So Just How Big Are Windows Of Synchronicites

This probably seems like a silly question to those that are more advanced yet early on in my studies of all these things it was very easy to keep seemingly hitting dead-ends or brick-walls.  Quite simply the more you advance and clear your own inner mental blocks the more you begin to see that they are seemingly never-ending-it goes back to the issue of focus that I mentioned the other day-where everyone only has part or partial information that relates to there own map whilst others might be complete oblivious to the same synchronicity.

So some of you probably remember mid-summer July/August where I wrote a piece “Lets play a game without cheating” and the piece was very much about my games of cards with my daughter and how I dealt the cards and without cheating she wiped the smile of my face and I said lets try this again and she repeated the same fast finish of taking myself to the cleaners-I can only thank God no monies were involved in those particular games of cards.

Meanwhile some of you were aware whilst others were not that on that very same day an Event called a GAOLBREAK WAS TAKING PLACE.

The gaol break event is a charity fundraiser in Hereford whereby local teams of three/four people are transported to some unbeknown destination and then released to race back to the starting point-in this case-Hereford.

So you might say that I knew or was aware of multiple characters/teams in the event-some of whom were aware of synchronicities themselves and I decided to try and be fair by leaving the proceeding day blank blog-wise, reducing the charges that could or might of been made that they had unfair advantage-surely everyone enters into the spirit of most competitions for fun and not to simply dominate an event or outright cheat.  As it turned out they were dropped of in some place in West Wales Penbrokeshire-trying to think ummn nope I am sure it can be looked up.

A couple of days later my daughter joined up with her two sisters on a trip to Luton-so for her it might have been like a jailbreak from staying with myself and them a jailbreak from the parents. So really synchronicites are very much about how OPEN YOUR OWN INNER OR INTERNAL MAP IS TO SEENG THESE THINGS.

Likewise at the same time as those completely differing things my cards/jailbreak/daughter Luton another synchronicity was happening in the World Golf Tour.

So really as I have said previously we start off somewhat shut down then as we progress the Windows or framings of how we see and view the World and our internal maps grow or develop overtime until they seemingly encompass all that can be encompassed.

So you might say that you become your own fixed place in time and space and all the very differing patterns and goings-on about you pass through where you personally have your own focus or awareness.  You might say that we start of as being “TOO MUCH IN OR CONNECTED TO OUR STORIES” and progress is made through seeing that that is all they are STORIES and you can pick and choose the stories that you want in your life-to the degree that you have put the work in to progress yourself in the direction you personally want for your life.

Some think well then I do not need any Threshold Technology or Vibrational technology I can just go the Gym and do this that and the other-and yes you can but I if I am honest have met know one who has not benefitted from these kinds of technologies.

For instance I spoke about some of the mental weirdness I experienced in my younger years-I actually was a regular Gym freak and swimmer during some of that time period-so whilst a good fit healthy lifestyle helps-it is zero guarantee that you will not experience things that you do not wish to experience or have in your internal compass or dialogue (some folks think of many of these things as simply how one communicates with oneself).  I think a change in that helps yet again it can only take you so far before you find that you can grow beyond even that.

So Hereford is seemingly having major Police operations at the present time-drugs factory found-dead body at the Duck Pond-yet even these things one has to wonder at whether what information is being released is true.

For instance without a drugs trade there would be know anti-drugs Police-so to a certain extent you cannot necessarily believe all that is promoted.  In the game of black and white stakes each side has a vested interest in the other sides existence-of course we see the fight against crime as something that is necessary but sometimes bringing in outside agencies or rotating the forces might be a better option-so they simply do not get drawn into crossing the boundaries.

We have all seen (Movies/TV) and in real life how undercover operatives find themselves committing the very crimes they are supposed to be working against.  Some agencies have greater leeway than others perhaps but when you realise how much of these mutually assured destruction type scenarios exist you can be better off doing your own thing and not get dragged into the marshy minefields.

Well that’s enough ranting for one day.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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