As Much As I would Like To Concur With That Theory

So have you ever seen various conspiracy theories postulated by one individual aimed at this group or that group and think well is that not the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard.

For instance many conspiracies seem to revolve around the causes of World Wide Weather patterns and who is responsible, everyone from Governmental groups to the Heterophobic community has been pointed at; the one theory that has not been put forward in any way shape or form is the one that is probably most likely-that old chestnut of keeping up with the Jones or Windsor’s or more specifically keeping up with the Middleton’s.  A whole generation of couples all declaring that they want a baby as soon as the Royals announced that Kate Duchess of Cambridge was expecting.

Of course you can all go through your is this true routines yet the further I have advanced through the technologies and so on the more obvious and simple many explanations for many things can become.

Dear Dave

I cannot believe that you mentioned Feng Shui just how la-di-da are you expecting us blokes to get?


Dear Dave

I think it is truly wonderful that you finally mentioned the Feng Shui course as that was the one my intuition led me to buy following the Freebie that I listened in on.


Hi Bongo and Mona

Well quite simply I have not mentioned Feng Shui because it contains GOSH and that in my own personal history takes me back to the Great Ormond Street/Princess Diana story that can be found in the June 2013 archive.


From a blokes perspective I would suggest that the Feng Shui is one of those courses that blokes avoid but probably most need.  For instance I live in a town with a very famous Military Regiment and those guys could only ever benefit from taking the Feng Shui course in all its girly la-di-da ness and then applying the principles straight across to there own military knowledge and training, the reason being that it very much can be translated into understanding environments and energy within environments, most military personnel of course are not going to be interested in those things but anyone interested in tactics and camouflage and lay of the land and being at one in the wilderness (MOTHER EARTH, MOTHER NATURE) would absolutely love the way the course reinforces the instinctual abilities that we all of us have at some level, you might even go as so far as to say that THIS COURSE COULD SAVE YOUR LIVE, and no I do not mean take the course and translate it into Military Feng Shui training, get each individual who is interested to take the la-di-da version and then the individual is free to translate learnings for themselves, why re-invent the blueprint.


There was little value for myself in speaking of Feng Shui because I have been following instinctual patterns as to what I need next and early on of course most of us follow our Conscious patterns rather than non-conscious patterns.  My conscious pattern being the GOSH DIANA story was always going to bring up issues I did not particularly want to communicate about. 

As I did this course or that course I could see how I was still operating too much from a conscious level-so taking a leaf out of my own teachings-whenever I feel I can afford or want to do a new course I will write several available courses down on paper, fold them up and mix them up and then select one at random, then without looking I might ask some internal question, is this the course I most need at the present time, what benefits might I expect to gain from doing the course written on this note and so on.

So I made selection of my own choices more FUN and I have often found that I needed to do one course before another so where some folks may have benefitted from doing the courses in the order they were given, I have not.  I would unlikely have benefitted from some courses had I not done more random “WHAT I NEED” rather than “WHAT I WANT”, and once you have any course you can of course go back at any time for a refresher.  One course often shows an alternate course or learning in a new light or perspective.

You can of course simply ask “What is it that I am afraid of or running from” when confronted with ideas of flow and so on.  FOR INSTANCE every individual is UNIQUE and many spend a great deal of time trying not to be UNIQUE.  From a flow perspective you can only ever truly go with your own personal History or data.

For instance I was born 8th November 1971 and all the data both from Western and Eastern philosophies and teachings say pretty much the same thing-ALPHA MASCULINE MALE-In other words I might be regarded as a NATURAL to what many blokes desperately want to be, I do not have to work at it (my own sabotage was perhaps death at 17 and being flung into loserville where I have had to work for  life progress) Another guys own date of birth and data might say that they are more FEMININE and so on and I could well imagine many blokes running from there own DATA. 

So the further you advance with any of the teachings and learnings-very often the more you find yourself whether you like it or not having to be more truthful and honest to your own UNIQUE dataset and BLUEPRINT and so on, that is why there is little to be gained in mudslinging and name-calling etc. from my data-to get more in yin-yang balance or flow  I can only get a more feminine side going by taking la-di-da courses and having more women in my life.

Thank you for Reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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