So Who would Discard/Wear A Hat Like That

You are of course now wondering what I am talking about so I will fill in the details much as I have done in the past.

I have fairly regular routes to and from work that being the best routes I take on a daily basis and when you take any route quite regularly you can become quite blind to all of what is about yourself.  Therefore something has to be quite interesting or really stand out as an oddity for Dave to notice it. 

This morning I happened upon a discarded Hat upon my route and my mind when into immediate “Oh That’s Interesting” mode making all kinds of quick linkages and speculations as to who would discard or wear a hat like that. The hat had obviously spent some time in the rain suggesting it had been there for sometime though it managed to escape my attention if it had been on my route in the other direction the preceding night.

The hat itself was standout SIMPLY for its colour the morning not that light yet it managed to make a great contrast with the dark grass and path upon which it was resting all wet and besodden.

So what story have you got to tell says the bored mind of Dave as he carried on his journey well the hat was wide brimmed and of a white sandy colour and had one of those thin dark leather type straps around its middle.  I had initially thought it to be some kind of Safari/jungle/savannah type hat but it did not in my mind meet requirements. Then I thought perhaps military yet  It did not look like it would stand much rain for instance, so was perhaps a dry climate decorative hat.  Then of course I was trying to figure out if it was a male or female hat so lots and lots of whirring’s going on.  It was not for instance an American style (In my mind) looking more European .

Anyways I ruled out Australian bush type hats no corks, it did not appear to have air holes that many a style has for hotter climates either, so on and on went the brain trying to figure out the life and times of a discarded hat that had found its way into my path.

So both the colour and somewhat wider brim suggested that it was intended as a Sun shade yet is was or looked to be a soft hat rather than the more firmer Stetson cowboy hat and none of its sides were turned up (many a hat has up curves or turned up brims on one side and this had none).

Yes how sad is it that a strange out of place hat can take up so much of my thinking time.  Anyway with the mental cogs in full flight I started trying to picture the sort of person that might wear it and I went through military and administrative and all sorts of wild speculations, the best that I could come up with on my journey home was that it might perhaps be worn by an archaeological type person, wanting to keep in with that sort of image.  that of course was if it was a male hat, if it was female I decided it was more straight forward decorative type ladies day at the races or simply for weddings and so on.

So getting home and unable to sleep without doing some further checks I decided to have a quick look online to see if I could find a match of any description-OMG yes the hat industry is huge for those that pay attention to it, myself not being a fashion aficionado could not find  match in any written lists of hat descriptions so had to look through a visual catalogue of hats and after a scroll through of the types of hats available decided that its closest resemblance was that of a Lady’s Panama Hat.  Probably completely wrong but that was the nearest match that I could find for colour and style based on my brief encounter with aforementioned hat on my route home.

Satisfied that I need not concern myself with any more thought on the hat, I shall sleep soundly.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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