Now What If I had Instead Said..

Now what if I had instead said huge swathes of people in society are living in a Psychological Paradox rather Psychological reversal.  The idea of Paradox from my own studies is perhaps closer to the truth in Enlightenment terms as opposed to the reversal of classical Psychology.

To explain this further we perhaps have to look into events that perhaps everyone has in common in shared history.  Hands up all those who spent time in the womb!  Okay so that is perhaps a given for most people, though I do have doubt about some folks, and at that time we are in the so-called sea of consciousness all our bodily needs are met by mother.

We are then born into the World-we do have various versions of birth in this day and age but generally it is at that time that we leave the sea of consciousness. 

Then the BIGGIE:  Our umbilical cord is cut and we perhaps have our very first experience of fear or fight or flight situation.  We go into survival mode, and at this time a bodily ego driven type entity is created or comes into being in our brains and this ego sets itself up as the new version of the bodies god, we grow and have layer upon layer of reinforcement of this ego body god reinforcing that we are this body and we all take that for granted, we grow and develop sexual identities and again it is all about us being this body.

Then someone comes along and says well actually that is not all there is, we ignore them and go about our lives completely invested in our maps of reality as we know them.

Then perhaps some bad things happen or things keep going wrong and we eventually come to the belief that perhaps these folks telling us that that is not all there is might hold some information that might alleviate our sufferings.

The problem is of course that there are a million experts all on the invest in me trail and we try this modality and that modality yet very often stumble and stutter whilst still not getting the level of breakthrough in awareness that we think we want, there must be something more syndrome (of which I am sure you all know I am a sufferer of this condition), and our lives depending on who and how we are continue but we start getting experiences that we think must mean we are having break throughs.

So the Problem of The Paradox is that our bodily ego-driven identity that we are all of us so heavily invested in our whole lives has a number of fears, most people of course fear death-even when we may have had experience of death and dismissed it as imagination.  Another fear is of course this one of sexuality or perhaps being alone, and layer upon layer of things that we have to be shamed or guilty about (predominantly all man-made laws of one description or another) and rather than letting go and digging through to where our real power is we keep finding ourselves returning to our body ego-conscious because we are so reinforced in survival type modes and this version of the ego’s very existence is threatened.

I think it is important to note that all the best teachers have said that your ego does serve you and do many things for you that you need, unfortunately though for some of us perhaps more than others it can cause major issues, for instance as someone who had physical trauma that trauma might cause you to be stuck in permanent fight or flight type brain communications, hence being able to sense differing peoples vibes, that is something we all do to a certain extent anyway. Yet being permanently in pain and covering and blocking pain to allow continue existence is a drain on your bodies resources.  IE just because I was not always aware of the pain did not mean it was gone.

So the stimulation from Meditation and technologies cuts through or retrains the brain, and working through A course in miracles or Qigong or other modalities can alleviate much conditioned and accumulated suffering, sickness and illness etc.

However going back to this map is not the territory for instance, we get overwhelm and early on it can sometimes seem as though synchronicities are happening that we are somewhat uncomfortable with, we think we might be responsible for this or that when really it is just synchronicity and if you continue you do find that some kinds of synchronicities fall away and you begin noticing differing types of synchronicities and very often the new synchronicities are much more to everyone’s liking and so on.

At some level we can think well I might as well enjoy this level of awareness and improving life and so on but as many of us even with advancement have found, we really can only ever really control what goes on in our own heads.  I personally have little interest in telling others how they should live but I do write this blog giving notice of what I am sometimes or not as the case may be noticing and/or experiencing.

Some people seemingly like to comment and say or do this that or the other without ever having gone through some of the processes-I think the best thing to remember is that there are a million teachers or preachers or however and it is a personal decision as to whom anyone chooses to be guided by and so on.  As a heterosexual male for instance there is little I can say as to guidance to women or people  of other sexualities, those are for peoples of those identities and communities to deal with but as I say, I personally have found that the investment in the body is usually early on in these processes very much the survival-ego of babyhood and childhood and not the perhaps more matured ego of someone who has been through the various modalities and releasing’s and letting go’s and regular meditation and so on.

So everyone goes through stages of feeling that you are damned if you do or damned if you do not but hopefully where once many people were shut down to the seeming options available they can now see that all really is choice and continued work may just bring about the life of your dreams when you begin making steps through the multifarious and seemingly neverending list of paradox’s

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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