We Ignore The Distinctions At Our Own Peril

Dear Dave

In your Diana story you said that you had some level of psychic awareness and no threshold can you expand on that a little so we can look for the warning signs among friends, family and colleagues.


Hi Mongo

Well I will summarise some of the types of thoughts feelings actions that folks may be able to relate to or have possibly experienced in there own lives and leave what differing folks do to there own choices.

So to summarise death, hospital, relearn to walk.

So what does the teenager who missed out on his teenage years decide to do? PLAY CATCHUP

You might say that once I was steady on my feet again, I threw myself into a cigarettes and alcohol, sex drugs and Rock’ n ‘Roll type lifestyle much of which was spent in drunken hazes outside of my working life.

A bakers couple of years of that and at some point I decided I was going to clean up my act and I then threw myself into not drinking and smoking and started eating healthy and so on.

Of course when your always drunk much strangeness and weirdness and things such as synchronicities tend to both go noticed and unnoticed-you see and notice things and then forget or excuse them according to your level of sobriety.

So I stopped all the drinking and went tee-total (BOO-HISS, say some regular readers).

Anyway, when you are not drinking etc. and you notice the things that you dismissed when drunk it can send you to a certain extent into levels of Paranoia (that is of course an individual thing and I as an individual found myself getting into worse and worse states of CONFUSION & PARANOIA).

For instance I would make a shopping list or decide I needed to get a couple of items, I would go into town and BOOM, I would suddenly find myself thinking I need to go in this direction and then stop and think I need to go in this direction, and so on and so forth. On one level I simply wanted to go directly to the shops where I could make my purchases and that was seemingly being overwritten on another level by I did not know what.

I was acting in a seemingly irrational basis that I had no explanation for at that time.  Now I can see that

1.  I had no THRESHOLD

2 I was acting in REACTION to the Vibrational and/or Magnetic Sensory fields of all around myself and it was quite scary.  Probably better explained as reacting to non-conscious sensory impressions that I was receiving.

So at this point I would like to point out that THERE IS A CLEAR DISTINCTION BETWEEN THRESHOLD AND VIBRATION.

What does that mean?  Well many folks take up the technologies that I recommend and FAIL to understand the distinction between THRESHOLD AND VIBRATION.

You can raise your THRESHOLD without raising your VIBRATION or indeed vice-versa you can be aware of VIBRATION without ever having raised your THRESHOLD.

What are the failures?  Well quite simply There are activities and thoughts feelings and actions that might be considered as being of low vibration, and there are other thoughts feelings and actions that might be considered as being of high vibration.

The low vibration areas are those that most folks get trapped and stuck in and they very often are the causes of our poor health, illness and so on. What are those low vibrations-well they predominantly are listed as sex/pornography obsessions, drugs obsessions and so on.

So the message is CLEAR you can raise your THRESHOLD and still be ill and suffering and so on because you have FAILED to raise your VIBRATION out of the lower levels.

All is choice of course, but having meditated regularly and raised my Threshold and paid attention to sensory Vibrational and magnetic field awareness, I am in a far better state now than for many years.  Whilst in some environments some folks are trading low vibrational slanging matches and giving each other sickness ill-health and so on, I have cleared most of that stuff out of my system and go un-affected.  Unfortunately I do see and sense others being made ill and there is little I can do because warnings over the years have often gone unappreciated as coming from a place of positive intention. 

So I could have raised my THRESHOLD and ignored the VIBRATIONAL knowledge but the 2 do very much go hand in hand.

So just as Military folks are trained to never be without a compass and Feng Shui followers are taught in the usage of compass-when you do raise both Vibration And Threshold you very much become your own intuitive compass, and are able to act from a Centred and Congruent state of being rather than the mish-mash of states that I experienced in my younger years.  We are each our own sets of Gyroscopes and how you spin is how you will be.

Now I do of course have to make it clear that low level things such as sex, medication and so on are not blacklisted areas that should not be spoken of-more precisely it comes back to your own personal dataset of how your life has been and where you want it to go, if you are ill and want to get well then you will have to bite the bullet and let go of “being an incongruent vibrational Gollum”.

A great deal of this stuff revolves around Competition and one-up-man-ship and many folks get dragged into competing over issues and so on that they could well be better of shrugging and saying to themselves “You die if you want to Gollum” and returning to an inner place of vision and abundance.

It is always wise to remember that you are a UNIQUE individual and your own personal dataset is not the same as any other person you are interacting with.  Stay true and honest to your own compass and let those who are all over the shop go there own way.

You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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