So It All Went Lizzie Yarnold

Of course not being up on current events and news it was only today that I saw that a Brit attained a Winter Olympic Gold in the skeleton event.

From the perspective of my own writings and learnings and teachings you might say that the more you progress the more the synchronicities become apparent (IF) you are open to experiencing and having them, most folks early on go through the usual progressions that I have spoken of previously whereby most of us start of completely shut down and in various forms of denial (No not the river in Egypt) and then find a new level and then another level still and so on suddenly greater clarity starts poking its head through the clouds and you see more of the sunshine.

I of course recently wrote that I like the work of Arnold Patent and I still do but in my own life of course I have to perhaps explore family dynamics and directions of where differing influences appeared.

The earliest experience I had of an Arnold was of course the character Arnold from “Different Strokes” that I watched as a child

Later of course my own daughter did her own resemblance of an Arnold impression Image

I mention this as it is her 15th birthday in just a few days time and I have had to send some presents by delivery as her own Welsh school holiday half-term is not the same as the local English half-term, so I will no doubt be checking to ensure that they arrive, always worry about such things given the UK’s current never-ending flood crisis, the last time she was in Hereford in January the floods affected our travel plans so really it is strange how localised and noticeable weather patterns have grown and seemingly enveloped the UNITED KINGDOM in its ENTIRETY.

So here we are on a Sunday and of course depending on how advanced any individual is will be how they are able to direct focussed intent.

I mention focussed intention because that is of course one of those aspects that gets repeated by many teachers yet for most of us it does require practice and more practice and very often we do not do all the required aspects of courses to develop greater reinforcement of skills.

For instance if I am practicing awareness and witnessing and how the outside and inside are as one and reflect life as such then I could of course write down what I am witnessing in response to my own writings and where they appeared on a page and question as to relevance.

So yesterday I spoke of Alpha Masculine Male and later in the day Manchester City went on to defeat Chelsea in the FA cup, will such an event occur every time I repeat the same words or symbols, well early on I did think that that might be true yet very often the mirror reflection might be a completely differing set of events or sports so really it does come down to where your own interest lies hence my talk previously of understanding that the map is not the territory and that all happens just not necessarily where we have placed our focus.

As you progress you can of course develop a wider or broader focus across a range of subject matter and so on but it is probably best to witness the positive and make note of the positive and boost your own personal belief in your abilities as you go, so we loosen our obsession on specifics and seek to understand that misdirection happens, and it is easy to become disillusioned at times but you simply have to keep working through those periods, even those times you can make note of days and times and wider world information, so all has relevance dependent upon where your focus is and what you may or may not have yet released or let go of.

I see a Lego movie is being promoted and wonder at how they have taken over the World in recent years, as a young child of course I remember hurting my bare foot on many occasion on a lego piece that had somehow managed to not get put away, then of course there was that feeling of never having enough bricks of the desired colour for your master piece, so they are somewhat moreish in a sense, but I have never really returned to an interest in Lego or indeed tried to get my daughter interested in them so I guess not everyone falls in rapture though of course again it could simply be that the company changed its target audience a great deal over the years, how many games and movie tie-ins have we seen that probably appeal to certain sorts of folks and not others.

Anyway no idea why I decided to speak on that though I think there was an article in one of my morning papers on the company.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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