Whoops Did I Say That?

So I recently wrote suggesting that many folks in Society at large are Psychologically reversed and of course depending on how far you have advanced-will be your understanding.

I can well imagine that some people might think that that must mean they are the opposite sexuality to that which they have adopted for instance, a hetero thinking they might be gay, gay thinking they might be hetero and so on.  But that is not a view or perspective that I am proffering as that again might lead to some unravelling but again all sexuality issues are in my opinion lower down the ranking of where anyone of any stripe wants to be thinking about (In My Opinion).  The reason that I say this is because as I recently wrote

I think it is possible for people of all stripes and identities to achieve a modicum of success in being centred and congruent.  There are a million subjects that any of us can become centred and congruent about in our lives, whether it is as a mother, father, friend, manager, businessman or woman and choose the labels for yourself, unfortunately from my own observations and to a certain extent experience (having previously been in a mixed race marriage) sexuality issues are one area that people will always look for solution but seldom have one (In term of answers to life long questions and so on).  So yes debate will continue in the wider World yet Universal agreement is unlikely on those sorts of topics.

So that is my solution focus that I would put forward to people, look to the areas of your life where you can become more centred and congruent irrespective of external mudslingers and however you wish to describe folks who seek to make you feel bad.   They say everyone has a right to live and one always has to wonder who are those getting in your way of living as you would like,  and on any topic or subject given you can ask is that true for you?

I am now reading the works of multiple so-called classic international authors, authors such-as Tolstoy and Dumas and Poe and R.L. Stevenson and Verne and so on.  The reason I have given myself is that I really do need a break from all the business and coaching focus I have had, and these collections are so dirt cheap on the kindle emulator, so perhaps I will be returning to some almost human writings of my own in the near future.

Question:  Does becoming transcendent lead to being TRANSLUCENT?  Hmmmn

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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