So Moving On

So a million and one experts all selling this methodology and that methodology that is going to save you and yet all you are contributing towards when putting your money down is saving them.  Of course many of these types of things do come down to the sources and/or resources that you have at your disposal so again learning self-help and doing personal development type courses is not in and of itself bad.

I think the problem for most of us has been this having too much old unwanted baggage and/or static in our systems that we seemingly had no-way of clearing our of our systems.  The meditation I have found to be the best method for doing just that.  Likewise the speed at which a technology such-as Holosync works might be the difference between life and death for some folks trapped or seemingly surrounded by self-appointed power crazed empirical vigilantes.

I know that early on for instance I had cleared and was clearing more mud and garbage faster than it was being thrown at myself-so you might say that there is that element of simply out running the unwanted resources.  Of course in my website I made specific mention of knowledge of the brain and Hemispheric filters all though I did not go into huge detail preferring to keep the site as simple as possible as a starting point of guidance for folks who may have had similar issues or gripes that they wanted to better understand.

So I do sometimes feel as though I have to ask what am I going to do next?, how can I proceed from my current level of teachings and learnings in a more prosperous and systematic fashion?

Yes we all have a system within us and we can all develop aforementioned systems into working Solutions.  going back to the filters issue-you might say that once we have returned ourselves to a more clear water purified consciousness the desire to not return to our starting points tends to linger in the background.

Of course many success coaches tend to coach the idea of surrounding yourself with success and reminders of success and then when you go into the more la-di-da realms you also have the associated ENERGIES interpretations-so an image that you may have thought as being of the first type (success) could well turn out to be the cause of your non-success.

The other issue is of course how much input we have as individuals into some environments that we find ourselves in.  For instance the canteen in my place of work was given a complete overhaul last year after many years of piece meal half-hearted attempts and the results from our survey says this canteen may well have been Feng Shui’d such are the usage of colour combinations and overall feel of the place. 

Of course that does lead to some basic truths that have been followed by EXPERTS for many a Century, an interior designer may well put such a color scheme or combination together without ever referencing any la-di-da teaching, but that is simply because just about every industry ever invented or created very often either embraces its la-di-da roots or moves itself firmly into “this is Science” ideologies.

Of course many things only become Science when you can call upon Scientifically studied knowledge-yet anyone who knows anything about Degrees and so on knows that there is little that has not been Scientifically Explored in some fashion and even if a Scientific Study claims your la-di-da expertise is hokum you can very often turn the findings around to demonstrate that the very nature of the study is floored or actually supports your hokum without the fools realising it.

So the basics are clear your system and then decide on a step by step approach to continuing in that fashion or going in a new direction completely or taking an OVERVIEW or ASSESSMENT of all that you have experienced and decide upon exploring something that you may have previously missed.

You might say that my doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that has been very much the exploring and removing all objections to anything be they scientific or la-di-da-the only criteria I set myself was that the modality had to be improving or contributing to me personally in some way whether through knowledge or Health or Wealth or quite simply WISDOM.

Any way I do seem to have to find something I can settle on a little longer term yet the more I have progressed the less I want to feel constricted by any one set of parameters that I might give myself.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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