And I Guess Thats Why They Call Me The Poo

So as a number of you are well aware by now I interacted with Bill Harris and his many friends on the Holosync Blog for several years whilst going through multiple learnings and teachings and interactions and one of the very funniest things at least for myself was that he as you know being an Enlightenment coach and guru often referred to a Zen Master friend known as Genpo Roshi.

Well the reason for my own humour was quite simply that my mum is called Jen and my daughter Rosie and I could not for the life of me stop myself from thinking that means I am the bit in the middle.  yes terrible things are untrained minds. 

So more rain and I do not know if I mentioned it before but the rain does when I have a moment alone in it bring the odd tear to my own eye, I have know idea why I have that reaction I just do.

So I spoke previously about dreams and beliefs and maps and also that we all have these multitudes of mental constructs that are forever seemingly keeping us out of the one place called now that truly exists.

The reason I say this is that going back to what I said about how my physical body was reacting to my dream state, how can I know even through using internal inquiry that I am not already in some dream state and all of this reality is quite simply another state of illusion.  For instance I have repeated on several occasions that I died at age 17, from the human perspective everyone can say yes and here you are alive before us as proof that that is not a truth.  Yet what if in some alternate universe a version of myself was dead and was buried and had a funeral and had grieving relatives or what if a version of myself in some alternate dimension has spend the 20+ years in a coma and again this is all a dream within a lifelong coma.

I think one of the things that I have found as I have progressed with the meditation and other modalities is that you really do move away from thinking in terms of absolutes of reality. going back to the maps issue for instance when I was younger I did and had all the regular boy type interests cars and most vehicles in general, I watched much action flicks and quite violent movies and horror films and sports and so on and so forth.  So in many ways those kinds of activities violence, hate, war and so on were very much part of my mental map and likewise the console/computer games I played were also very much part of the staple diet and mental map.

The reason I bring this up is because as I have progressed you might say I have moved away from playing hardball mental map of games of black and white and the reason is quite simply that I have had a gutsful of much of that kind of stuff.  The problem with all those things that I had in my mental map were related to this idea of focus.  People point and laugh because I promote somewhat la-di-da stuff these days-however in moving towards those realms and clearing out all the other stuff I think I am moving away from sickness and ill-health and so on and of course the like attracts like issues.  My thinking is that I cannot attract harm and so on to myself when my focus has been gradually shifting and releasing all those kinds of things.

Of course it all boils down to individual choices and we all have to live and so on and there is something about war and so on that seemingly fulfils some peoples and societies needs yet I would hope that anyone who has taken up the technologies can see that if these things are all about focus then giving greater focus to perhaps the neglected or more spiritual parts or areas of our lives may be a good investment.  You cannot necessarily avoid conflict yet you can certainly with time and practice let go of many of the patterns and processes that induce unwanted reactive behaviours that can often put you seemingly back at square one.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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