So There Are Many Things One Can Do With Time

This is of course a statement of the obvious-yet for many of us asking questions of where did it all go wrong and so on we can perhaps take note of what some of the wiser heads and so on say.

For instance I can quite clearly see having now worked among fowl people for 10 years that my own strategy in dealing with the excessive and heavy prejudice and abuse aimed at myself was very much wrong.  How so? Well I to put it in the simplest and easiest of terms took up the strategy of out scumming the scum.

Unfortunately it was not a strategy that could work long term because I became known to some folks in some quarters  and possibly among newer starters as one of the ones responsible for much of what was wrong in the place and from my own point of view it was very much and very often simply a case of gullible people believing the garbage of toxic colleagues and guilt by association.  It must be true because so and so who works with so and so says it is true.  I actually took steps to move away from some folks I regarded as unwanted sources and influences and of course that simply led to more prejudice and so on being sent my way. 

So if someone now asked myself what the fowl factory suffers or has suffered from I would say that there has been over many years a condition called MAD OBSESSIVE GOLLUM SYNDROME (MOGS).

Gollum of course the twisted freak of nature unable to part with the ring of power in Lord of the Rings.  You might liken it to some folks who work in the fowl factory who obsessively keep peoples focus on prejudice and so on and that in turns sends folks around them into negative spirals, very often the people at the centre of the problems are indeed people who are in the high grasp of the belief that they are a body and all the kinds of stuff I wrote of the other day.  I am sure that were some of these folks to actually put the work in they may well find that they come through it and find themselves to be pleasanter people and so on.

As I also said previously none of us are responsible for what is going on in other folks heads only our own and even with our best efforts to put distance between events of the past and the present some issues do tend to linger on.

The best things that anyone from any quarter can do from the technology point of view is to start concentrating your focus where you want it as much as possible, whether it is repetition of “I choose to be happy” from Andy Shaw that I say in a recent mini-video, there are plenty of ways even when in environments or with people who cause distress that you can reclaim your own mind, put your hand on heart and swear allegiance to LOVE, these types of actions of course do not come easy to many of us but I think if you want your health, happiness and so on then any little tricks and techniques that you can introduce in your daily life will work with the work you yourself put into them.

Yesterday I once again left empty, the early Friday shift might give me a longer weekend but it does also seem to be giving myself at least difficulties (colleagues seem to prefer it) yet I am not sleeping well on Friday’s and the lack of sleep leaves me perhaps in bad moods or distressed.

Yesterday I also decided to do some inner mental tuning and reflection seeing where thoughts, feelings and so on were in my body, whilst I am not that great at identifying specifics, I did feel that I was in distress or under strain or pressure and that was something I had to do some releasing work on, it can seem like one step forward two steps back at times.  I have found that even though I have made huge strides and so on that sometimes I seemingly revert to where I was early on in some of these learnings and teachings and processes.

I have continued with reading some of the Authors I mentioned the other day, so big are there various collected works, I have no idea as to the cause and so on of present weather patterns that we are seeing because for myself at least those kinds of synchronicities have long since been moved on from and with a World population of 7 Billion there is little worth for any individual to overly concern themselves with that stuff. (In my opinion).

I also noted that Ian Morris author of WTWRFN released a newer book last year that built upon that book and he also has another out this year around April I think, so I quite liked his writing and may well add those as future readings to take note of-he is also part of that Historian collective that I read anyway Jared Diamond and so on.

An interesting thing for myself in my note taking is actually seeing the patterns of when particular authors and book titles are being released, sometimes it might be irrelevant but for some subjects they are worth taking note of, and can help in your identifying of patterns and so on.

I see the Winter Olympics has begun, for myself I used to enjoy many of the winter Olympic type games that I used to play, as well as watching. though it is interesting in many ways that they are perhaps more elitist in the sense that they are quite expensive sports and holiday destinations/countries that hold those kinds of sports.  I might even turn on the telly to see some of it or perhaps have a look online at what is on offer.

Of course we have those classic tales of the Jamaican bob sleigh team and Eddie the Eagle Edwards but generally they do for the lower echelons of UK society at least seem a stretch of aspirations, less so for folks from Countries that simply take snow as part of daily life or seasons.

So I do like monitoring patterns and also no longer feeling tied into patterns, I think we all go through stages of not being able to see the Wood for the trees and hopefully most folks have moved on from or have passed through the worst of what they might experience in life.

returning to the betting issue for newer folks I would say that one of the big mistakes I made early on was being greedy in trying to predict results-for instance I might see a signal or interpret information that led myself to believe Arsenal are going to win today against Liverpool, I would then think yippee but instead of simply betting on a win or draw I often fooled myself into going further and looking for exact scoreline and that very often lost myself money that I could of had simply betting on an outright win or draw, you might liken it to

trying to run before I could walk-so that is my tip for anyone trying to beat the bookies early on in these kinds of teachings, go for the win, draw type outright results and wait until you have perhaps built up a level of success prior to moving into exact scores, you could of course hedge and do both a quid on an outright and a quid on an exact but then you want to build up your funds not chase every little detail down into crucifying yourself (a mistake I made and would hope others take note from and do not repeat themselves).

I have zero idea of todays results in any area of sport because I am not an avid follower, I just pick up tidbits on teams and bigger matches and differing events and often go pot luck when I visit my coral account.  It comes back to practice and practice and more PRACTICE, I said the other day that my own intuition is becoming more reliable-likewise that has taken several years of meditation and all the other modalities also.

Keep It Simple Sweetheart or however you personally describe the rule of KISS to yourself is how you could proceed, and remember nothing here is dealing in absolutes, I merely write what comes into the noggin when I come to the site and start, nothing is as it seems and nothing is an attack on anyone just reflections on observations and so on.

That means that if you are triggered, it is because of stuff in your own noggin not what is written or spoken of here, clear and precise communication as much as we would all like does have difficulty in happening when we go into being open and honest writings and then take everything personally or as an attack.  yes some wisdom alludes all of us until we find our own way of progressing through the quagmires.

hank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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