Dream A Bigger Dream Of Me

Of course in taking a step backwards I find myself returning to this issue of dreams.  As you know I did the genius code course from LS some time back and the reason for that was that I very much wanted to get my dream system up and running again after having switched it off (at least in terms of conscious awareness).

So there I am now becoming quite used to dreaming a little more than I have for many years and one of the interesting things that I noted was that my body could not distinguish reality (sat in a chair, lying in a bed) from the Dream World and actions that were taking place in my head.

For instance I might dream that I fell out of a tree or fell down some steps, all things I have actually done during my lifetime and anyway when those sorts of events happened in my dream state I would very often wake from that dream state kicking out or twitching in some fashion my body physically reacting to the goings on in my dream.

So I do find that sort of thing fascinating because if my body is acting out the dream and when we are in sleeping or dream states you might say we are going more into the other than conscious or non-conscious realms where do all the controlling’s of these things happen.  For instance we take for granted that we are breathing but we never consider that we are being breathed yet when you think about it you have not got a thought in your head saying breath-in breath-out it is simply a non-conscious process that is happening without the CONSCIOUS brain having any kind of control or say in the matter, so likewise you can probably take the step of going out on a limb and say we are being dreamed in similar fashion to how we are being breathed.

The difference is of course that meditation and other technologies can give you back greater awareness of some (not all) but some of the processes that are happening on auto-pilot.

If your auto-pilot is fantastic and all is well in your World then great and so on and if your auto-pilot is not so great you can with practice identify and change the processes that are causing you distress or simply not working for you at the present moment (As I said my dreaming was not working (on any conscious level) so I took a course that effectively brought those kinds of thoughts and awareness’ and processes more into my conscious realms, and from the metaphorical and allegorical perspective I can better see how I have swung from extreme to extreme without ever stopping to notice or pay attention to how those things be they characters, situations and scenario’s were often reflected in some fashion in the Wider World.

I have finished ploughing through my cheap collections and am thinking I might go pot luck on the next books I buy from Amazon, I could of course ask myself what are the areas or next steps that I need to take in order to achieve my goals.


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