Dun Dun Dun Dun-Arggh

So you think your going to have a good sleep and it all goes Magnum.  In this case the Magnum P.I. theme tune that I found myself awakening too running in repetition through my head.  You can probably look it up, an early 80’s generic Private Eye detective type show.

So having shifted the Magnum theme tune not to be confused with an Ice Cream my thoughts wondered to the Film TWINS starring Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger the concept put forward being that some boffins in a lab created a genetically superior human and that in doing so they also created a twin of the genetic waste materials.  In coin terms you might say that Arnie was the heads to Danny DeVito’s tails. (Though I am sure that in many quarters folks think it the other way around).

I of course said earlier that I would perhaps go into town today and indeed I did and the twins theme on my mind I found myself wondering where would Hereford be twinned with? that is of course going beyond the jokes of Polska (Poland) the homeland of a large sector of the Hereford population or so I am told. I think those things are exaggerated and perhaps more noticeable among the local populations that work with Foreign Internationals than other sectors where they have made little economic progress.

So Hereford Market day and it was relatively busy I thought perhaps less than after last weeks local half-term yet non the less a good atmosphere and so on.  I noticed some additional cooking stalls that had appeared since my last visit and the smell of fresh cooked food does tend to have an appeal all of its own, I recall a bread shop that seemingly pumped out the smell of fresh bread from its doors such was the pull to enter whenever you walk past such shops.

Yes lacking in sleep having had a quite early start I now have the opportunity to get an afternoons rest before work this evening.  My not so little one having seemingly managed to spend birthday present monies that she arrived with. I saw a weather report that said it would be clear today and I think that is what is has been though I believe we are expecting more rain over night going into the morning.

These things are meaningless to many folks yet as a night worker it is always handy to know what the morning weather is going to be like, there is often a chill in the early morning air anyway yet all to often as we enter the more Summery months it is easy to turn up in shorts T-shirt and trainers and find yourself getting slaughtered by a change in the prospective weather conditions.

I recall where I used to live very close to the Welsh Coast and could set out from home with a clear sky and a mile up the road be surrounded by fog then a mile further back to sunshine and so on such are localised weather patterns that often go unnoticed or unreported when you are used to them.

I grew up thinking Herefordshire quite hilly yet after returning after a few years I found Hereford to be quite flat in comparison and likewise when I have visited places to the East have found them to be flatter still so many things go unnoticed when you live anywhere for any period of time, you would likely be amazed at how many Londoners have never been to many so-called Tourist attractions and likewise the same is true in most local Tourist industries.  things can seemingly lack appeal when you are acclimatised to them even though you may well have never been. I know many a person who never goes to the Hereford Cinema for instance preferring drives to Multiplexes in Worcester and Gloucester and so on.

Does Hereford need/want an Ice Rink?  Of course the Winnter Olympics having just finished it is the sort of question that folks might have running through there heads.  I am quite fortunate in a sense that I did get to go to several ice skating rinks when I was younger in places such-as Cardiff and Birmingham and elsewhere, they are one of those things that larger cities take for granted and I can envision a day when a smaller county such-as Hereford has similar facilities.  The truth about many things that the folks of Hereford want is of course polarised by nimbyism in many ways-we do not want facilities because it might attract the wrong type of populace.  Many people perhaps choosing to leave rather than watch the same old debates year after year without any progress ever being achieved.  I cited the famous Bypass as a previous example where nothing has changed since I myself was an infant and I am quite sure that the same Politics prevails now as then an uneven equilibrium of local politicians all talking a great deal of talk and nothing happening to destabilise the  in-crowd’s Powerbase.

Hmmn that was interesting, I wonder where else in the World such words and whinings will relate to next…

thank you for reading and until next time God Bless 🙂

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