so whilst it is easy for us for instance to whinge about the Queen and other Royals, from an awareness point of view they are just as susceptible to bad things or events as the rest of us, of course that brings us all back to money and money is among the reasons I liked Arnold Patent, he very clearly sets out what money can be regarded as and what he called exchanges of Gratitude and Appreciation.

I think money is very much the area that I personally need to do the most work, so I will in time be reading, investigating and taking on board his re-interpretation of what money is, it is actually also the one (interpretation) given by a number of these Teachers, Joe Vitale also quoted Arnold Patent’s version as the one he himself adopted, so it is interesting that when someone comes up with a good way of looking at these things, that the successful or those following in the footsteps…very often take up the best of the wiser previous generation.

Some might say it goes with this “On The Shoulders Of Giants” idea I am not completely sold on that one but I do accept there are many ways of looking at many issues in the World and how we as collectives can approach dealing with them.  With the gambling for instance, you can constantly go with favourites in any sport and very often win, yes they will possible seem to be un-worthwhile but they can keep you afloat in your averages, when you look at previous seasonal statistics (for instance).

So I am presently seeking more clarity and will be looking more closely at the areas in my life where I have adopted unsuccessful views of the World in relation to MONEY, I think it is possibly or potentially where the goldmine of realisations comes for many of us at the lower echelons of Society (so to speak).  We very often having scraped by, being brought up and surrounded by other scraping by, very often think that that is normal, when in reality it is something we have adopted and can with work and some higher level goals be unravelled and perhaps higher levels of attainment sort.

I hope anyone who took up the view that I proffered of looking to metaphorical interpretation for instance has gradually been able to do that but that is perhaps a lower step between goals and aspirations, any advancement of course coming with how much personal time and investment any of us put into self improvement and all the rest of it.

Thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂

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