So What Are Beneficial Teachings and Learnings

Well going back to this dream issue I spoke of where your body reacts in a very physical sense to what is happening in your dreams.  When you were little you may well have formed views on what older people were like for instance, so you might have thought that old folks are bent over and crooked or that people have cancer at 40 or whatever.

I personally hope that anyone who has meditated over the last couple of years can see that they can change those uninformed type views of the World to more empowering ones.

Start imagining yourself as an old person who suffers from eternal youth, health and vitality ask yourself what that might look like, sound like, feel like using as much sensory type information as you can muster into getting your mind/body/spirit working towards manifesting that in your own personage or being.

Whilst that may have been awkward or seemed silly early on even with meditation-I hope anyone who has advanced can see that the link between the dream construct you create of yourself and how the body responds could well be the difference between health or otherwise.  Yes you may well have to put some of the work in releasing and so on and again that is all part and parcel of deconstructing the present construct-and very often we are not always aware on any conscious level of exactly what those might be. Simply find the best new constructs you can of health vitality youth and so on and keep reinforcing those to yourself until that becomes more of a real reality to you.  When you start seeing any positive signs of change you can remind yourself that you have had positive signs of change and progress and now are going to have more eternal youth, health and vitality.

The same can of course be said for most aspects of life, I notice that differing teachers use differing recommendation type approaches and I have myself at times become confused but I just keep going.  For instance all seemingly like Sedona yet for myself that was very much written textual type letting go, where perhaps a Marie Diamond (She of the Feng Shui) was much more about using visual imagery combined with written set goals perhaps bringing more all-round sensory information into the mix.  Likewise my Qigong is much more both visualization and physical.

So all the teachers seek to combine multiple sensory systems combined with regular writing or goal setting into either getting people into a more flowing and rewarding life or simply raising Enlightenment or awareness.

My own weakness has perhaps been treating all the differing courses a bit like one of those mixed bag Chinese meals that you can buy or go to a restaurant for where you have those spinning tables and can help yourself to a little bit of multiple dishes. At some stage you perhaps do have to seek to clarify what Is best for yourself and fits best with the life that you want to live and so on.

I do happen to like aspects of most of the courses I have tried whether when they were freebies or ones that I have purchased so now I perhaps have to decide on a best system of usage or integration of the ELEMENTS that I like into a usable system for myself.

If all is story and each person is there own story then whose story or what elements of differing peoples stories are most inspiring or enlightening or empowering for you yourself in having the life that you personally want to live.

Does your own self talk empower you or hold you back?, even though I have had this life up until the present time I now choose to go in this life direction with these attribute blah blah blah.

That of course might be a starter for a tapping script for some folks, though with tapping you do have to really make it a regular part of your routine, I certainly did early on prior and later with Holosync, although I did less I as moved to higher levels of meditation, I think the tapping was a major map breaker in a sense in perhaps giving breakthroughs I may not have otherwise had at the stage of meditation I was at at particular times.

So there is little I can do for others apart from recommend products that I have found beneficial-I could seek to create a methodology or package of my own and prosper in that fashion and may well do now I have greater belief in the teachers and courses I have benefitted from.

Thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂

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