Distortions, Deletions and Generalizations

It does of course seem a lifetime since I first put myself through the Holosync Life Principles LPIP courses and those courses of course opened up my awareness and of course sent me on further mental expeditions of what is called Self-Inquiry.

Much of the teachings of course revolve around this idea that “The Map Is Not The Territory” and further to that statement all that we have experienced during our respective lifetimes usually goes through processes of Distortions, Deletions and Generalizations.

I mention this because as you know I recently spoke on the Abundance for Life course and wanting to get as much out of it as possible decided to have further repeat sessions.  The interesting thing for myself is perhaps that the course is probably the one most similar to the Original Holosync Courses that I took and the teachings there included.

I mention this because a great deal of the courses revolves around the concepts I mention above and offers solutions proffered by particular sources.  I mentioned Byron Katie and Arnold Patent previously and there was another chap called Stephen Duberry whose work was based in Quantum Psychology.

As I said I have encountered Byron Katie’s self inquiry technique before yet I had to wait for a so-called standard postal delivery before I could have a look at the writings of Arnold Patent.  Well I have looked at several of his works that I bought together as a bundle and have not been disappointed.

The books are all quite short-ranging from between 100-200 pages yet strangely they are as about as simple as it gets in giving all the information that anyone could want from a study of these types of informations.  In fact I could well imagine myself re-reading the books over and over again such is the simplicity of explanations that is offered in them.  Of course they do revolve around some Principles, many of these teachers do all have versions of principles yet as I say I very much like Arnold Patent.

The self-inquiry perhaps offered is very much about unblocking trapped energies within the body and again changing your understanding and interpretation on “Where did it all go wrong”.  Paul Scheele perhaps explains it as our conscious awareness’s inability to process all the information that is coming at us at any one given moment and then when we seek to process it we are somewhat limited and often guided by old mental pathways and all those things that cause us to self-sabotage and so on. 

The course has a great deal based in sensory feeling and I mention this because that is perhaps now I am more advanced where I am at.  Early on much of the meditation and releasing was seemingly all about what was in the noggin and as progress has been made that has expanded into the body as a whole, though of course any labels we give to sensory feelings are just that labels, nothing more and nothing less and we distort, delete and generalize yet very often mislead or get confused and all the rest of it.

The reason I mention this is perhaps because this is probably where I will be spending much focus, letting go of old sensory feelings and shifting myself into more enlightened Thinking Patterns, by that I mean in letting go of distortions, deletions and generalizations, I can as an individual greatly improve ACCURACY, so it is yet another angle but given all the courses and books I have put myself through-it does seem strange that in many ways I have come full circle in the sense that I started with Holosync LPIP and am doing Abundance for Life and there is much commonality between the two albeit from differing sources.

I say this of course as a bloke as us blokes do seemingly tend to not be as sensitive to our bodies sensory nature in comparison to Women-whether that is entirely true I am unsure, we do after all from very young ages find ourselves guided into what should be important for boys and what should be important for girls.

If being in tune my bodies sensory nature means I can have a life of health wealth and abundance without all the distortions, deletions and generalizations and some REAL ACCURACY in how I experience the World then I do not give a damn about what the snipers say.

So I spoke earlier about working through the Quagmire and you can do that using Abundance for Life type course, or simply the recommended Authors works or however.  The self-inquiry sensory feelings reinterpretation and CHANGING THE WAY YOU THINK! to more empowering life strategies and so on.

Yes we are each of us our own worse enemies and opening up and releasing all those trapped and blocked energies can maybe lead to a better map for life, so you can seek to work with what might be described as mutually beneficial strategies of win/win where each of us takes out of any teaching what we personally think we want or need or you can stay in win/lose burning bridges murder and mayhem strategies that whilst good on a console game are not necessarily all they are cracked up to be when it comes to living a bountiful and keeping our respective families safe from harm and so on and so forth.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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