As Mr Diamonds & Pearls Tours The UK We Ask

Was it really necessary to decide that the colour of rain is purple.  How did you come to that conclusion? Having had many an opportunity to study the colour of rain these past few years I cannot for the life of myself decide how you came up with that.  Of course some say that Prince is so whacked changing his name to a symbol at one stage and known as the artist formally known as Prince that getting any kind of an answer is unlikely to happen.  Having said that I did actually like a fair bit of his music and influences and so on always stretching and pushing at the boundaries of music culture and so on.

Yes purple rain does purple mean blood rain or Royal Purple Rain or hmmn.  Of course when I died and the blood was pouring out of my body I could see that a cut or severed artery might shower someone in a blaze of purple rain yet when the damage is more severe it does tend to be quite thick congealed stuff and not the watery stuff that Ant or Dec or whoever got from his leaking sliced and ever so painful thumb.  All relative to what you yourself have experienced I guess.

Well here we all are Wales won at Rugby, Scotland Won at Rugby, England won at Rugby so the weekend was won by the Isle of Angels or however it used to be referred to by dodgy continental types.

What other sports can I be turning my attention too is formula one starting up by any chance? hmmn, yes I am having one of my travelling days today and am damned sure that there will be changes to my journey although British Rail have maintained an absolute silence on any changes, they do report them on some websites and my route is supposedly unaffected.  That is not of course a sport yet the law of synchronicity has little in the World that can overcome it.

Now some say Dave why do I want to get more advanced with these technologies and so on and quite simply you might not want to-however if like myself you do want to improve life then you surely should want to progress. 

The problem of course is that anything that I write will likely happen in some fashion-so where once I might have written all sorts of labels and names calling references to “bad people” when I did that they were pretty much guaranteed to turn up in my life during some kind of time period be it a day or week or however.  Some say well why is the factory you work in so horrendous (or has been in the past) and I can only speculate that similar things occur though many of the people involved are unconsciously doing that MANIFESTING. 

This could well happen in many a busy among unconscious folks and is only speculation and not attacks on anyone.

So Manager says I want new staff for these vacancies.  That request goes to HR and they advertise and applicants appear. What’s the problem?

Well the manager for all anyone knows might be some deviant who has obsessive dreams of an unpleasant nature, likewise the HR staff might very well be the same, IE thinking about some things or romanticising some activities can BACKFIRE on you.  For instance how much womens literature encourages women to consider themselves as being romantically raped and ravished by dashing Hero. 

So people with those things (INFLUENCES OF A LOWER VIBRATORY NATURE) on there mind advertise the jobs and in doing so they then MANIFEST the types of characters they have on there minds.  All right for themselves as they do not have to work with all the bloody rapists and axe murderers and so on.  Then of course once these lower vibratory characters are in place they set about influencing all around them until all out war breaks out among those that want a level of decency maintained and those that want all to bow before them. 

So yes that is why raising your vibration from a COMPANY point of view is probably in many ways more important than raising your THRESHOLD, the down side to any of these speculations is of course PEOPLE LIKE ME SYNDROME.  I have spoke many times about that and people from all quarters took what I said on board yet the truth is there is only so much one individual or any group of individuals can do whether it is for others or indeed themselves.

So that is a SPECULATION on why some companies have more problems than others.  Some companies do not care at all of course, staff turnover is easy in factories and fields and so on because they generally pay poverty wages anyway.

Another related issue is FORGIVENESS, many a person has taken up the technologies and very often it can be easy to rush to REVENGE type thinking, unfortunately that is completely unwise from a Heath perspective and of course a living in a community perspective.  Grudges and so on can fester and the only person you make ill by what comes out of your mind and mouth is yourself.

So it can be easy to think that you are going to do this or that and yet honestly the best course I have found is to go with raising Threshold, raising Vibration and seeking to build yourself a CIRCLE of people who are operating from the same or a similar perspective, IE the more the merrier I have zero interest in bullying or whatever people from differing perspectives yet unfortunately all groups seemingly have extremists and the extremists are the ones who need some downtime to perhaps seek more moderate areas that we can all find common ground that can be abided by.

Anyway I need a Sunday Morning lazing in bed and here I am refreshed and writing my blog so with that

thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂

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