So A Couple Of Things Spring to Mind Today

So first of as I have probably said many times 1, I Meditate Regularly. 2. I Have worked through many courses.

You might say in fact that the two are incompatible with each other or at least it can seem that way early on in exploring the many paths that lead to enlightenment.

For instance because the Holosync professed to do all the work of deep meditation for you I figured I could do plenty of other courses and distracting things at the same time and I did, I very often could be seen for days on end with my MP3 headphones in and constantly having the meditation going whilst I was going about my everyday life and yes they did benefit me-however I did eventually get to a stage where I literally did sit down and shut my eyes without any distraction and start doing so-called “proper” meditation and meditation breathing and so on.

I think that whilst the many distractions helped early on-I really did get bigger shifts of cracking mental walnuts in my noggin when I actually sat and did that kind of meditation.  It might seem strange but apart from the Russian dolls idea that I gave previously you might think of the brain as being like tree rings of growth and each ring is like a shelled walnut in that not much seems to work between the layered rings.  When I sat and did the breathing and so on I actually found that the extra blood to the brain and so on actually cracked or broke through some of these lifelong layers and it was then that I got bigger shifts in awareness and the entropy and higher re-organisations and all the rest of it.  So each to there own pace but I know from experience that however much progress I made that there was always seemingly something new to be discovered or experienced on the Horizon or round the corner.

Going back to the course side of things there are of course many ways of doing those to.  I spoke of this idea of The Map and Deletions and Distortions and Generalizations and even though I have progressed on all those fronts it can be handy as to having the further knowledge of what that might mean.

So for instance the brain is seemingly always trained in some fashion to always be making judgements and the meditation enables to stop pause and do a situation flip.  For instance you might start work in an Environment and you take in many characters about yourself and of course make judgments based on your map, yet very often characters environments and atmospheres can be completely different when differing characters are absent or on holiday for instance.

I say this because you often come to the realization of how much “projecting” goes on, so for instance one person always acts in a particular manner in the group when another character is around and you might form opinion based on that yet then find as a flip that all the dynamics are completely different when an alternate person is absent or on Holiday and so on.  I have myself for instance rushed to judgement (Its what the brain does) about a group and then seen them in completely different light when unexpected characters were absent, so you cannot ever be totally sure in cause and effect.

I again in relation to the issue of ‘projecting’ also found that as I moved to more advanced teachings and meditation level strengths many thoughts feelings and judgemental type attitudes fall away anyway.  You might say that you become less concerned about externals and more happier in your own mind to be able to weather any storms and what might have once seemed like hurtful behaviours are often shown or given in a new light.

The courses of course are dependent on the types of learnings that you are interested in for myself at least I have found as I have progressed that I have benefitted from them in the sense that the meditation breaks through the walnut type brain layers  and the Paraliminal type courses help re-organise thoughts patterns and processes into more rewarding and uplifting ways of seeing the World.

All is of course choice and I certainly feel far healthier and centred and congruent and mentally organised than perhaps I have for many years.  I should also of course say that whilst I recommended the products to anyone who would listen in terms of facebook and this blog and so on, that none of my own family use any of the products so that again is there own choices and if they are generally happy in the lives they have lived etc. it matters not.  No-ones choice of freedom has to impinge or adversely effect anyone elses.

Of course when you no so many people who are determinedly set in there ways there is little to be concerned with, I simply find that on a personal level whilst all around me might be ranting and raging at foreign outrages on TV or at Government outrages on TV or at TV personality outrages on TV and so on I can simply and quietly go about my own life with the one thing that alludes so many in modern society


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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