Oh What A Beautiful Crescent Moon And Star

One of the very first things I noticed as I made my journey home this morning was as the title suggests a very bright crescent moon and star lighting up the night sky.  So I thought oh that’s interesting I wish I had  a camera to take a photo so I could show folks on my blog.

Deciding that I might be able to find a ready made photo I have of course done a search and what did my search reveal?

Well those very two symbols are used to represent Islam and can be found on multiple national flags-Turkey, Pakistan and several other nations all opting for the crescent moon and star symbol.  Turkey of cause currently experiencing some revolutionary activity on the streets one cannot help but wonder if they are suffering from Lunacy brought about by our current night sky.  Of course I have not checked so do not know what the night skyline presently looks like from Turkey or Pakistan or the other Islamic Countries yet I do find my thoughts leaning in that general direction.

Of course Turkey has an exceptionally interesting history in the sense that it is or has been throughout antiquity been regarded as one of those major gateways into other Worlds-traders from near and far travelled via Turkey to the so-called Holy Lands and so on.

What else well not wanting to totally mislead folks I had another look for yesterday’s hat just to see how accurate my reconstruction had been, I will admit now that it was somewhat wrong to the hat that I saw today-I will of course say in my defence that it was dark and had been raining and I was going quite quickly; obviously had I stopped and looked properly I would no doubt have been more accurate-for myself at least it demonstrates just how easily witness accounts of any kind can be deceptive and-or totally misleading-had it been important I would likely beat myself up yet I am sure that as I have said previously all is relevant so perhaps someone somewhere wanted a hat recommendation and I am sure that in that respect the Panama style’s have that classical never go out of fashion thing about them.  I have an Italian shirt somewhere that whilst probably to small now I knew I could wear for many years without anyone realising just how old it was.  Whilst many folks think of things such-as suites as big purchases you can actually find never go out of fashion style clothes and cuts for trousers, shirts and just about any type of clothing really. 

This morning I did actually go all James Bond at one point thinking I had stepped into some energy field or triggered a laser eye.  Much like that draft of wind that makes you feel as though you stepped though a ghost I was walking along and felt like an energy charge or vibration ran up my leg.  Such things of course are not that improbable as many folks think when you know all is energy and the transformations of energy.

Of course not being James Bond I was satisfied that I was now dead having tripped a trip wire or booby trap of some description.  I continued on my way and little else caught my eye apart from the subject in the title that I seemingly found myself almost hypnotised by such was the moon and star’s presence in the morning sky, I’d look to see where I was in relation to it and did find it was directly ahead of myself for much of my route home.

So we are now at Wednesday which is of course a High-town Market day and I have a feeling I might just be going into town at some stage to see what delights are on offer at this ever so non-Turkish market.

Yes just how delusional will Dave become, I will have to keep watching this space and see what I can see.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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