You’ve Never Heard Of Don Mclean

Actually I am quite sure that few of us have he being another of those singers from a prior generation-however growing up as I did around more musical type folks I have a quite large database knowledge of old songs that many a pub singer likes to call upon when putting together a set. For some reason Don Mclean’s VINCENT is a song that worked itself into my consciousness this morning.

I think the song Vincent was a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh though I have seen the name Vincent being brought to the fore as the head of the UK Roman Catholics is being made a CARDINAL.  Do I know of any other Vinnie’s well I did spend some time with a drinking/social buddy local called Vinnie a few years back-though he did seemingly have as many enemies as friends such was his wide boy moving on disappearing act,that said we could probably tell a story or two from that mid nineties (90’s) era.

So talking of that era I did play cards in a pub team at one point in a local league only I cannot think of the name of the game.  It was not bridge and yet was played in similar fashion ummn what is that game called, you peg using matches to mark the score.  Well anyway I quite enjoyed that sort of a game though it was different in a sense that just as bridge is a team game so was this.  Most folks are only used to playing single player card games and when you introduce team-play it often can introduce a new perspective (for some at least) I do recall playing with many a person who seemingly forgot that they were supposed to be in a team.

My mother’s maiden name was also a Mc or Mac dependent upon which side of her ancestral tree you go with, the difference was often attributed to one side being Irish and the other Scottish yet when you study History and so on you begin to realise that it was often simply people attempting to put that sound on paper.  Would we all boycott Mcdonalds Golden Arches if the company admitted they lied over the spelling of Macdonalds.

These differences are of course where many a legal battle has strangely been fought over the years-anyone wanting to catch the overspill from one company or hang on there coat tails can come up with a name just similar enough or different enough to “get away with it”.

Internationally we were taken back to 70’s Punk Rock Band “THE SEX PISTOLS” would Anarchy In The Ukraine have sold as many an album as Anarchy in The UK-we will perhaps never know though I do not think that the Ukraine has a Queen as such though saying that I did work with a beautiful Ukrainian girl a few years back when doing overtime at Yazor Road-she was in fact one of the very earliest arrivals following the opening of borders and so on-these days everyone takes the Polish for granted yet the truth is they were not the first wave to arrive-I guess some folks decided to go straight to the long haul destination whilst others worked there way across Europe like a plague of Locusts.

Please do not take my Locust reference as literal it is simply a writing MECHANISM to describe how IMMIGRATION and so on works.  All Armies for instance march on there stomachs and not there feet as was widely thought by most of us.  All Armies have followers and hangers on and so on-all these types of details have to be taken into consideration when looking up the make-up of differing groups of peoples.  What are Hangers-on? well of course that depends on you yourself as you might be a hanger on who does not consider themselves to be, quite simply for ever decent Hanger on you are going to get multiple not so decent hangers on so Soldier/Worker may have a wife and daughter who might come into that prior category and then you might get the suspicious folks-people providing goods and services from the Homeland that might by illegal in the new Country-the black market bootleggers and prostitutes and so on.

So it is easy of course to paint a picture of folks wanting a happy new life in a new land and many are simply following that plan unfortunately however you can always guarantee that a couple of knockbacks/setbacks here and there and so on and people find themselves mixing with folks peoples and resources that they may well of not normally considered as folks they would willingly mix with.

How many of us could choose our classmates in school?  No choice of classes or peers was given was it?  were the Jews in Auschwitsch or however it is spelt given a choice of Jew that they could be in prison with?  The same of course is true of most Colleges, Universities, and indeed the same for Military sign-ups among the forces.  Of course they do have that old model of break them down to build them up yet even that institution has had to go through a certain amount od change as the more recent generations are RIGHTS CONSCIOUS OBSESSIVES who do not appreciate the rights of others and often scream RIGHTS only when it suites they’re own MOTIVE.


Dear Dave

from now on please can you call me Pretty Mona so that I can distinguish myself from the other Mona’s and Boner Bongo says he would like the same, thanking you in advance Pretty Mona

Hi Mona

as much as I would like to call you Pretty I am sure you are if you say you are pretty something at stuff, that is not the purpose of my using generic names.  Someone said I should not use Bongo because it is used in a Racist way towards colored folks-however that meaning is of an older generation and is not my meaning, I use the names in generic fashion meaning that EVERYONE has a little bit of BONGO or MONA about themselves.

If I add extra tags to that it will not work your fighting for identity when really you could simply take the meanings for your present map.  If I call you Pretty Mona, then pretty soon it will all go haywire.  Here I am being polite and giving everyone there dignity and what’ll happen if I start handing out extra’s-everyone will claim I am attacking them or deliberately find what I say offensive-

So my rule is deliberately KEEP IT SIMPLE SWEETHEART, KEEP IT SIMPLY STUPID type rules of KISS.  SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL AND SPEAK NO EVIL are boring for most folks yes-unfortunately I do find myself being painted in lights that I do not recognise as do others and it can be better to move on from areas that are not worth debating.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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