Well Aint That Interesting

So big trending news is apparently some Bristol channel earthquake that was felt here in the UK across several Counties. These earthquakes do of course have an appeal in the sense that whilst we have lots of small tremors from time to time every year most of them go unnoticed and this one was noticed notching up an impressive 4 point something on the Richter Scale.

I say 4 point something because I saw differing figures given from differing news sources such was my excitement at an earthquake in the UK.  Of course when I were lad I was told that Hereford was part of a UK earthquake zone, I think I am right in saying that there are tectonic plates that rub together from time to time not all that distant from know-where-ville central.  In fact I do recall that I have experienced tremors more than once in my life but cannot for the life of me pin down any specific memory.

So what else has boring Dave been up to-well today being Friday of course and not sleeping well I am going to be in a good Fowl mood by the time I go to start work at teatime.  Whoever thought or comes up with these clever timetables can safely assume I am in the other than fanbase on this particular occasion.

Today I thought I would have a look at some of the exciting different kinds of new and information I get on my pad to that which I get from other sources.  The big standout piece that attracted my attention was an article on wait for it wait for it EARTHSKRAPERS.

Yes yes I know WTF is an EARTHSKRAPER well on this occasion it is exactly safe to go with what one can assume based on its similarity in name to SKYSCRAPER.  Yes some big name architectural firms are all planning huge underground metropolis type cities such is the price premium on space above ground.

The strange thing for myself is of course that we do see these types of creations all the time in SCIENCE FICTION in both book and TV/FILM media.  The difference I guess that “proper architects” have to do it properly apparently.  I am unsure on that if I am honest because from my own study of such phenomena-you often get some ETON OXBRIDGE type YAHOO sketch some drawing and then all the flunkies make it all nice and proper looking and then the YAHOO gets the plaudits for other peoples work.  You might say that it is the engineers and so on that actually have to figure out how to bring most of these weird and wonderful cocaine fuelled sketches to life.

So yes Earthskrapers WOW how F****** R******* is that.  You see most of these bods all want to build Earthskrapers under pre-existing mega-cities places like New York London Amsterdam and so on.  Of course years ago places (new cities and towns) simply got a pre-fix put in front of a name in a new location.  Oh there is already a York, we’ll call it New York.

This again has been seen in Sci-Fi where places such-as New New New York have been quite popular futuristic designations.  So that is of course partially tongue in cheek yet I think that the better option given the desperation of people to rush to Bright Lights Big City Names is to build them elsewhere with some slightly altered pre-fix.  Does a new London have to be in the same place as current London-of course not-the people simply lack any vision.

You could build New London beneath some landfill site or waste disposal plant and it would have all the same characteristics and features of the old London.  you can probably guess Dave despite not liking smallville dislikes bigville even more.

I think I said previously I have lived on the outskirts of a City and in the City Centre and in the Countryside and given a choice among the three given the money and appropriate infrastructure (decent roads, car) to visit larger places, I would prefer firmly to live in the Countryside.  I never thought I would think like that as a youngster yet having experienced all three I can say and know which for myself was the best experience.  They all have pluses and minuses in a sense-when I was in the City centre you might say I had all the facilities (Cinema, Gym type stuff) and pubs and fast food places all a couple of minutes walk.  the downside was that I have never been someone known for being particularly sociable, and cities are full of bullshit merchants in the same fashionable scale that you find in factories. 

The problem I fear of course is that I’ll roll my eyes one day at someone else’s retardedness (has to be someone else’s never ones own) and they the eyes go of down the hill and I’ll not be able to locate them and plug them back in again.

Now that is not to say I cannot be polite and courteous to people as that is what I generally seek to be-unfortunately it can be like flogging a dead horse with some folks in some environments and given the choice I would rather keep to myself than be forced into one of my take a weapon to work scenario’s.

So yes EARTHQUAKES AND EARTHSKRAPERS whatever will they think of next? Hmmn, Earth, Earth, Earth, ummmn, Earthair, nah Earthrail, nah, Earth yes will have to redefine the Earth part is just is not working at the moment.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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