Escape From Fowlcatraz

Sorry what? Well some folks do have a strange obsession with what the next in the series was titled despite the lack of publication.

Yes so I used accelerative meditation stimulus processes and technologies combined with recommended self-inquiry techniques to adapt and overcome, reinterpret and integrate lifelong held ideas and understandings of Life The Universe and Everything.

The strange thing is of course that despite all of what I have said that some folks simply refuse to accept real reality or ever try any of the techniques and technologies for themselves, despite some version being freely available on Youtube for instance.

Now I spoke recently about this idea of people wanting to be the centre of attention and that in and of itself is harmless, you might want to be the joker in your pub team or the best sports person or however.  Fine be those things in your own head in a positive fashion.  The only complaint that I have with such folks is that they very often try to be those things at the dispense of someone else such-as myself.  If you have need to put someone such-as myself down in any way shape or form then you are likely operating from a place of INSECURITY and LACK OF CONFIDENCE.  Really the best thing for anyone to do is simply focus on yourself and how you want your World and Life to be, it perhaps comes down to this idea of self-realization and self actualization.

Because so many differing folks are at so many differing levels it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time but you can as I have repeatedly stated seek to become more centred and congruent in your own version or way of the above.

As I have said I very much like the Arnold Patent books from among the hundreds and thousands that I have ploughed through and that is simply because he offers a very simple set of techniques on self-inquiry that anyone can use to be more accurate in understanding how your map defines your territory much of which is of course centred around the issue of beliefs.

So self inquiry seems to be my new buzz phrase and of course that is a phrase attached to many traditional works by Eastern Budhist’s and so on.  The more self-inquiry you do the more you work through your own blockages and change the way you see the World from within.  The external being a reflection of the internal.

Of course it is not always that easy to accept as an explanation yet anyone who has raised there threshold using binaurial beats or similar technology can I am sure continue to give support and backup of such explanations to friends and family that they recommended such technologies to.

So I personally doubt that reading alone works-some of course will disagree because they perhaps progressed through reading alone-yet I have found that it really is the belief anyone holds in there ability to progress that dictates how there life progresses-likewise that is why I am writing daily and generally ignoring any nonsenses I encounter in day to day life. 

We are all perhaps aware of phrases such as the more you seek to tighten your grip the more will slip through your fingers and that is perhaps true for folks unable to adapt and change with the realities of the World about them.

Yes I am thinking a great deal about how I can improve and-or accelerate some the processes and methodologies into bringing people up to speed much quicker.  That of course perhaps one of the ideas behind NLP yet I having studied those sorts of techniques tend to be somewhat wary of them.  The problem with any modelling as I see it-is that it relies on everyone working from the same foundational reference (for instance).  So where I work they introduce Fundamentals Of Management (FOM) and as a foundation for those individuals in there working lives that is great, but it is compartmentalised, from the perspective of anyone who is seeking to broaden or widen strategies for the whole life experience.  Yes of course you can demonstrate how any management technique is transferable across all aspects of life but it is only as good as the map any one individual is holding in the noggin.

Many people are effectively holding disjointed and compartmentalised repetitions of the same maps and I would hope that anyone who has progressed can see that when you go through some of the processes I recommend you very often realise that you do not need a hundred versions and interpretations of a map when you can simply have one map that is for lack of a better description a container for all other maps.

Well what am I going to do today, hmmn

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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