Am I Sure That Was The Best Meaning Possible To Ascribe

So yesterday I had a travelling day and instead of taking my Pad I decided to just take my Arnold Patent books and look into his teachings further-some will of course say why bother when you have already done all these other awareness courses and indeed regularly used some of the very best available enlightenment technologies.

Well quite simply finding or singling out any one course that explains everything in the very best fashion or way does seem to be a mission impossible-however we do of course have a wide variety of people who have made progress albeit in there own particular niche’s.

One of the fundamental teachings that I personally felt was of huge relevance or importance was this idea of moving from COMPETITIVE-ADVERSARIAL thinking and strategies to MUTUALLY SUPPORTIVE strategies.

The proposition given was that most of us grow up and are basically taught and live with inner Worlds that might be described as COMPETITIVE-ADVERSARIAL and when we work in the realms of AWAKENING and AWARENESS and so on we are in fact moving into the more perhaps strange realms of MUTUAL SUPPORT and so on.

Many people will likely look at what I wrote above and think what is he talking about-however an example of this is found in many of the Enlightenment coaching groups theory.  For instance with Holosync everyone is given the opportunity to go to higher levels and/or indeed eventually join the INNER CIRCLE and that of course might be considered as an ULTIMATE MUTUAL SUPPORT GROUP.

So COMPETITIVE-ADVERSARIAL is predominantly the “SOCIETAL NORM” and in and of itself is not necessarily good or bad just what is.  However many successful people even at the COMPETITIVE-ADVERSARIAL eventually get to a stage in life where they become disillusioned or disappointed with the model that they and everyone else lives by.

The only thing I can recommend to folks at this juncture is to explore whether you are operating from COMPETITIVE-ADVERSARIAL or MUTUALLY SUPPORTIVE.  Most folks will often ascribe themselves as working from one when it is clear to all around that they are operating from the other.  Many examples can be found and very often the patterns are so ingrained that they can take some time to shift.

I will leave it at that for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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